Resident Hub Footstock Roulette expert and statistician @FF_Thinker shares his data and thoughts on who the likely Footstock category change players are going to be.

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With the 2019/20 Premier League season almost at a close and star categories about to change for the summer, it's a good time to see who is likely to move up and down in August's Footstock Category Change.

It's worthing checking to see if there are any value picks available for those looking to complete Footstock rewards or even restructure their portfolios with different players becoming eligible for beginner tournaments.

The data has been taken after the penultimate round of Premier League fixtures, so only Gameweek 38 and the FA Cup Final will affect players points per game (PPG) before the end of the month. Footstock Category Change updates are due to occur on Monday 3rd August.

All players have had their 19th game data removed from these calculations, so the PPG used here is the minimum it can be before the weekend's action (minus points not included).

Legendary Players

Starting with the new Legendary cards, the only guarantees currently are that Bruno Fernandes will remain a legendary player and Son Heung-min will move up from Epic to Legendary. The remaining three slots are somewhat up from grabs.

Footstock Category Change

Footstock Category Change: Legendary and Epic

As you can see from the table above, Kevin De Bruyne, Anthony Martial and Mohamed Salah currently hold the remaining three slots and have a buffer over the chasing pack.

However, if any of the players just below the premium bracket score 40+ points, it could bring them into contention. I think the player most likely to sneak in will be Willian: he has another two fixtures in which he can accumulate the required points.

The only impact here will be on users who enter Amateur tournaments, since Legendary cards are not available for those tournaments. With virtual tournaments predicted to happen over the summer, form players like Son Heung-min will be a big miss from those tournaments.

Epic Players

Next up is the new Epic category. These changes will have little impact on tournament use, with the key factor being that any Legendary cards dropping down a category will be available for Amateur tournaments.

However, additional changes could be relevant for people looking to complete rewards linked to the amount of cards owned in a category. In addition, any players that have performed exceptionally compared to their usual standards, have the potential to move up two categories over the summer break, with a category change in both August and September.

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