FanTeam Best Value Defender Tips

Who are the best value defenders in FanTeam 2021/22?  FPL legend FPL_Matthew shares his thoughts as he chases the top prize of £200,000! 

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fanteam fantasy football tips

FanTeam £1m Fantasy Premier League Game

Fanteam's flagship Premier League tournament is the season-long £1m Fantasy Premier League game, with £200k top prize and cash prizes all the way down to 5,000th place!

fanteam premier league tips

First place will take home a life changing £200,000 and they’re paying out all the way down to 5,000th place.

A top 5k finish sounds like a tough goal from an FPL perspective, but this is different. The game is capped at 60,241 entrants, so you just need to finish in the top 8.3%.

In FPL terms that would be a 664,000 finish, which most of us would expect to achieve!

FanTeam Premier League Season-long Tournament Overview

FanTeam game rules

As you can see from the graphic above - Fanteam's season long game is very similar to FPL - if you know how to play FPL then you'll know how to play this! If you've ever wanted the chance to try and monetise your FPL skills and research then this may be the game for you as its essentially "FPL for money"

The only obvious differences in the rules are:

  • Selling price – unlike FPL* you get 100% of the profit when you sell a player, which means that it’s easily possible to get a team value of 110+ million by the time you utilise your second wildcard to help you build a strong squad.
  • Chips – there aren’t any in Fanteam other than two wildcards. This removes a lot of the luck element from triple captaincy, bench boosts and free hits.

*in FPL your selling price is only 50% of the increase in price since you purchased a player e.g. if you purchased someone for 10.0m and their price increases to 10.4m you would only get 10.2m when you sold them whereas in Fanteam you would get 10.4m.

Subtle differences in scoring:

There are, however, some little twists here and there in the scoring that you need to be aware of, and which you can use to your advantage:

  • 90 Minute Bonus – in FPL, the pundits often emphasise their preference for captaining a midfielder over a forward due to the additional point for a clean sheet (CS). In FanTeam there’s an additional point if your midfield / forward plays for 90 minutes. This should definitely be factored in when constructing your squad and considering who to captain.
  • Save Points – in FPL the goalkeeper gets an additional point for every three saves that they make. In FanTeam they get 0.5m every time, so after five saves they would have 2.5 points (which is nearly the equivalent of an assist) compared to just one in FPL. Goalkeepers that rack up a lot of saves are great assets, however be aware that negative points are awarded for conceding more than two or if a team loses in the period a player is on the pitch. So keepers like Pope that get a lot of saves but also keep a lot of CS are great whereas other keepers who get a lot of saves that tend to lose a lot of games by conceding a few goals aren’t so good.
  • Fouls that lead to goals – it’s difficult to plan in advance for this one and it’s just something to be aware of. Try to avoid players that foul a lot, especially in dangerous positions. Not only will they be penalised if they pick up a card but you’ll get a double blow if the opposition gets a penalty or scores their direct freekick.
  • Impact Points – FanTeam doesn’t have the Bonus Points System that FPL operates, which heavily rewards forwards. Instead they award ‘Impact Points’ for when a team wins the period the player is involved in and deduct one if the player loses that period. Note that these points have been recently reduced from 1 to 0.3, lessening the impact (pun intended) of this aspect

Shots on Target - another recent addition, players now get awarded points for each shot on target that doesn't result in a goal - 0.4 for midfielders and forwards, 0.6 for defenders and 1 for goalkeepers. I personally wouldn't weight this very heavily as even the top shot-on-target player Harry Kane only averaged around 1.5 shots on target per match and, of course, many of those resulted in a goal anyway.

Looking for Value - price differences

Many of the prices in FanTeam will look very familiar to FPL players as they are the same - but not all. Its clear to me that FanTeam have used the Fantasy Premier League pricing as a starting point but have then reviewed the prices carefully and tried to improve on them by tweaking certain prices up or down to try and make them more accurate or make certain players more appealing.

Overall, although there are differences up and down, I think that FanTeam's prices are slightly cheaper for the most relevant players and there are some potential bargains to be had, as I am am going to explain in this article.

Rather than go through each and every price change I am going to highlight some of the more interesting and where I think potential value could be found, and vice versa. I will also look at whether the price differences may cause other alternative players to become better (or worse) value in the FanTeam game.

In part one, I am going to look at Defenders and then in future articles I will focus on Midfielders and Forwards.

Best FanTeam Defenders

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