FanTeam tips from former FPL no.1 HOF Sean Tobin. Please read our Beginner’s Guide to FanTeam for a detailed guide to the platform and games.

fanteam euros tips

Following the success of their €1,000,000 season long game and both of their €250,000 Champions League tournaments, FanTeam have decided to go all out and they’ve launched their Euro 2020 Full Tournament game with a record-breaking £1,000,000 prize pool. It’s the biggest Fantasy Football competition to date.

Interview with FPL legend Sean Tobin

fanteam euro 2020 tips

Sean Tobin’s Amazing Player History

Take a look at the phenomenal record above – Sean has previously been number one in the all-time FPL Hall of Fame. He’s been playing FanTeam for a while now and I was interested to find out more about his experiences.

CT: Sean, you’re very well known in FPL. How long have you been playing FanTeam and what made you decide to check it out?

ST: This is my second season with Fanteam. I had my best ever FPL finish in 2018/19 and I was lucky enough to win £2,500 from some cash mini-leagues. That’s the most I’ve ever won from FPL. Then, I saw the big prizes on offer in FanTeam and knew that if I had a similar season, I wouldn’t have to work for a very long time!

I figured that I had a decent enough FPL record, the game was very similar and with those big prizes on offer it seemed a no brainer to give it a shot.

fanteam euros tips

Fanteam Euro 2020 – Prize Structure

CT: Which FanTeam games do you play?

ST: The season long Premier League game, that’s just like paying classic FPL before all the chips made it overly complicated. I also play the UCL games and occasionally the Weekly Monster.

CT: What do you like / dislike about FanTeam?

ST: FanTeam is a well-run game with excellent support staff. When I first started, the site felt a bit clunky, but it didn’t take long to get used to it and I love that the leader boards update instantly so you can keep track of your live rank. I’m a big fan of their price rise system as well where you get 100% of the players value so you don’t have to worry about transferring someone out in case you can’t afford to buy them back.

how do i play fanteam euros

FanTeam Transfer Screen showing Purchase Price = Selling Price

CT: What’s your process for drafting a team on FanTeam? Is anything different to FPL?

ST: I started by drafting pretty much the same as I do for FPL but there are a few subtle differences here and there. In FanTeam you get cheaper playing bench fodder in midfield and forwards for 4.0M that play, leaving you more cash for your starting 11. You get bonus points for winning and playing a full match too.

CT: What did you find hardest to get your head around when switching from FPL to FanTeam?

ST: Those bonuses compared to FPL’s individual BPS system.

how to play fanteam

FanTeam Comparison to FPL Scoring

CT: Have you got any tips for someone coming from FPL that wants to try out FanTeam?

ST: If you’re going to play, give it the time and effort it deserves, There’s some tough competition out there, but a good FPL player will do well and the amount you can win from just £20 is unbelievable value. Keep an eye on the player prices, there are some real bargains to be had. Don’t take hits if at all possible. Remember, if that bench fodder guy plays the full 90, and the team wins then that’s 4pts. Stick your team in one of the FPL style planners to plan ahead. If you’re a keen FPL player you’re halfway there anyway, I’m sure you’ll enjoy FanTeam.

the best fanteam tips

Ben Crellin’s Planner that is included with a Fantasy Football Hub membership

CT: What sources do you use for research?

ST: Almost everything I use can be found on Fantasy Football Hub. I use Ben Crellin’s planner (see above) to map things out. I watch a hell of a lot of football then I use the OPTA stats, Player Comparison and Points Prediction Tool to sense check what I’m thinking. I also use Mikkel Tokvam’s Algorithm as another sense check. If you’re on top of what’s going on fixture wise, then these tools don’t throw up many surprises. If I’m playing a game with non-Premier League teams, then I like to use sites like Sofascore, WhoScored and Understat for researching teams and players.

CT: Are you going to play the FanTeam Euro 2020 game?

ST: I’ve already got a ticket and I might get one or two more to make sure I get a good start. I’m really looking forward to watching the games in the Summer, so it makes sense to run a fantasy team at the same time to make it more exciting. I’ve got my eyes on that £200,000 first prize.

CT: You and me both Sean!


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up now to make use of this quiet period to draft a Euro 2020 squad and consider how much money you could win just from playing and watching a game that you love.

FanTeam Sign-Up

Sign up now using by clicking on this link or the banner below and best of the luck for the new season!

how to play fanteam

This is just the first of a number of articles that we have planned to help you to pick your squad prior to the deadline. Please comment or tweet us to let us know if there’s anything you would like us to cover and, as always, we will do our best to make it happen.


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