Fantasy Football Hub are delighted to have partnered with FanTeam ahead of their record-breaking guaranteed fantasy football prize-pool of a staggering €1,000,000. To register and test your FPL skills to challenge the first prize of a life-changing €200,000 click here

Needless to say, we at the Hub will be producing regular FanTeam content including podcasts and articles as part of our core offering to members to keep you ahead of the pack in the chase for the jackpot prize!

Read on as to why you should play!

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Register now for FanTeam’s Season Long €1,000,000 Fantasy Premier League Game with the Biggest prizes in the World

Picture this, it’s the final day of the season and you’re about to win your work mini-league to take home a few hundred pounds. All those hours spent on your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team during the season have been worth it. Bragging rights are great but there’s no better feeling than taking home some cold hard cash from something that you play for fun, right?

Have I got a better chance of winning the lottery?

  • Entry is just €25 which is similar to what many of you already pay to win a couple of hundred pounds in your regular mini leagues.
  • If you finish in the top 5,659 in this game then you will at least get your money back.
  • In FPL terms that sounds like a great rank but that’s a game of 7.5 million players. This game is capped at 75,000 entries so 5,659 is a top 7% finish.
  • To put that into perspective that’s the equivalent of coming 525,000 in FPL, which most players can do without trying too hard.
  • In FPL a top 10k rank is what serious players aim for and the equivalent position in the FanTeam Season Long game will net you around €1,000 to go with your rank.

Take a look at the mouth watering prizes on offer:

FanTeam million, FanTeam cash league, FPL cash league

Finishing in the top three could be life changing for you. Imagine what you could do with €200,000.

Even if your team is dead and buried in the overall rankings there’s a Manager of the Month structured payout, the top three best Gameweek scores get paid each week and there’s an additional payment for the top score of the season. There are plenty of opportunities to win.

Won’t someone just enter lots of teams to win?

Some players do enter an absurd amount of teams and it does marginally increase their chances of winning, but it takes a lot of effort and money to run more than 2-4 teams. Alexander (@TooGoodFPL) the FanTeam winner this season only had a single entry and took away €50,000. If he can do it, so can you.

So how does FanTeam’s Season Long Fantasy Premier Game Work?

It’s basically the same as FPL. There are some subtle differences that we will outline in our next article (Scoring and Strategy) but everything will seem familiar to you. The player prices are almost the same, the scoring system is very similar, you get two wildcards (there’s no need to worry about chip planning) and you get double points for your Captain. You won’t have to spend any extra time planning for this game, everything you do in FPL can be utilised here. It’s effectively the same game but far more lucrative. To back that up, the aforementioned Alexander also won FPL which shows how interlinked the games are.

There is also a beautiful and familiar user interface to work with as below with projected pricing in line with expected FPL prices. Did we mention the game is already live? Yes it is! Click here to create an account and start picking your team!


The next time your other half nags at you for the amount of time you spend on Fantasy imagine how their attitude would change if they saw you win a sizeable amount from your hobby (that they would love to get their mitts on). Do you want to take a shot at playing a game you’re already familiar with for the chance to win a prize that that could change your life?

Key Points:

  • Multiple Ways to Win – yes the first prize is spectacular and there’s a cash prize all the way down to 5,504th, but that’s not the only way you can win. Even if your team is dead and buried in the overall rankings there’s a Manager of the month structured payout, the top three best Gameweek scores get paid each week and there’s an additional payment for the top score of the season.
  • It plays like FPL – you don’t need to spend your time learning a new game the player prices are pretty much the same, the rules are almost the same and it plays like classic FPL before the chips were introduced where you just had wildcards, which is great for the purists out there and reduces the luck factor. There are a few subtle differences, which I will highlight in my next article.
  • Massive Overlay – there are currently 846 entries (€21,150), the overall prize pot is €100,000,000, which means there’s a massive overlay of €978,850. An overlay is effectively free money going into the pot (whereas in a regular mini league you’re only playing for the money that has been contributed). There will be an overlay if there are less than 40,000 entries.
  • I’ve got more chance of winning the lottery – the game is capped at 75,000 entrants with slightly more than the top 7.3% winning money and the decent money being paid to the top 90. FPL has more than 7.5 million entries and using that as a baseline the top 7.3% would be an overall rank of 547,500. The top 90 would equate to an FPL rank of 9,000. The FPL gold standard is top 10,000 and this should illustrate that if you’re having a great season in FPL then it could be very profitable for you in this game.

FanTeam Sign Up Bonus

So not only that, but if you do deposit the €25 to play FanTeam and use code WELCOME150 you will also be eligible for up to a 150% bonus on your deposit up to €20 to use on the Sportsbook which would equate to €30 free! Full terms and conditions on the bonus are here:


If you spend a reasonable amount of time on FPL then you should definitely consider having a crack at this game, the potential winnings could be life changing and you’re not really spending any additional effort in order to participate.

We will outline how the scoring works in our next article, although the game is very similar to FPL there are a few things you need to be aware of.


We have recorded an ‘Introduction to FanTeam’ podcast and video which includes the rules, scoring, player price analysis and a couple of first drafts. To listen and subscribe click here


FanTeam Sign-Up

Sign up using by clicking on this link or the banner below and best of the luck for the new season!



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