Euro 2020 FanTeam Tips by FPL Matthew - Part 2

FanTeam Euro 2020 Tips by FPL legend, FPL Matthew. Matthew shares the second part of his strategy and best player picks as he chases the top prize of £200,000!  If you haven't read his brilliant Euro 2020 FanTeam Strategy and Best Player Tips, you really should!

FanTeam Euro 2020 Full Tournament Game

fanteam euro 2020 tips

Following the success of their €1,000,000 season long game and both of their €250,000 Champions League tournaments, FanTeam have decided to go all out and they’ve launched their Euro 2020 Full Tournament game with a record-breaking £1,000,000 prize pool. It’s the biggest Fantasy Football competition to date. You can sign up to FanTeam now to take advantage of our special promotion where you will receive free Fantasy Football Hub membership for the rest of the season (or if you're an existing member we'll give you a free ticket to one of the Fanteam Weekly Monster tournaments).

Take a look at the mouth-watering prizes you can win:

fanteam euros tips First place will take home a life changing £200,000 and they’re paying out all the way down to 10,377th place. A top 10k finish sounds like a tough goal from an FPL perspective, but this is different. The game is capped at 87,027 entrants, so you just need to finish in the top 12%. In FPL terms that would be a 1,000,000 finish, which most of us would be embarrassed about. The tournament only lasts a month. Imagine the type of summer (or year) you could have if you land one of the top prizes.

How to play Fanteam Euro 2020

My fellow Hub contributor, Chris Tan, has written a fantastic Beginners' Guide to playing Fanteam Euro 2020.  

Team Selection Part 2 - Building a Team

In my previous FanTeam Euro 2020 Strategy and Best Players Article, I compiled a shortlist of players which I am predominantly focusing on. In this second part, I am now going to look at this shortlist in the context of the tournament itself, combining it with other factors, such as tournament fixtures, squad structure and available budget, to construct a squad for the start of the tournament.

FanTeam Tournament Structure

First, we need to understand that this tournament is split up into Gameweeks - almost like a mini-FPL season, with a free transfer between each Gameweek, and three Free Transfers for later rounds - see graphic below. Much like FPL, you can carry forward one transfer and make additional transfers for a 4 point penalty. There is also a Wildcard (unlimited free transfers) available between the Group stage and the Knockout stage. Note that there are no transfers allowed between the Semi Finals and the Final.

Euro 2020 Group Stages:


Euro 2020 Knockout Stages:

Euro 2020 Teams - an Overview

Now, lets take a high level view of the teams involved, to aid with player selections. Notes:
  • Odds - this is the team's odds to qualify from their Group, which is a good proxy for team quality as well as fixture difficulty (or otherwise) - the lower the decimal the shorter the odds
  • Att - "attack" - this is the average number of goals the team has scored per match this season (up to 27th May, so excluding the current friendlies)
  • Def - "defence" - this is the average number of goals the team has conceded per match over the same period
  • Prediction - my prediction as to where the team will be placed in the Group stage
I have also made some brief notes on each team - form, etc

Euro 2020 Group Stage Fixture Ticker

Here is my own fixture ticker for the Group Stage (pre-Wildcard). I have marked those teams where there is a home advantage (H) or disadvantage (A), with all other matches being on neutral territory. I have also roughly marked the games as to difficulty - 'easier' (green), medium (yellow) or difficult (light red) - this is based on a combination of bookies odds and my own opinion

Euro 2020 Group Stages - Some observations on the fixtures:

A few teams have all three Group stage games at home - Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, England, Spain and Germany - this surely can't harm their chances. Meanwhile Russia, Scotland and Hungary have two home games but one away game. Conversely Belgium, Finland, Czech Republic, Croatia, France and Portugal are unlucky enough to have two out of their three group games away from home, which doesn't help their causes. By my reckoning, the following teams have three 'easier' (on paper) matches in the Group stage:
  • Italy
  • England
  • Spain
Whilst the following also have decent fixtures on paper:
  • Denmark (all at home)
  • Belgium (two away)
  • France (two away)
  • Portugal (two away)
  • Germany (all at home)
Looking specifically at the first two fixtures (see next section), the following may also come into consideration:
  • Wales
  • Russia
  • Czech Republic

You can read our in-depth Euro 2020 Team-by-Team Previews here!

Euro 2020 FanTeam Selection Observations and Considerations

Here are some observations and considerations that I think are worth keeping in mind whilst putting together a squad:
  • Squad rotation - we need to pick a squad of 15 players, from which we play 11 each gameweek (with subs available to come in if needed), similar to Fantasy Premier League. This means that we could look at some rotation, e.g. the two goalkeepers, the defence (maybe a few cheaper options rotating based on fixtures) and perhaps even a couple of cheaper attackers rotating on the fixtures
  • Depth - given the potential for rotation, particularly perhaps in Gameweek 3 when some teams will already be safely qualified, it is probably a good idea to have 15 relatively nailed on players or, at least, no more than a few risks, but no real 'passengers'
  • Forwards - with only three slots (compared with five for defenders and midfielders) and so many good options, these slots are at a premium so getting these right could be key. That said, the better ones are relatively expensive - so, its a balancing act.
  • Wildcard - given that we get a Wildcard between the Group stage and the Knockouts, we only need to consider the Group Stage matches (Gameweeks 1-3) in our initial team selection
  • Free Transfers - as can be seen from my graphic above, we only get two free transfers pre-Wildcard - one in between Gameweeks 1 and 2 and another between Gameweeks 2 and 3. However, the first free transfer can be rolled over if desired, giving two free transfers between Gameweeks 2 and 3. Therefore, one tactic I'm thinking of employing is trying to set up my team for the first two Gameweeks and use the two 'frees' to refresh the squad for the third Gameweek. Of course, this may well not go to plan but we can only hope! Also, additional transfers are allowed, but at the cost of 4 points apiece.
  • Deadlines - the first Gameweek deadline is at the kick-off (8pm) of the Italy vs Turkey match, so we'll get to see those line-ups and tweak if necessary, but the following deadlines are 90 minutes before the first kick-off of the Gameweek, again suggesting the value of probable starters.

Euro 2020 FanTeam - Building my Squad - Maximum Value

Rather than start with a squad containing the players with the highest absolute scores in each position, which would be way over budget, I thought a useful starting point would be a squad containing the best value players in each position instead, based on my tables from Part 1 of my article. Although this should give me quite a bit of extra budget to play with, its always easier to upgrade players rather than downgrade them. This is what that squad looks like: euro 2020 fanteam best players tips Not a bad looking squad, however it has 19.5m left in the bank and looks a bit lightweight up front, taking no account of potential captaincy options, which brings us to...

Building my Squad - Captaincy and Forwards

A key part of the Fanteam game is captaincy - you can choose a captain each Gameweek who scores double points, plus a vice-captain who gets double points instead, should your captain not play. I also talked above about forwards being a key decision due to their captaincy potential and the fact that we have only three slots, so these elements are linked. Captaincy Options Looking at the fixtures, together with the player ratings, my current thoughts as to captaincy during the Group Stage are: Gameweek 1: Harry Kane (13.5m fwd) vs Croatia (H) Cristiano Ronaldo (10.0m fwd) vs Hungary (A) Gameweek 2: Memphis Depay (8.5m mid) vs Austria (H) Harry Kane (13.5m fwd) vs Scotland (H) Kylian Mbappé (13.0m fwd) vs Hungary (A) Gameweek 3: Romelu Lukaku (11.5m fwd) vs Finland Memphis Depay (8.5m mid) vs N.Macedonia (H) Harry Kane (13.5m fwd) vs Czech Republic (H) A Germany Player vs Hungary (H)

Key takeaways from this:
  • Harry Kane is captainable in each of the three Group Stage Gameweeks - maybe 'essential'?
  • Memphis Depay is also highly captainable plus his classification as a midfielder (and relatively well-priced) make him look borderline 'essential' as well
  • If we assume that Kane is "in" this leaves two forward slots to start with, possibly between:
    • Ronaldo - his fixtures stiffen after GW1 although he's a big-game player and a reasonable looking price
    • Mbappé - quite expensive but been on great form this season and playing for perhaps the standout team. Like Ronaldo, his other two Group fixtures are tough
    • Lukaku - inbetween the above two in terms of price, he has a great scoring record for Belgium, whose Group fixtures look winnable despite the first two being 'away' matches
  • There may be an opportunity to bring in a Germany attacker in Gameweek 3 - we should have a better idea of who are their key players by then as well as whether they have found their form
I think, on balance, and subject to affordability, I would like to start with Kane, Lukaku and Mbappé up-front, together with Depay in midfield. However, if needed for squad balance, Ronaldo could be a good cheaper alternative to Mbappé up front (a significant 3m cheaper). This is probably a key decision for me.

Euro 2020 FanTeam - Building my Squad - the Mbappé Team

So, if I take the Maximum Value squad above, but switch the entire front three to Kane, Lukaku and Mbappé it now looks like this: fanteam euro 2020 tips mbappe However, this squad is now 3.0m over budget, so I need to free up some cash. There are some obvious 'downgrade' options that come to mind here:
  • Schmeichel (5.5m) to a budget keeper: as I would be happy to play Donnarumma (6.0m) for the three Group Stage games, this can really be a 4.0m keeper who is there for emergencies. Both Finland's Lukas Hradecky and Slovakia's Martin Dúbravka fit the bill as 4.0m keepers who should play for their teams. This would free up 1.5m straightaway, leaving a further 1.5m to find
  • Simon Kjaer (5.0m) to a cheaper defender - this could either be:
    • a rock bottom 4.0m defender who should play to slice 1m off, such as Turkey's Zeki Çelik, North Macedonia's Ristovoski or one of Finland's budget options, Paulus Arajuuri or Joona Toivio, or
    • a 4.5m defender to shave 0.5m off, for example Poland's Jan Bednarek, Russia's Mário Fernandes, Croatia's Borna Barisic, Austria's Aleksandar Dragovic, Wales' Connor Roberts or Neco Williams or North Macedonia's Ezgjan Alioski.
  • Steven Berghuis (6.5m) (who may be a start risk anyway) to a cheaper midfielder, there are lots of good options at different price brackets, for example:
    • At 6.0m - Russia's Aleksandr Golovin, Ukraine's Oleksandr Zinchenko or Wales' talisman Gareth Bale.
    • At 5.5m - Turkey's Hakan Çalhanoğlu or Wales' Harry Wilson
    • At 5.0m - Ukraine's Viktor Tsyhankov, Czech Republic's Tomáš Souček, Russia's Magomed Ozdoyev, Sweden's Viktor Claesson and Wales' Dan James
    • At 4.5m - Turkey pair Ozan Tufan or Yusuf Yazici, Sweden's Seb Larssen, or Scotland's John McGinn

Euro 2020 FanTeam - Squad Rotation

In deciding these crucial last few spots in my squad, I would also want to look at potential rotation. I think I am happy for the core of my team to play all three Group games, so the players that I would potentially rotate are:
  • Hinteregger (defender) - Austria
  • Maehle (defender) - Denmark
  • TBC cheap defender - Turkey, N.Macedonia, Finland, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Austria or Wales
  • Sabitzer (midfielder) - Austria
  • Malinovskyi (midfielder) - Ukraine
  • TBC cheap midfielder - Russia, Ukraine, Wales, Turkey, Czech Republic, Sweden or Scotland
Let's look at my Ticker filtered on just these value-laden teams: fanteam tips for euro 2020 Each Gameweek, three of the six players listed above would need to play with the other three benched. Of the three playing, at least one needs to be a defender. I've highlighed the teams that are 'definites' i.e. already in my squad (with two from Austria) The most appealing looking 'green' fixtures (on paper) are as follows - teams already represented in my squad are in bold: Denmark - GW1 and GW3 - a strong option covering 2/3 of the games - note need cover in GW2 although at home Russia - GW2 - dovetails with Denmark Austria (x2) - GW1 (GW3 is OK as well) - note need cover in GW2 Ukraine - no straightforward fixtures but 2/3 are OK (GW2 and 3) Poland - GW1 (GW2 is OK as well) Sweden - GW2 (GW3 is OK as well) Turkey - no straightforward fixtures but 2/3 are OK (GW2 and 3) Wales - no straightforward fixtures but 2/3 are OK (GW1 and 2) Czech Republic -no straightforward fixtures but 2/3 are OK (GW1 and 2) Croatia - no straightforward fixtures but 2/3 are OK (GW2 and 3) Scotland - no straightforward fixtures but 2/3 are OK (GW1 and 3) Finland and North Macedonia - maybe look like teams to avoid

As noted above, my two Austria players and my Denmark players have tough fixtures in Gameweek 2 so, ideally, I'd like my two final players to be playable that week. This, perhaps, points towards avoiding a third Austria player, a Scotland player (although wouldn't they love to put one over England!), a Poland player and (despite the home fixture) probably another Denmark player. By a process of elimination, this narrows things down to the following: Final Defender - Turkey's Zeki Çelik (4.0m), Wales' Connor Roberts (4.5m) or Neco Williams (4.5m), Russia's Mário Fernandes (4.5m) or Croatia's Borna Barisic (4.5m) Final Midfielder - Russia's Aleksandr Golovin (6.0m) or Magomed Ozdoyev (5.0m), Ukraine's Oleksandr Zinchenko (6.0m) or Viktor Tsyhankov (5.0m), Sweden's Viktor Claesson (5.0m) or Seb Larssen (4.5m), Czech Republic's Tomáš Souček, Turkey's Hakan Çalhanoğlu (5.5m), Ozan Tufan (4.5m) or Yusuf Yazici (4.5m) or Wales' Gareth Bale (6.0m), Harry Wilson (5.5m) or Dan James (5.0m).

Euro 2020 FanTeam - Which Teams - Defence and Attack?

As I need one defender and one midfielder, I will also look at the respective attacking and defensive records of the teams I've narrowed in down to: fanteam euro 2020 player tips Attacking-wise, it looks like Turkey may be the best option, with Russia, Czech Republic and Croatia also in the frame Defensively, Wales are strongest here, although Turkey, Russia and Sweden are not too bad either

Conclusion and Team Reveal

On balance, all things considered, I think I am leaning towards Turkey's attacking midfielder Hakan Çalhanoğlu (5.5m) for the final midfield spot. Whilst Wales look defensively solid, looking at the Ticker above it looks like their best fixture is in Gameweek 1, when I shouldn't need that player. As it is predominantly Gameweek 2 where this final player will come in useful, I am therefore leaning towards Russia's attacking fullback / wingback Mário Fernandes (4.5m), although Croatia's Borna Barisic (4.5m) could also be an option -I may do a bit more research on these two. Either way, this comes in bang on budget. Therefore my Mbappé Team looks like this: euro 2020 fanteam guide With this squad, I would probably try to save my Free Transfer in Gameweek 2, giving me two to use (if needed) going into Gameweek 3.

Euro 2020 FanTeam Alternative - the Ronaldo Squad

Actually, this is quite straightforward - with this alternative, rather than 'spending' the 3.0m I would likely just keep it in the bank, in order to allow myself the straight switch from Ronaldo to Mbappé in Gameweek 2 - chasing that Hungary fixture in both cases. I could also potentially captain Ronaldo against Hungary in Gamweek 1 in this scenario. That would then leave me with just one free transfer going into Gameweek 3, rather than the two potential ones in the version above. I may well put in two teams - ones for each version.


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