FanTeam Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football 2021 (SCOFF)

In 2003, an accountant called Chris Moneymaker qualified for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) by winning two satellites. He was just a regular guy that was lucky enough to win a ticket to play with the pros. Like DFS, poker is a game of skill with a large element of luck and anyone can win. Moneymaker won the WSOP and took home $2.5 million.

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So what does the WSOP have to do with the SCOFF?

It’s exactly the same concept. FanTeam run a contest over Gameweeks 37 and 38 of the Premier League season. You can qualify by winning a satellite. There’s a massive €500,000 prize pool and 1st place will walk away with a life changing €100,000.

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The tournament is capped at just 600 entrants and players are capped at 10 entries. The top 20% will win at least €1,500. Unlike other contests where there are thousands of competitors, you only have to beat a few hundred people to win some serious money.

How does it work?

The SCOFF will begin on Wednesday, May 19th at 19:45 BST (20:45 CET) and will run over Gameweeks 37 and 38. The two weeks will run independently of each other so entrants will pick two separate teams for each week.

If you are familiar with FPL, think of it as a free hit each week where you pick the best team within the budget (it’s effectively a double FanTeam Monster with the same rules and scoring). It will be a real test of your DFS skills where a worthy winner will walk away with €100,000 in under two weeks.

See last week’s article for a detailed guide on how to play the Weekly Monster

How do I qualify?

The final buy-in is €1100 (£990), but don’t worry there are many ways to get involved for much less. The vast majority of the final entrants will have come from satellites which will be running until the tournament starts. In fact, the previous winner didn’t directly enter and qualified via a satellite.

1 step, 2 step, SCOFF!!

FanTeam have created a 3 step system which gives users the chance to qualify for as little as €2.70 (£2.48).

1. Step 1 – Start your journey for €2.70 (£2.48) and battle it out to qualify for the step 2

SCOFF 2021 – Step 1 Example

2. Step 2 –  Worth €55 (£49.50) you can either buy in directly or qualify from step 1.

SCOFF 2021 – Direct Entry & Step 2 Example

If you fancy a more direct route look out for the direct satellites starting for as low as €11 (£9.90). The entrants are capped at 66 for Step 2 though, so it will be a lot easier to qualify through that than a Direct entry.

3. Step 3 – You’ve made it to the €1,100 (£990) SCOFF!


How do I find these satellites?

Using the filter function on FanTeam, you just need to select ‘Satellites’ and choose the sport / leagues you’re interested in.

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Can anyone become the SCOFF champion?

Absolutely, with so many routes to qualify for the SCOFF there is a real chance that we could see a winner that qualified for as little as €2.75 (£2.48). Only last November, FanTeam user fscottl showed how it can be done qualifying for the WCOFF for €2 and walked away with first prize of €30,000! Anyone can win. Let’s hope we see a similar feat this time round. It could be you?

Good luck!

Here’s the Gameweek 35 weekend schedule:

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