FPL legend FPL_Matthew shares his FanTeam Gameweek 1 team reveal as he chases the top prize of £200,000! 

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Overall Gameweek 1 Strategy

My thoughts here pretty much echo those of my FPL team given that the Fanteam format is so similar in terms of free transfers, wildcards, etc so rather than repeat it all, here is a link to my FPL Gameweek 1 Team Reveal article. The first few sections of that article are just as valid here, so give those a read first!

The Best Fanteam Fixtures 2021/22

Let’s now look at every  manager’s favourite tool, the Hub’s Fixture Ticker. Here’s a more thorough analysis of the best fixtures for the 2021/22 season.

Looking at Gameweeks 1-6, I’ll first sort by fixture ease. This doesn’t take account of a team’s quality.

Fixture Ticker (sorted by fixture ease)

Straightaway, we can see Brighton‘s great start highlighted at the top.

Together with their improving form as last season went on, it’s no wonder that their assets are proving popular right now. Manchester United and Everton are also up there although most teams have a mixed first six gameweeks. It’s quite an interesting start to the season.

The other teams I would highlight are Liverpool, who have some very nice looking fixtures together with some tricky ones, as well as Aston Villa, who have a dream first three before things get decidedly more awkward.

Secondly, I am going to look at the same six Gameweeks but sorted by predicted points. This takes the quality of a team itself into account as well as their opponents.

Fixture Ticker (sorted by predicted points)

We can see the dramatic effect that predicted points has on the Fixture ticker, with Manchester City and Chelsea suddenly going from at or near the bottom to at or near the top.

Of course, this is because the likes of Man City are expected to make a mockery of their so-called difficult fixtures. It’s not difficult to imagine them putting the likes of Arsenal to the sword if they are in the mood.

Encouragingly, the likes of Brighton and Manchester United stay near the summit here, fancied to do well in the opening salvo of games.


My Fanteam 2021/22 Gameweek 1 Shortlist

So, enough of the preamble, let's get into the players I am most considering for my Gameweek 1 team. As the game is quite similar to FPL, the shortlist is likely to be fairly similar to my thoughts on that game, but also some differences due to the price differences in some players between the format as well as the scoring differences outlined above.

There are so many players in Fanteam and the number of options and combinations are almost unlimited. It can be almost overwhelming going into Gameweek 1.

For this reason, to try and simplify things, I like to have a much more manageable ‘shortlist’ of players that I am realistically picking from.

Of course, this shortlist can be tweaked as more information comes to light. Players are added or removed, but the number of players shouldn’t really increase overall. In fact, it may well reduce as Gameweek 1 approaches and my thinking crystallises.

So, here is my current FPL player shortlist for Gameweek 1. For ease of thinking I have sorted it by both position and (rough) price bracket, together with a guide to how many I am likely to want to draft from each section. I like to simplify FPL as much as possible!

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