Welcome to our FanTeam Beginner’s Guide where we dissect all things FanTeam including who they are, the games, the scoring, the rules and player information.

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FanTeam Beginner’s Guide

Want to know how to play Fanteam and find out what all the fuss is about? You’ve come to the right place.

This is a complete beginner’s guide to FanTeam for anyone that is interested in playing their Fantasy Football related games for an opportunity to win cash prizes.

I’ve been playing FanTeam for two seasons now and have made over £25,000 net profit. I finished in the top 150in their Premier League season long game and won their Champions League Knockout contest that had a first place prize of £22,500.

It was the cash mini leagues that drew me into FPL and that’s what made me fall in love with it. I was heartbroken when they banned cash games this season. For me, it was an easy transition from FPL to FanTeam and I want to share this guide with you. I also have several other FanTeam articles planned for Fantasy Football Hub.

how to play fanteam

FanTeam Beginner’s Guide – ChrisTanFPL Profit

Who are FanTeam?

It may feel like FanTeam has jumped on the scene recently but they’re a reputable company and have been around since 2013. They partnered with Scout Gaming Group a few years ago, and they haven’t looked back since. They also sponsor Fulham Football Club.

What games do FanTeam offer?

FanTeam offer a variety of games, however here at Fantasy Football Hub (FFH) we’re primarily interested in the Fantasy Football variants. FanTeam’s Fantasy Football games can be divided into three main categories:

FanTeam Premier League Season Long Game

In the Premier League Season Long game, you get a 100 million budget to construct a squad of 15 players with two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. The prices of the players rise and fall depending on demand. You have one Free Transfer (FT) a week to make changes to your team, with a -4 points penalty for any transfers made in excess of that. You can roll up to one FT and you get two wildcards per season.

Does that seem familiar to you? It should do, as the €1,000,000 Premier League game plays like classic Fantasy Premier League (FPL) before the introduction of all the chips. Now that FPL has banned cash mini leagues, this is the perfect game for you to recapture the feeling that drew you into Fantasy Football in the first place. And, unlike a cash mini league, you don’t have to finish in the top three in order to win. I finished in the top 150 out of 25,102 and won £345.

FanTeam doesn’t just operate a Premier League Season Long game, they also ran a €250,000 UEFA Champions League (UCL) Group Stages tournament (I managed to win €360 euros in that contest) and I won their €250,000 UCL Knockout Stages tournament. They’re not satisfied to leave it there though, and they’re determined to bring you the biggest tournaments on offer.

FanTeam Daily Fantasy Football

The daily games can just involve the games that day or a single Gameweek e.g. just the weekend Premier League fixtures. The scoring is the same as the season long game, so you don’t need to learn anything new. The benefit of this type of game is that there’s no long-term commitment.

Most Fantasy Football addicts spend a lot of time during the week listening to podcasts, watching videos on YouTube and reading articles. Then once the week is over, the majority of information is out of date. These games give you the opportunity to monetise all the time and effort you’ve spent during the week.

If things don’t go well one week then you can just try again the next week. It’s not like the Season Long game where it can feel like your season is ruined. Conversely, when things go well, you win cash prizes! I remember the of elation after winning my FPL cash leagues in May after grinding away for months, it was like a marathon. For these daily games, you can experience that feeling every week.

FanTeam run a weekly Monster Event for €20 with a guaranteed prize fund that ranges from €50,000 to €75,000. Our very own @FPLGeneral took first place and won €5,000 earlier in the season and I was on the verge of picking up €7,500 until Brighton conceded in the 94th minute against Crystal Palace in Gameweek 25 (I still won well over €1,000). They also run a mini-Monster for just €2.

If you’re eager to try these Daily games, but put off by the buy-in, they also run weekly freerolls for anyone that enters their Season Long €1,000,000 game so that you can get a feel for the game. I usually forget to enter, but this week I entered a team, and it came fourth netting me £50 for zero risk.

FanTeam Fantasy Matchups

This is a fairly new concept and enables you to utilise your fantasy football knowledge in a player specific way. You simply have to choose which player you believe will score the most points between a choice of two (a duel). In the event of a draw, the player with a star (see image below) has a 0.25 handicap and if either player doesn’t feature then that specific duel is declared void.

Here’s an example from earlier in the season:

fanteam tips

FanTeam Beginner’s Guide – Matchup Example

You can see that with a selection of just four duels, there’s the potential to win 20x the initial stake.

Sometimes match results are difficult to predict, but from playing Fantasy Football for a long time you will have a feel for which players are going to score a lot of fantasy points. This game format enables you to profit from that skill.

Why play FanTeam?

First of all I wish to stress that FanTeam is strictly for players that are at least 18 years old and to be gamble aware when you participate.

I’ve touched on several reasons why you should play in the above, however to summarise:

  • You’re not starting from scratch – you already know how to play this type of game.
  • You can earn money from your hobby – we all love Fantasy Football and dedicate hours each week to it. Why not make use of all that time and effort in another similar game?
  • It’s fun – you can get the players you just know are going to hurt you that you just can’t squeeze into your FPL team or the rotation doubts for a one off daily game. Watching a match is a lot more exciting when you’re cheering for your fantasy players.
  • It’s easier to win than FPL – unlike betting, you’re playing against other players like in poker and the cash pay outs are a lot more generous than what you’d get from an FPL cash mini league.

Fantasy Scoring

FanTeam’s scoring system is very simple. You get points for goals, assists and clean sheets (CS). It’s very similar to FPL scoring. However, there are a few aspects that you need to be aware of that I will be explaining.

FanTeam’s Points System

FanTeam Beginner’s Guide – Scoring

The majority of the above will look very familiar to you, I will highlight the differences in the next section.

FanTeam to FPL Conversion Chart

Rather than explain all the nuances of FanTeam scoring, I thought it would be easier to illustrate what’s the same as FPL and what’s different:

fanteam premier league tips

FanTeam Beginners Guide – FPL Scoring Comparison

Similarities & Differences to FPL

If you refer to the chart from the previous section, you can see that FanTeam scoring is effectively the same as FPL with a few subtle differences. I’ll run through the ones you should pay attention to:

  • Impact Points – in FanTeam your player will gain an impact point if they win the period that they’re on the pitch e.g. If Brighton are winning 1-0 and Trossard comes off at 70 minutes then they concede a goal, Trossard will still get 0.3 impact points. However, if the player lose the period that they’re on the pitch then they will receive 0.3 negative impact points. This has an  impact in both the Season Long and Daily games, as these impact points can boost your score by up to 3.3-points and when you’re debating over two players, you should favour the team most likely to win.
  • Foul leading to goal – this is also something to watch out for and you want to avoid defensive players that tend to make rash challenges who can’t stay on their feet.
  • Bonus Points – FanTeam doesn’t have a bonus system and Impact Points effectively replaces it. What this means is that certain FPL players that are bonus magnets from weaker teams e.g. Danny Ings from Southampton significantly lose their appeal without the addition of bonus points and the inclusion of negative impact points.
  • Save Points – in FPL a keeper needs to make three saves to gain a point whereas FanTeam they are awarded 0.5 per save. That ends the frustrating one point for five saves scenario, and you will be rewarded with a fair 2.5 points. If you can identify a keeper that makes a lot of saves, but (crucially) doesn’t tend to concede many goals and wins the majority of their games then you’ve found a gem.
  • Shots on Target – in FanTeam the players are awarded 0.6 (defenders) or 0.4 (attackers) points for a shot on target. This doesn’t include shots that result in goals or assists, or anything off the woodwork. In reality, this won’t make a major impact, but similar to Impact Points, it’s worth considering when deciding between players.
  • Full Game – another subtle reward is an additional point for midfielders and attackers that play a full match. Please note that this means the entire game rather than 90 minutes. When it’s a close call deciding between two midfielders or attackers, I would always go with the one likely to play a full match.

FanTeam Rules

All FanTeam Fantasy Football tournaments operate using the scoring system detailed above and the rules are very similar to FPL (without chips other than two Wildcards), however there are some aspects that are worth drawing your attention to.

best fanteam tips

FanTeam Beginner’s Guide – Rules

Price Rises

In FPL the player prices can rise and fall depending on transfer activity, however when you sell a player you will only benefit from half of the increase in value i.e. If you purchase a player for 6.0 and they rise to 7.0, then the selling value will be 6.5 but if you want to buy the back later you will have to pay 7.0.

FanTeam prefer to make things simple and in their Season Long game you sell the player at the price they are in the game i.e. If you buy someone for 6.0 and they rise to 7.0, then that’s what you get when you sell them and that’s how much you pay if you want to buy them back.

What this means is that it’s possible to build a far higher team value in FanTeam, which enables you to have a much stronger squad or more premium players in the second half of the season.

Safety Net

I personally love this feature, it’s usually turned on for the Daily games and it’s in force for the UCL Knockout Stages too. This helps to reduce the edge that the serious pros have when it comes to team news.

How it works is that if any of your team doesn’t start then they will be automatically replaced by someone from the same club, in the same position that costs the same or less. In the unlikely event that there are multiple replacements that meet the criteria then FanTeam will select the most ‘in form’ option available.

Safety Net Example:  

FanTeam Beginner’s Guide – Safety Net Example

If I select De Bruyne and he doesn’t start then Safety Net will replace him with Sterling. However, if I select Foden then there are two options below that are the same price. Silva is on better form and therefore he will be selected to replace Foden.

Safety Net: Key Points

  • Safety Net will kick in if your player doesn’t start. If you get the rare occurrence where the original player you selected comes on at half time and scores a hat trick it doesn’t matter. You’re stuck with the replacement.
  • It doesn’t apply to your captaincy. That means you should always try to select a very secure vice captain.
  • Try to avoid picking the cheapest player in a position (unless you know the line up), as this will mean there aren’t any replacements if your player doesn’t start. In this scenario you would still own your player if they come on off the bench.

Stacking Penalty

Stacking defenders simply means selecting multiple defenders from the same side. It’s a common strategy in Daily Fantasy Games, as the probability of getting multiple CS across your team is significantly lower than just two e.g.

FanTeam Beginner’s Guide – Stacking Example

You need to a minimum of four defensive players (including the goalkeeper). Say you want to go with the favourites of Leicester, Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton then the probability of all four keeping a CS is 52% x 50% x 40% x 40% = 4.16%. However, if you just select two defensive players from Leicester and Liverpool then the probability of two keeping a CS is 52% x 50% = 26%. That’s significantly better.

In addition, if the side wins you will also benefit from the team winning Impact point, whereas with four different teams it’s unlikely all will win.

Why have I only added two players? That’s because FanTeam have a stacking penalty in place for their daily games. This is designed to make things fairer for the users that aren’t entering tournaments with mass entries.

The penalty deducts -1 point CS point for each additional defensive player that you have from the same team. It’s not a huge penalty when it’s just two players, but it increases to -2 for three players and that’s why it’s unwise to stack more than two defenders.

Multiple Entries

Unlike FPL you can make multiple entries and like playing the lottery, the more tickets you have the more chance there is of winning. For Season Long events a bad start can sometimes destroy your season and the incentive to keep grinding away for months e.g. in FPL I had a shocker this year and I’m currently languishing at a career worst one million rank. However, in FanTeam I replicated my FPL team, but also had a few other versions and one is currently 178th with a wildcard remaining and a strong chance of winning a reasonable prize. This has really helped to motivate me this season when my FPL team has been struggling, as the work I put into that carries over to FanTeam and vice versa.

That doesn’t mean that you need to enter hundreds of teams to stand a chance, even just having one additional team can sometimes make the difference and the overall winner of the 19/20 Season Long game only had a single team, so it can be done.

User Information


If you Sign Up as a Premium Fantasy Football Hub member, you will be able to join our exclusive FanTeam Whatsapp group where I am the admin. If you join now, you can benefit from a 25% discount.

Payment Options

FanTeam accept a variety of deposit options that include bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Withdrawing is quick and easy.

Mobile App

A version of the app is currently available on iOS, to make it even easier to access.


  • If you know how to play FPL or similar Fantasy Football games then FanTeam is an easy transition for you.
  • If you like Fantasy Football and winning money, then this is the ideal combination.
  • FanTeam offers the biggest prizes in the game at the moment. They could reduce them and still attract a similar amount of players, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is there a realistic chance to win anything?

A. There sure is, I’m proof of that.

Using the €1,000,000 Season Long as an example there were 25,102 players and the prizes paid out all the way down to 5,659, which meant that 22.5% of the entrants won a prize. In FPL there are over 8,000,000 players and 22.5% would be 1,800,000. I don’t know of many mini leagues where finishing at that rank would win you a prize.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The Season Long tournaments is £20 to enter, the Weekly Monster is usually £18. However, there are also tournaments for as little as €2 / £1.80 where you can still win big prizes.

Q. Can Fantasy Football Hub help me?

A. Yes – just like all of our Fantasy Football games, we will be providing top quality content for FanTeam.

Q. How can I complete with someone that enters a hundred teams?

A. It’s very difficult and time consuming to run multiple teams, especially in a Season Long format where there are so many decision points. The winner of the Premier League Season Long game in 19/20 only had a single team. The winner last year (@Warwickpokersoc) had 10 teams, I played with five.

Where can I get more FanTeam Fantasy Football tips?

Our essential FanTeam Fantasy Ultimate Guide, written by the very best FanTeam fantasy players, gives you the best FanTeam Fantasy 2021/22 tips and content to help you become a better fantasy football manager and dominate your mini-leagues.

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