FanTeam Premier League 2021/22 – Strategy and Tips

Some of the finest FanTeam minds share their strategies and tips ahead of the 2021/22 Gameweek 1 deadline in our bulging library.

From budget gems to differentials to strategy to psychology, it’s all here and will be continually updated right up until August 13th!

Don’t forget to check out our Ultimate FanTeam 2021/22 Guide which has everything you could ever need be a successful FanTeam manager including guides, team previews, player picks, strategy articles, tools, stats, expert team reveals and much much more…

Best FanTeam Premier League Forwards 2021/22

Best FanTeam Premier League Midfielders 2021/22

FanTeam Premier League 2021/22 | Best Value Defenders


The Best FanTeam Tips

Check out our Premier League Team Previews and Best Players Guide for detailed breakdowns of the best player picks for your Gameweek 1 team.


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