February winner…

Ed Marchant takes the honour of the very first member’s competition prize of £27.20. Ed’s team of De Gea, Dunk, Salah, Aguero racked up 81 points and fought off close competition from Sean, Ricky & Carl… Well done ED!!!


Who fancies their chances in March?! We’re sticking with the same system as before; no price limit but only 1 person per team. Just comment with your 4 picks in the comments below. I’ll get the ball rolling with De Gea, Hegazi, Salah & Mounie (there’s method in the madness)…. Good luck everyone!

The Rules

..are simple, very simple. Pick 4 players for the month; 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder & 1 striker. The winner is the person that gets the most points for that particular month! It’s literally is that easy.

There are no limits on price for each position, but you can only select one player from a team. We’re basing it on the points and positions given in the FPL game and a winner will be announced EVERY month!

It’s a winner takes all situation. In the event of a tie, winnings will go to the person that entered their team first… so no point picking the same team as somebody else.

To Enter

Simply write the names of your selections in the comments of this thread. The prizes will be given to members only, so if you’re already a member this is your free chance to win some cash as entry is free. If you’re not, get involved by becoming a member here, or in the link below.


The prize for this free competition is £20 plus 40 pence for every entry we get each month! So get ALL of your friends involved and all of your friend’s friends involved, so you can take their cash. And pride!

Will has also agreed to give the person who accumulates the most points from now until the end of the season, a FREE annual membership for next year!

Voucher code

If you’re not already a member, we’re giving you the added incentive by making membership 40p for the first month (the same amount you’ll be entering into the prize pool). Simply enter voucher code: PRIZE on the sign-up screen.

Click here to get involved!