Euro 2020 FanTeam Tips by FPL Matthew - Part 1

FanTeam Euro 2020 Tips by FPL legend, FPL Matthew. Matthew shares his strategy and best player picks as he chases the top prize of £200,000! You can also read his Team Building and Team Reveal Article here.

FanTeam Euro 2020 Full Tournament Game

euro 2020 fanteam guide

Following the success of their €1,000,000 season long game and both of their €250,000 Champions League tournaments, FanTeam have decided to go all out and they’ve launched their Euro 2020 Full Tournament game with a record-breaking £1,000,000 prize pool. It’s the biggest Fantasy Football competition to date. You can sign up to FanTeam now to take advantage of our special promotion where you will receive free Fantasy Football Hub membership for the rest of the season (or if you're an existing member we'll give you a free ticket to one of the Fanteam Weekly Monster tournaments).

Take a look at the mouth-watering prizes you can win:

fanteam euros tips First place will take home a life changing £200,000 and they’re paying out all the way down to 10,377th place. A top 10k finish sounds like a tough goal from an FPL perspective, but this is different. The game is capped at 87,027 entrants, so you just need to finish in the top 12%. In FPL terms that would be a 1,000,000 finish, which most of us would be embarrassed about. The tournament only lasts a month. Imagine the type of summer (or year) you could have if you land one of the top prizes.

How to play Fanteam Euro 2020

My fellow Hub contributor, Chris Tan, has written a fantastic Beginners' Guide to playing Fanteam Euro 2020.

Team Selection Part 1 - the Shortlist

In this first of two pre-Tournament articles I will be sharing my shortlist of players for the tournament, by position and focusing on both overall potential / quality and value. Then, in the second article, I will be taking this shortlist and combining it with other factors, such as tournament fixtures, squad structure and available budget, to construct a squad for the start of the tournament.

My Euro 2020 Research Project

As a veteran of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), I'm the first to admit that my knowledge of football outside of the Premier League is...patchy. In order to have a good chance of winning the Euro 2020 tournament, I first thought maybe I could spend the last four years watching hours of footage from each major league in Europe as well as international qualifying groups, Nations League and friendlies. And, then I thought, what if I don't do any of that? What if, instead, I use the knowledge and research that other's have made available on the internet and social media? After much deliberation, I opted for the latter approach!

How I compiled my Shortlist - the 'Hive Mind' Method

1. Firstly, I identified a range of reliable and knowledgable sources on the European International Football scene. In the end, I settled on eleven trusted independent sources. For example, one such source is the Hub's Euros’ expert @CoysFPL' excellent team-by-team preview series where he predicts the starting XIs and picks out key players. 2. For each player covered in each of these sources, I assigned a standardised score as follows:
1.5 = Standout option
1.25 = Recommended option
1.0 = Decent option
0.75 = OK or risky option
0.5 = Not recommended
3. For each player, I then added together the scores from the eleven different sources, and then divided that total by a Team Factor - to take into account the quality of their team and the difficulty of their group opponents. For this, I used the bookies' odds of each team qualifying from their group. This gave an Absolute Score for each player based on how highly they were rated across the sources, together with their team's perceived success rate. 4. I then also divided this absolute score for each player by their Fanteam price, in order to give a Value Rating. Now, let's look at the results to come up with a position by position shortlist of options.

Best FanTeam Euro 2020 Goalkeepers

By Absolute Score - 'money no object': By Value - 'bang for your buck': Not much difference between the two measures here, with Donnuruma and Schmeichel fancied on both measures, probably due to their home fixtures and the relative cheapness of keepers generally. Turkey's Cakir jumps up one place on value given his 4.5m price tag.

Best FanTeam Euro 2020 Defenders

By Absolute Score - 'money no object': By Value - 'bang for your buck': Again, the Italy defence features strongly with Bonnuci and Florenzi featuring highly, with the former benefitting in terms of value by being a whole £1m cheaper than his teammate. In terms of value, Denmark's fullback Joakim Mæhle jumps to the top at just 4.5m. As well as those three, Stones, De Ligt and Wijndal also make both top lists, being quality options at good value prices.

Best FanTeam Euro 2020 Midfielders

By Absolute Score - 'money no object': By Value - 'bang for your buck': Getting into some more exciting options now and Memphis Depay is top in terms of overall potential and also features highly in terms of value, being well-priced at 8.5m. Next up is De Bruyne, who may be an injury doubt for the start of the tournament, and is also pretty expensive. The best value option is coming up as Netherlands' winger Steven Berghuis coming in at a potential bargain of 6.5m, although he comes with some risk, as noted. Apart from Depay and Berghuis, the other players featuring highly on both measures are Ferran Torres, Lorenzo Insigne, Gini Wijnaldum, Dani Olmo and Christian Eriksen.

Best FanTeam Euro 2020 Forwards

By Absolute Score - 'money no object': By Value - 'bang for your buck': Perhaps the most hotly contested category, Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku sit virtually neck-and-neck at the top in terms of absolute score, perhaps no surprises there, with France pair Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann and Ballon D'or hoarder Cristiano Ronaldo rounding out a quality looking top five. Of these five, only Lukaku also makes the top value list, with prices more stretched out in this category, perhaps underlining his very fair price. The only other players to make both lists are Croatian schemer Ivan Perišić, Russia's Artem Dzyuba and Spain's Gerard Moreno. In terms of sheer value, Russia's Dzyuba and Turkey's Burak Yilmaz both look excellent enablers up front, should you wish to go down that route.

Coming soon...Part 2

In part 2 - "Building a Team" - I will look at tournament structure, the teams, the fixtures, some key observations and  considerations, captaincy options, rotation and more, before revealing my planned squad...


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up now to benefit from our amazing promotional offer. Make use of this quiet period to draft a Euro 2020 squad and consider how much money you could win just from playing and watching a game that you love.

FanTeam Sign-Up

Sign up now using by clicking on this link or the banner below and best of the luck for the new season! how to play fanteam This is just the first of a number of articles that we have planned to help you to pick your squad prior to the deadline. Please comment or tweet us to let us know if there’s anything you would like us to cover and, as always, we will do our best to make it happen.

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