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What’s the Weekly Monster?

  • It’s the same scoring as the regular FPL game (as you can see from the image below). You already know how to play.
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FanTeam – Comparison to FPL Scoring

  • However, you don’t have to invest 10 months of your time for a chance at winning anything. This is a single Gameweek that completes after the last fixture on Monday and the cash prizes are paid all the way down to 863rd. There’s more chance of winning a prize in this than a cash mini league.  
  • Imagine you’re wildcarding or playing a free hit. What’s the best possible 11-man squad you could build to attack the fixtures this Gameweek?

Why should I play it?

  • You’ve spent all week researching your fantasy football transfers and captains, why not put that to use now?
  • Did I mention there’s a first prize of £6,750? Imagine the fun you could have with that, as lockdown draws to a close, just by utilising your existing knowledge and experience.
  • If you’re a new user all you have to do is <register for the Euro 2020 game> and you get a free Monster ticket. That’s a chance to win £6,750 for free.

Subtle Differences

  • The squad budget is 105 million rather than the usual 100 million and the player prices have been adjusted in line with the fixture difficulty i.e. the most expensive players have the easiest fixtures.
  • If there’s a tie break, then the team with the lowest value will win.
  • There aren’t any substitutes, you only select 11 players and the safety net applies. That means if anyone you select doesn’t play, then the game auto replaces them with an equivalently priced player from the same team.
  • There’s a stacking penalty. This means that you get a point deducted for a clean sheet, for every player where you have more than one defensive player from a team. The reason for this is to protect you from users that enter multiple teams that stack their defensive line ups to ensure an entry will get a clean sheet. This levels the playing field and means that you don’t need to make multiple entries to stand a chance.


If you want to find out more about the scoring and rules

Check out our FanTeam Beginner’s Guide

I will definitely be entering the Main Event. I’ve spent hours listening to podcasts and researching players this week. It would be a waste to not to utilise all that effort and it feels amazing when I make real money from a hobby.

FanTeam Weekly Monster Gameweek 30 – Fixtures

gameweek 30 fantasy football tips

FanTeam Weekly Monster Gameweek 30 – Fixtures

Unlike the main game and FPL, the deadline isn’t until kick off, so you can take advantage of any early team news. However, don’t worry if you can’t be around for that time. FanTeam’s safety net will apply. That means anyone who doesn’t start will be automatically replaced with the closest equivalent teammate (for the same price or cheaper) e.g. if Salah doesn’t play you will get Mane. This happens immediately though, which unfortunately means that if the player you selected comes on at half-time and bags a hat-trick then you won’t get their points.

FanTeam Weekly Monster Gameweek 30 – which fixtures to target for Captaincy?

As mentioned in our FanTeam Beginner’s Guide, you get an extra point for a win, so we want to be targeting winnable fixtures for our captain. The three that catch my eye are:

Leeds v Sheffield United – Sheffield United were bad with Wilder at the helm and they’ve been spiralling since he left. In the last six Gameweeks they’ve allowed nearly double the number of Big Chances as the next worst side. They’ve conceded an average of 2.17 goals per game and they’re lucky it’s not been more given their average xGC is 2.62. Across the season, Sheffield United have allowed 25 players to return double digit scores against them. Only West Brom have allowed more.    

Newcastle v Spurs – Newcastle are on dire form and the changing room is fractured. They have the third worst defensive stats in the league over the last six Gameweeks. Spurs are just three points behind Chelsea and no longer in Europe. They desperately need three points.

Manchester United v Brighton – although Brighton are on relatively good form, their defensive record is nowhere near as good away as it is at home. Furthermore, their goalkeeper, Sanchez has an xG prevented of -2.10 meaning that he’s cost them two goals in the last six games. Brighton are the type of team that like to have a go and that should play into United’s hands, as a natural counter attacking team. United will get chances and Brighton’s goalkeeper is unlikely to stop them.

FanTeam Weekly Monster Gameweek 30 – Captain Candidates

TOP CHOICE – Kane (13.0M)

You’d expect Spurs to win, which means Kane will get an impact point, and he’s never substituted off (which means two points before any attacking returns). He’s recorded six double digit returns this season, he’s on form for club and country and he’s the penalty taker.

SECOND CHOICE – Fernandes (12.5M)

Bruno didn’t feature in the last game for Portugal, which means he’s had the week off, which is the most rest he’s had all season. United has won their last four league matches against Brighton 2-3, 0-3, 3-1 and 2-1, which suggests an impact point is likely. Bruno will play the full game and United’s defensive stats are solid, so there’s a reasonable chance of a clean sheet (41%). Brighton has conceded the second most penalties in the league (8), we all know how many penalties United get. Bruno picked up two returns in both games he’s played against Brighton and he has multiple avenues to points.

PUNT – Raphinha (12.3M)

Sheffield United are dead and buried, so that should lead to an impact point. He always plays for 90 minutes and there’s a great chance of a clean sheet (45%), which should mean three points are in the bag. He has reasonable goal threat (after Chelsea, Leeds are second favourite for 2.5+ goals this week), excellent creativity stats and he takes all the set pieces.

Whoever you decide to go for, good luck!

Gameweek 30 Weekly Monster Video/Podcast

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