Dear Hub Community,

We have some big news for you. Our new sponsor, Fanteam, is offering a Premier League season game with a prize pot of incredible 250.000€.

Yep, you read that right. The first prize receives 50.000€ and to be in the top 20 would still grant you a minimum payout of 1,000€ (and that is ignoring the additional weekly and monthly prizes). Now you might think that the entry fee will be extremely high, but you can get a chance for life-changing money with only 25€. (Yes, we couldn’t believe it at first either).

If that already sounds interesting to you, just wait for the following information.

You’ll also get two months free Hub membership after you’ve deposited €25. More on this below

The best thing besides the prices is, however, how similar the game is compared to the original fantasy premier league game. This should allow the experienced players an easy transition and you can easily manage a Fanteam team next to your premier league team, without additional work.

We don’t make partnerships of this kind with anyone, and have been highly impressed with the Fanteam and can’t recommend them enough.

The Hub Membership Offer

To get two months free membership, you must complete all the following steps

If you’re already a hub member:

  1. Sign up to Fanteam via this link* (or any on this page) and register using your Hub username.
  2. Deposit €25 euro.
  3. Comment ‘IN’ on this article and we’ll extend your current membership by two months for free.

If you’re not a hub member:

  1. Become a member and use coupon code: FANTEAM at checkout.
  2. Sign up to Fanteam via this link* (or any on this page) and register using your Hub username.
  3. Deposit €25 euro.

*You MUST use a link on this page as we can’t track you otherwise and won’t be able to give you the two months free membership. If you have any questions about this, please also comment on this article.

More about Fanteam

The season tournament on Fanteam is well designed. Everything is set up so that even beginners can easily get started. The buy-in prizes are mentioned clearly, and no hidden fees are applied.

FPL players will feel quickly at home here – and it really seems like the games are identical. However, some minor changes (besides the nice prize money to be won) do exist. So, let’s quickly jump into that.


Prize Structure

As stated, Fanteam has a very different prize structure. For this year, they raised the stakes significantly and offer a minimum guarantee of 250.000€ distributed among the players. The money is spread among the top 15%, which gives even non-professional players a good chance to recover their buy-on. The first prize with 50.000€ is very tempting and should be possible to reach for one of our community – we will take care of that by providing you continuously with insider information.  When considering that the entry is capped at 12,000, the chances to win this tournament are significantly higher than the official pl game with several million entries.

Here are the most important facts for you shortly summarized:

  • 250.000€ minimum guarantees
  • 50.000€ for the first prize
  • 1.250 prizes in total!

This translates into the following prize structure

Prize Structure Main Event


Additional Side-Events

Fanteam offers additional chances to receive prizes appear on a weekly and monthly basis. So even though you might have fallen behind on the overall tournament, you can still win big by showing strong performances in a shorter timeframe.

A manager of the month award exists, with a prize of 1.000€ and a manager of the game week award with a prize of 400€ given out every week. See the tables below for complete information.

Prize Structure Manager of the Month

Prize Structure Best Gameweek Manager

Fanteam’s specific PL Season 19/20 Rules

As previously stated, the rules are very similar to FPL and only some small details should be noted.

First, the scoring system has no bonus points. Instead, an “impact” factor is applied, which awards players with a negative or positive point, depending on whether his team was winning or losing with him on the pitch.

Second, Fanteam has no chips system, as you might be familiar with. They prefer to keep things more simple. However, they do have two wildcards, which can be used to change the entire team.

Third, price changes on Fanteam appear at “random” times. To be precise, they appear, when a dramatic increase or decrease in demand happens. This is different to the fixed time frames for price changes on the regular FPL.

Fourth, the sell and buy prices are identical throughout the season. There is no “tax” applied on a price increase when you sell a player, like on FPL. This means that if a player is worth 7.M and increases to 7.5M, then 7.5M is the amount to sell and buy this player.

The entire rules can be found here..

Looking ahead

If you enjoy the official FPL game, but want the chance to win a bit of money down the road, this is the best option for you. The best aspect is that you can simply copy your FPL team and play it on Fanteam, since the prices and the design of the game are so similar.

We, at the Hub are already loving Fanteam’s season game and can’t wait for the season to start. While we will of course still focus on the official premier league season game, we will from now on also cover some content related to Fanteam. If you have any questions, or want us to focus on specific content, please let us know.

Now, we recommend you to register for the tournament with the link below, since the number of places is limited. Best of luck, your FF247 team!