CM_Hints takes a look at how his team fared in FantasyChampMan Gameweek 5 and Gameweek 6


Gameweek 5 Review

Following my Double Gameweek success I had momentum on my side.  What could possible go wrong? Well, the dreaded risk of rotation.  It was made known to the FantasyChampMan community that Man United were going to shuffle almost half of their XI. That didn’t bode well for my team as I had Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy and the fact we knew that Andy Cole was starting was a major red flag.  The thought of van Nistelrooy being benched would have affected a lot of managers and I wouldn’t have lost out as he was hardly a differential but I decided to overthink the matter and use it as a so-called opportunity.  I ended up selling both him and Trevor Sinclair for a hit, bringing in Shearer and Solano.  Newcastle United didn’t exactly have an auspicious start to this CM01/02 save but I felt they were due something, meshed with a bit of nostaliga.

However, once the line ups went up and I saw that van Nistelrooy hadn’t been dropped I was bracing for the worst.  My Top 100 ranking was almost certainly at risk as the hit I took magnified any drop in a field of 1,500+ fantasy football addicts.  In the end, my trust in Solano and Shearer paid off with fantasy returns but van Nistelrooy came back to punish me with a second half brace.  In all, with the hit factored in,  I probably lost out on 10 additional points had I not made any moves at all.  Thankfully, I scored 67 net points which was well above the average (aided by Staunton’s goal and clean sheet) and I only fell back by 10 places but I would have moved into the top 40 had I not taken the miscalculated risk mentioned above.

Gameweek 6 Review

Having sold van Nistelrooy, I knew I had to get him back straight away due to his high ownership and goal scoring exploits.  I was going to have to take another hit, but rather than bring a makeweight fodder player alongside him I wanted someone that could help justify the consecutive -4.  Paulo di Canio had been a disappointment for me in FantasyChampMan and I’ve been stunned at the amount of times I’ve seen that he’s fluffed a really good chance on their timeline so he had to go for van Nistelrooy.  In turn, I also had to sell Giggs.  Beckham has outshone him to date in this save so I was content with ditching the Wales international.  In his place, only one viable candidate sprung to mind – Luis Boa Morte. I had him in my team on a Free Hit during his 23 points monster haul and as Fulham had Bolton next, I had high expectations of him.  Both moves made sense to me.  Unfortunately, before the deadline I also came to know that my Gameweek 5 hero, Staunton, would also be unavailable so had to rely on Haas who was up against Man United.

In terms of how Gameweek 6 unfolded in the end, I was bailed out from unexpected quarters.  Collins, rather than Boa Morte scored for Fulham against Bolton.  Haas randomly ended up with bonus points despite conceding against Man United in a match where my captain van Nistelrooy assisted and also got bonus points to absorb the hit. In the end there were too many blanks with the likes of Cudicini, Shearer, Desailly and Beckham not performing as expected. Because of the hit and with not enough big performances, I’m now ranked in the Top 150; with hindsight it could have been a lot worse and I’m grateful to not have fallen further back.

Looking ahead

I think I need to stop taking hits!  There’s no point in playing for the short-term in a format that doesn’t contain millions of managers.  I have a good core of players in my squad and need to focus on only strengthening those areas of my team where a player is a risk of not playing so that I’m well prepared for the inevitable random rotations.  For instance, Neill is now unavailable and I should consider replacing him sooner rather than later with Taricco on my shortlist as a potential replacement; he has been picking up points steadily and his fixtures are due to improve soon.  Also, it’s still too early to say who I try captaining against as the bottom five is far from settled, but for now I’m fairly content in just captaining van Nisterooy or Shearer, regardless of who they play.


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