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UPDATE: Fanteam season-long format is now closed – You can still sign up for their daily fantasy offerings and their €100.000 Champions Challenge here


Fantasybet Season – Team Entry Updates

First place in the game currently has 324.5 points and my highest ranked team has 272, at this stage of the season a gap of 52.5 is nothing to be worried about.


FPL Mirror (1,167 / 8,825)



The core of this team is fairly solid and not dissimilar to a lot of early Wild carders, similar to my FPL team it has started okay without setting the world alight. The important thing is that it’s still in contention and Rico is the only real dead weight in there.


The Alternate (3,029 / 8,825)



The absence of Sterling (the top points scorer in the game) has hurt what otherwise would be a fairly solid team.  Balbuena and Adams look like the weakest links, Kane could be used as a cash cow.


The Contrarian (5,805 / 8,825)



Leaving out Salah and Sterling was too much of a risk and the impact is telling.  Despite that there are still a lot of good elements to this time and once Deulofeu / Laporte are traded, there’s still a chance.


Late Entry (7,639 / 8,825)



In theory this should be an amazing squad given it was a late entry, however there are still quite a few things I dislike about it, I wished I’d gone with Aguero / Firmino and I think I prefer a switch to a three up top formation.  Despite that, it’s very well setup for the next few weeks.


Fantasybet Season – Summary

As detailed above, I’m not really panicking at this stage of the season and if I keep plugging away I expect to get a fairly decent rank by the end.  I won’t be wildcarding yet with any of the teams and will just be using transfers to tweak things.  I’m not going to be making any transfers until right before the deadline but I will detail who I’ve got my eye on later.

Points wise, the top scorers in each position are detailed below:



Spending extra on the Goalkeeper hasn’t paid off yet, but over the course of the season, I expect the gap to widen between the premium and budget options.

Similarly, in Defence the usual suspects are at the top and over time this should widen once the clean sheets start coming.



In Midfield it is clear that you get what you pay for and Sterling / Salah looks like absolute must-haves with KDB appearing excellent value.

For the Forwards with the exception of Aguero, it looks like you can adequately cover this position with budget to mid priced players without needing to spend the extra money on premium assets.

The points distribution hasn’t really gone in favour of those who are big at the back with the midfielders and forwards dominating things.  You can also see that the impact points added to the teams that tend to win are already making a difference with a strong representation from the big two.  This suggests that you might want to consider optimising your formation to have three forwards or five midfielders during this current point distribution shift.

The price rises have also moved fairly consistently with the Official FPL game, so it’s not really something you need to pay additional attention to, as you’ll be more than aware of this from your FPL team.

Using the Fantasy Football Hub Fixture Ticker I’ve highlighted a few teams you should be focusing on now with a nice run of fixtures and identified a few assets from each team to consider on my watch list.  I’ve also included some players with a tougher fixture run, but their form is so good it’s impossible to ignore.


The Watch List



In the short term I’d be looking to load up on Man City assets, as the combination of easy games should lead to defensive / attacking returns and impact points.

Then I would consider adding a differential player to take advantage of a kind fixture run depending on your budget and preferences I would be looking at Barnes, Haller, Pepe and Son.

After this week it could be time to re-visist Wilson / Fraser too.


UPDATE: Fanteam season-long format is now closed – You can still sign up for their daily fantasy offerings and their €100.000 Champions Challenge here