FanTeam Champions League is back. The elite club competition in Europe returns and what better way to experience it than to play Fantasy Football and cheer on your players? This overview and team reveal are brought to you by the reigning FanTeam UCL Champion Chris Tan.

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If you’re a complete novice, I’d recommend checking out the FanTeam Beginner's Guide guide first.

Prizes - FanTeam Champions League

There aren’t as many places which are paid this year, but the winnings are significantly more lucrative. When I won last season, first place paid €25,000. This year you get double:

FanTeam Champions League Groups.

FanTeam UCL Tournament - Prizes


Rules - FanTeam Champions League

FanTeam Champions League rules.

FanTeam UCL Tournament - Rules

The important rules you need to pay attention to are:

  • You can only select a maximum of three players from one team.
  • The deadline is not until the first kick off (you will know the starting line ups for the first two fixtures).
  • After Gameweek 1, the deadline is 90 minutes prior to kick off. This caught a lot of people out last season, as the first game is at 17:45 (BST), which means the Gameweek 2 deadline is at 16:15.
  • Safety Net is active. See the FanTeam Beginner’s Guide for more about this. You don’t need to worry about rotation.
  • You get two free transfers per round and can roll them to have a maximum of four saved.
  • There’s no price changes, Wildcards or late registration.

Scoring - FanTeam Champions League

The scoring is exactly the same as the Premier League and daily Fantasy Football games. See my how to win FanTeam guide for more details.

fanteam champions league tips

FanTeam UCL Tournament - Scoring


FanTeam Champions League Tips

Focus on the group difficulty

You want to pick out the teams with the best matchups in the weakest groups where it’s easier to predict clean sheets and goals.

Create a captaincy matrix

Look at the fixtures for each Gameweek to try and identify two to three players you think would make a good captain. Then, build your team around them or ensure you have a squad with the right price points to facilitate an easy transfer to them.

Strong consideration should be made to prioritising transfers on players you’d captain. This is only a six Gameweek contest. You need to nail the majority of your captain selections each week in order to win big.

Use the safety net to your advantage

Robert Lewandowski (14.5M) is one of the best strikers in the game, but Bayern Munich don’t have any other forwards listed. That means if he gets injured or rested, there isn’t a direct replacement.

The same applies for  Gabriel Jesus (10.5M). Whereas, if you select Riyad Mahrez (11.5M) and he doesn’t start, then you get Raheem Sterling (11.0M). If he also doesn’t start, you get Jack Grealish (10.5M) and then Ferran Torres (10.0M) or Phil Foden (10.0M).

This is where the safety net can be really beneficial. It allows you to invest in strong teams that are known for rotation and in this example, you would be more than happy with any of the alternatives.

Stack your defence

The probability of getting a clean sheet from multiple teams is a lot lower than just a single team. When I won the tournament last year, I stacked the entire Chelsea defence. There is no penalty (unlike in their daily games) for doing so.

Save your transfers

The strongest sides tend to qualify early then rotate. Even with the safety net in place, it’s likely you will want to make a lot of transfers in the final two Gameweeks to target the teams that are playing for something.

One tip is to be aware that the fixtures in Gameweeks 3 and 4 are mirrored (i.e. home then away). Therefore if you setup your team well for Gameweek 3, you shouldn’t need to make any changes given the opposition is the same the following matchday. This allows you to roll your transfers.

Team Reveal - FanTeam Champions League


Gregor Kobel (7.5M) - Borussia Dortmund are in a group with Ajax, Besiktas and Sporting. None of these teams are particularly strong. Last season, Dortmund only conceded five goals in the group stages in a group which is similar in strength. Kobel offers reasonable value. 



Mats Hummels (7.0M) - stacks well with Kobel. Hummels is cheaper than Thomas Meunier (7.5M) but actually got more attacking returns than him last season in the domestic league (five compared to two).  If he doesn’t play then there are safety net options available.

Reece James (8.0M) - arguably the best attacking defender for Chelsea if he can continue his link up play with Romelu Lukaku (14.0M). Chelsea only conceded two goals in the group stages last season and their only ‘tough’ opponents this time are a Juventus side that have just lost their talisman. At the 8.0M price point, he can be instantly traded for almost any defender in the game.

César Azpilicueta (7.0M) - a great defensive stacking option with James and enables you to save 0.5M, as the safety net will kick in if he doesn’t play and at least one of the two centre backs at the sane price should feature.

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