Get free annual Fantasy Football Hub membership when signing up and playing the FanTeam Euro 2020 fantasy football competition with first place bagging £200,000!

fanteam euro 2020 special offer

We are pleased to announce that we’re running a special promotion in collaboration with FanTeam

If you sign up to FanTeam via this link and enter their Euro 2020 Tournament, for a chance of winning £200,000 you will get the following:

  • Free annual Fantasy Football Hub Standard Membership
  • 1x Free €20 FanTeam Weekly Monster ticket every week until the end of the Premier League season (so that’s 3x free tickets if you sign up before the deadline this week).
  • Free Entry into our Fantasy Football Hub members only Euro 2020 tournament on FanTeam with added prizes.

No, you don’t need to check your eyes. We know that just one of the above would be a great sign up bonus, but all three is outrageous value.

The offer is available to existing Fantasy Football Hub Members and non-members. All you need to do is the following:

1. Sign up to FanTeam via this link

2. Enter their Euro 2020 competition by clicking the green button on their site or this banner:

FanTeam Euro 2020 special offer

fanteam euro 2020 free entry

3. Once you’ve entered the tournament DM @FFH_FanTeam or email with the following details:

  • FanTeam User Name and ID – you will find these by clicking the button below that can be found in the top right of the FanTeam screen, then they will appear under your name. The ID starts with #


  • Your Fantasy Football Hub membership status – i.e. if you’re a non-member or if you’re a member, please detail what level you have paid for (Standard, Premium or Ultra).

4. We will verify the account has been registered with FanTeam via our link and that you’ve entered the Euro 2020 game. Please be patient and don’t leave it too close to the deadline in case you miss out on the free Monster ticket.

5. Once we’ve verified that you’ve entered the Euro 2020 tournament via our link we will respond to your DM / email with confirmation that your FanTeam account has been credited with a free €20 Weekly Monster ticket and a link will be sent for you to claim your free annual Fantasy Football Hub membership.

That’s it.

We just want to reiterate that this offer is only available if you sign up to FanTeam with our link. If you already have an account with them then unfortunately you will not be eligible.

Here’s a reminder of what you could win in the Euro 2020 tournament:

fanteam euros tips

For more information about FanTeam please see the following:

This is a limited offer to the first 50 people that wish to take advantage of it. Don’t miss out. Click here or the banner below to register.

how to play fanteam

We have so much FanTeam content planned for you to help you to learn how to play the game that’s so similar to FPL. There will be plenty of videos and articles covering Euro 2020 and so much more to prepare for the new Premier League season.  

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