FanTeam Champions League Contest and Special Offer

Sign up to FanTeam this week, register for their Euro 2020 game and you’ll get the following rewards:

  • Free Annual FFH Standard Membership
  • A place in our Euro 2020 Members only prize league

fanteam euros 2020 special offer

Please note that this offer is only available if you do not have a FanTeam account. Existing Fantasy Football Hub members are eligible for this deal, as long as you haven’t already registered with FanTeam.


fanteam champions league final


FanTeam UEFA Champions League (UCL) Final

I know you’re enjoying the break. You deserve it, it’s been a long and gruelling season. This is the final club game of the season. Are you intrigued to discover who’s going to win the tactical battle and which narrative will unfold?

I personally would love a fairy-tale Aguero winner. I’m also currently sitting in first place in the FanTeam UCL Knockout game, the points gap is razor thin and there’s a lot of money at stake.

When watching a game, it always adds to the excitement and enhances the experience when I own players in my fantasy team that I can cheer on. I’m going to participate in this final game before I dive head first into Euro 2020.


What’s the FanTeam Champions League Final Contest all about?

Our partners, FanTeam are running a special UCL Final game where first place will come away with €10,000 after just one night. Imagine how good it would feel to win that before the Summer starts? Hub member @FFNinja_ experienced that very feeling last weekend and so could you.

How do I play the FanTeam Champions League Final Contest?

1. Predict what you think the likely outcome will be after 90 minutes e.g. City win 1-0 (5/1 odds).

2. Select the players that you feel are most likely to return based on that prediction e.g. If City win 1-0 that means they’ll get a clean sheet (CS) and two players will combine to get an attacking return. So I would select three defenders and two attackers (see draft below).

fanteam UCL tournament

FanTeam UCL Final – Draft Team

3. When you enter your team, you will be asked if you want to submit it into another competition. If you check the box below then you will also be entered into the £1.98 satellite to the Euro 2020 competition.

No extra effort is required. FanTeam are giving away 100 tickets to that so there’s a great chance of winning a free ticket to their premier event.

FanTeam UCL Final – Euro 2020 Satellite

4. That’s it. You will be entered into the main event for a chance of winning €10,000 and the Euro 2020 satellite for a chance to gain an entry into the main event with a first prize of £200,000.

Why are there only five players?

FanTeam have a ‘Pursuit’ format for their single fixture games. The player scoring is exactly what you’re used to. The only differences are:

  • There’s no budget – you just select the players you think will get the most points
  • Handicap – you will see that the best players have the biggest handicap. Although the scoring rules are the same, this handicap will be deducted from your final score, so make sure you check what the handicap is at the end e.g. a handicap of three means that you will need a player to get an assist (three points) for the team to break even.
  • You only need to select five players – With only 22 players in action, it would be a bit of a stretch to choose a team of 11, so you just need to select five.

FanTeam Scoring and Rules

Check out our FanTeam Beginner’s Guide

FanTeam Sign-Up

Register for the FanTeam Euro 2020 tournament by clicking on this link or the banner below and you will get a free annual standard Fantasy Football Hub membership. Don’t miss out.

fanteam euros 2020 special offer

Playing Euro 2020 Fantasy Football?

Check out our Euro 2020 Fantasy Football home page for how to play guides, detailed team previews and team reveals from the best fantasy managers!


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