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This week our very own FPL Matthew tries his hand at FanTeam! Click here or on the banner below to get involved for free!

fanteam tips gameweek 34

You all know Matthew (MJ), he writes our weekly team reveal article and is widely regarded as one of the best FPL players of all time with three top 500 ranks and a staggering eight top 10k finishes.

Matthew has watched FanTeam with an interest from afar, but he’s itching to fill the void left by Footstock and as a way to potentially monetise his FPL skills! He’s seen his friends make a lot of money playing this game, it feels similar to FPL and he’s confident that he can continue his success on another platform. He’s chosen a great week to start, as the prize fund has been boosted to a whopping €75,000.

What’s the Weekly Monster?

  • It’s the same scoring as the regular FPL game (as you can see from the image below). You already know how to play.

fanteam weekly monster tips gw34

  • Here’s a summary of the differences in FanTeam scoring compared to FPL:
fanteam weekly monster tips gameweek 33

FanTeam – Comparison to FPL Scoring

  • However, you don’t have to invest 10 months of your time for a chance at winning anything. This is a single Gameweek that completes after the last fixture on Monday and the cash prizes are paid all the way down to 863rd place. There’s more chance of winning a prize in this than a cash mini league.  
  • Imagine you’re playing a free hit. What’s the best possible 11-man squad you could build to attack the fixtures this Gameweek?


Subtle Differences

Fanteam rules and tips gw34

  • The squad budget is 105 million rather than the usual 100 million and the player prices have been adjusted in line with the fixture difficulty i.e. the most expensive players have the easiest fixtures.
  • If there’s a tie break, then the team with the lowest value will win.
  • There aren’t any substitutes, you only select 11 players and the safety net applies. That means if anyone you select doesn’t play, then the game auto replaces them with an equivalent (or lower) priced player from the same team.
  • There’s a stacking penalty. This means that you get a point deducted for a clean sheet, for every player where you have more than one defensive player from a team. The reason for this is to protect you from users that enter multiple teams that stack their defensive line ups to ensure an entry will get a clean sheet. This levels the playing field and means that you don’t need to make multiple entries to stand a chance.

If you want to find out more about the scoring and rules

Check out our FanTeam Beginner’s Guide

I will definitely be entering the Main Event. I’ve spent hours listening to podcasts and researching players this week. It would be a waste to not to utilise all that effort and it feels amazing when I make real money from a hobby.

FanTeam Weekly Monster Gameweek 34 – Fixtures

fanteam tips for gameweek 34

Unlike the main game and FPL, the deadline isn’t until kick off, so you can take advantage of any early team news. However, don’t worry if you can’t be around for that time. FanTeam’s safety net will apply. That means anyone who doesn’t start will be automatically replaced with the closest equivalent teammate (for the same price or cheaper) e.g. if Salah doesn’t play you’ll get Mane. This happens immediately though, which unfortunately means that if the player you selected comes on at half-time and bags a hat-trick then you won’t get their points.

FanTeam Weekly Monster Gameweek 34 – Matthew’s First Draft

fanteam best tips for gameweek 34

My Observations

CT: although FPL is very similar to FanTeam there are certain adjustments you need to make. In FPL it’s good to diversify with players from different teams to transition through differing fixture runs. In FanTeam you need to stack.

MJ:      defenders or attackers? 

CT:      both. For defenders take a look at the difference in probability of a clean sheet (CS):

fanteam gameweek 34 weekly monster tips

It’s extremely difficult to nail multiple CS, so it’s better to double down so that you get one then two of your players will benefit.

MJ:      Why only two? Why not three? Explain this to me like I’m five years old!

CT:       FanTeam has a stacking penalty, which deducts -1 for every additional defender that you add from the same team. -1 isn’t too bad when you get two CS, but -2 almost negates the benefits of the third players CS points.

MJ:      What about attackers? How do you stack them?

CT:       Goals are rare, so you want to try to predict the player that will score and who’s the most likely to assist so that you benefit in two ways from a goal.

MJ:      Goals are rare, but it’s even rarer to get a goal and the assist.

CT:      It is difficult, but you need to nail combinations like this to finish in the top places. The best way to identify good combinations is to use our OPTA Stats tool and look at both expected and actual goal involvement (this measures both goals and assists). For example, if we’re trying to determine which Everton players to combine:

FanTeam Gameweek 34 Weekly Monster - Everton Analysis

Here we can see that Richarlison and Sigurdsson have the highest expected goal involvement, although Rodriguez has a higher actual goal involvement. Therefore, using this as a guide, I would combine Richarlison and Sigurdsson due to their high expectation of goal involvement and potential interaction with each other i.e. Sigurdsson assist to Richarlison.

MJ:     Okay, that makes sense, anything else?

CT:      There aren’t any bonus points in FanTeam but you get impact points added for winning and deducted for losing.

MJ:     Oh, you actually lose a point as well?

CT:      Yeah, so in your draft you have players from teams that play each other. Only one team can win that game, which means impact points will be awarded to one side then deducted from the other, negating the benefit. You need to make your call prior to drafting, look at the slate and decide what you think the result will be and how the game is likely to pan out (e.g. win with low goals, low score draw, high scoring win etc).

MJ:     Ah I see, so first step is to think about the likely results and scores. Then stack players in defence and attack, but never from teams that play each other.

CT:      Exactly, I look forward to seeing your second draft.

How will Matthew do in his first Monster? Why don’t you give it a try as well?

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