FPL expert FPLMatthew reveals his FanTeam Gameweek 9 Weekly Monster Team exclusively on Fantasy Football Hub! Last week, his selected team came fourth overall!

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I've played Fantasy Premier League (FPL) for years and, with eight top 10k finishes, I've always wondered if there was a way to try and use this skill and research to try and win some money.

I've watched 'cash games' come and go over the years but I've not found one to be similar enough to FPL to really leverage these abilities...until now.

The more I looked into it, FanTeam is as near to "FPL for money" as you're going to get. I'm looking forward to giving it a go!

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What is the FanTeam Weekly Monster?

  • It’s similar scoring to the regular FPL game (as you can see from the image below). You already know how to play.
  • However, you don’t have to invest 10 months of your time for a chance at winning anything - this is a single Gameweek
  • Imagine you’re playing a free hit. What’s the best possible 11-man squad you could build to attack the fixtures this Gameweek?
  • There are various levels of entry, including a pocket-friendly £1.68 tournament and a new popular £10 entry

For more details on how to play, check out our FanTeam Beginner’s Guide

FanTeam Weekly Monster Gameweek 9 - Fixtures

FanTeam Gameweek 9 Weekly Monster

Gameweek 9 Monster Fixtures

Unlike the main game and FPL, the deadline isn’t until kick off of the first match of the tournament, so you can take advantage of any early team news.

However, don’t worry if you can’t be around for that time: FanTeam’s safety net will apply.

That means anyone who doesn’t start will be automatically replaced with the closest equivalent teammate (same position and for the same price or cheaper) e.g. if Salah doesn’t play you may well get Mane.

This happens immediately though, which unfortunately means that if the player you selected comes on at half-time and bags a hat-trick, you won’t get their points.

Fanteam Gameweek 9 Weekly Monster - My Top Tips

Go big or go Home

In FPL you can do pretty well by consistently being in the top 50% each Gameweek. However, in FanTeam, that's no use - only the top 20% take home the cash.

This means that you have to aim high. Things like doubling up on defences and/or on attacks and going for high upside 'punts', or perhaps a differential captain, alongside safer options.

Ideally, you're looking for things like double clean sheets and grabbing both the goal and the assist when a team scores - easier said than done of course. Obviously the season-long game may suit more traditional FPL strategies.

Predict the Results

I feel that the key to success in these short-format tournaments is trying to predict the results and then picking a team based on these predictions.

Very much complementary to the point above, this means picking the right defences, the right attacks and the winning teams (remember those impact points for winning the match!).

Of course, this is also easier said than done!

You Can't Have 'em all

Perennially true in FPL, but perhaps even more so here. Pricing is dynamic and based on fixture ease. In practice it means that you have to forego at least one big team that week.

Similarly, due to team value constraints, you probably need to back at least one "less fashionable" team to get a result, possibly involving a clean sheet.

Take Advantage of the Safety Net Feature

A bit like subs on FPL, but if your player doesn't start then you get a player from the same team and position of equal or lower price.

This means, for example, you can go for a high risk, high upside player, as long as there's a viable safety net player if they don't start.

For example, pick Raheem Sterling and, he doesn't start, you could get Riyad Mahrez, Ferran Torres, etc, instead depending who wins the Pep Roulette and starts.

FanTeam Gameweek 9 Weekly Monster Team Selection

Readers of my weekly FPL Team Reveal articles will know that I like to go through a 'process' in picking my team, a structure on which to base my game on and, ultimately, to try and simplify things as much as possible.

Well, I'm going to do a similar thing here, albeit a process tailored to FanTeam and the shorter format.

In essence, my process will be:

  1. Predict the results
  2. Identify key teams to focus on based on these predictions
  3. Identify the best potential players from these teams
  4. Construct a team using these players within the constraints of the budget, formations, 3-per-team limit, etc

Note: due to turnaround time this week, all stats below exclude the midweek Gameweek 37 games

1. Predicted Results

Here I have combined recent team attacking and defensive stats to come up with my predictions for the relevant matches.

I have also added another column - "Focus" - showing the teams that I will look to focus on for certain aspects, i.e.

G = potential for goals

CS = potential for clean sheets

V = value - potential enablers

FanTeam Gameweek 9 Weekly Monster

Predictions and team focus


What do the Bookies say?

Strong favourites: Everton, 

Favourites: Crystal Palace, Southampton, Manchester City, West Ham, Liverpool

They view the other matches as difficult to call.

2. Identify the teams to focus on

So, based on analysis above, the teams I will focus my selection on this week, subject to affordability, are:

FanTeam Gameweek 9 Weekly Monster

Teams to focus on

3. Identify the Best Potential Players From These Teams

For each team, I’m going to look at key stats from the Hub’s Opta Stats Tool -  stats per appearance over the last six Gameweeks and sorted by Expected Points.

Everton Best Players


Brentford Best Players

FanTeam Gameweek 9 Weekly Monster


West Ham Best Attackers

FanTeam Gameweek 9 Weekly Monster


Manchester City Best Defenders

FanTeam Gameweek 9 Weekly Monster


Wolves Best Players


Manchester United Best Players


Best Fanteam Players overall

Finally, I'm also going to look at FFStuff's tool showing the top scorers to date on FanTeam itself. Again, I've filtered it on the last six Gameweeks.

FFStuff is an official partner of Fantasy Football Hub and has some great tools covering various fantasy football games - check it out.

Best Fanteam players - last six weeks


4. Construct a Team!

Now, I need to take all of my findings above, add in my own opinions and gut feelings and construct a team that I'm happy with and fits within the budget, team limits (3 per team) and formation constraints.

Bear in mind that some picks may be based on price, whilst we also need to consider, and take advantage of, the 'Safety Net' feature where, for example, a higher risk option can be picked, provided there is a player in the same position and of equal or lower price that can step in should the selected player not start.

This is, of course, is the 'end-game' as far as this process is concerned but it's also the part of the process that can't really be mapped out or explained step-by-step. This is what I've come up with this week:

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