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How to Play Fantasy Premier League | The Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to playing Fantasy Premier League or want a refresher of the basics? Our FPL Beginner’s Guide is right up your street!

How To Play Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 | The Beginner’s Guide

The Complete Guide to FPL 2021/22

Fancy something a little more in-depth? This masterpiece created by @FPLBrain will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know, and more, about Fantasy Premier League.

The Complete Guide to Fantasy Premier League | 2021/22 Edition

How to Win at Fantasy Premier League

So you know how to play FPL but want the very best insight and advice from some of the best FPL managers to ever play the game… Our ‘How to Win at Fantasy Premier League’ Guide will set you on the path to success and will help you dominate your mini-leagues.

How To Win at Fantasy Premier League (FPL) – The Complete Guide

Team Previews and Best Players

Our massive team and player previews section includes previews of all the 2021/22 Premier League teams including expected lineups, under the radar players, ones to avoid and the best fantasy football picks.

We also pick out the best players by price-point and help make the tough decisions for you using our member’s Player Comparison Tool. This will be continually updated during the build up to the new Premier League season.

Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 Tips – Team Previews and Best Players

Fantasy Premier League Pre-Season Guide

Our detailed Pre-Season Guide keeps you abreast of every Premier League team’s pre-season action and news including match results, injuries and transfer news; a must for the dedicated FPL manager.

FPL Pre-season Guide 2021/22

FPL Strategy and Tips 2021/22

Some of the finest minds in Fantasy Premier League share their strategies and tips ahead of the FPL 2021/22 Gameweek 1 deadline in our bulging library. From budget gems to differentials to strategy to psychology, it’s all here.

Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 | Strategy and Tips

Premier League Set Piece Takers

Knowing who takes corners, free kicks and penalties is vital for fantasy football success. We give you every taker for every Premier League team.

Premier League Set Piece Takers

Why Fantasy Football Hub?

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Fantasy Football Hub – The Home of Fantasy Football Champions

FPL Gameweek 1 Elite Manager Team Reveals

We work in partnership with the very best FPL managers. Our team below have a staggering 15 top 1k finishes between – they are the crème de la crème of FPL managers.

Each week these managers reveal their thoughts, transfers, teams and captains prior to the FPL deadline every week, exclusively for Hub members. This lets members into their mindset, understand their decisions and ultimately become better FPL managers.

Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 Tips – Gameweek 1 Team Reveals

Fantasy Premier League Podcasts and Videos

If you like to consume your content visually and/or via audio, you will love our FPL podcasts and YouTube videos created by the very best fantasy football managers.

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The Green Arrow FPL Podcast

FPL Tools and Stats

The Hub’s member tools and stats are unrivalled in the fantasy football market.

From a Player Comparison Tool to a Points Prediction Tool to OPTA stats to a customisable Fixture Ticker and much more, we have everything you need to help you make educated decisions in picking your team, making transfers and getting that all-important captaincy decision right!

Fantasy Football Hub Tools and Stats

FPL Blank and Double Gameweeks

FPL Blank & Double Gameweek Guide 2021/22

FPL Hub Mini-Leagues

Coming soon…

How to play Fantasy Premier League Draft

How To Play FPL Draft 2021/22

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Funny fantasy football team names are probably one of the most important decisions fantasy managers will have to make each season. It can even be a harder job than picking your actual team.

But fear not, as we have done the hard work for you and collated the best fantasy football team names right here in this article.

Top 100 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

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