Successful Footstock contest player Holly Shand reveals her team entries for the FPL Gameweek 3 Gold contests for Footstock.

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Put your money where your mouth is by entering your FPL Gameweek 3 team into Footstock contests.


Contests are available for all of the FPL Gameweek 3 fixtures. There's also separate competitions for just the Saturday fixtures, plus contests for the six fixtures occurring across Sunday and Monday. There are four different tiers - Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold. In this article, the focus is on the Gold contests, where there is no limit on the number of stars allowed from the respective card ratings.

Footstock Gameweek 3

Footstock Gameweek 3 Gold Contests

There's £1,500 in the pot for each of the Gold contests available across the weekend. We have seen in the past that as the number of entrants in the contests have grown, the prize pools have exceeded those minimum guaranteed values stated above.

It's possible to enter a maximum of five sides into each contest, apart from the free rolls. Below I outline my strategy for these along with team reveals for the fixtures on offer.


It’s important to understand the Footstock Scoring Matrix when creating those lineups, as it does differ from FPL and is far more rigorous. Goals (20) are worth double the points of an assist (10), a win (6) is worth more than a clean sheet (5) for defenders.

Goalkeepers score 10 points for a clean sheet, which is double the amount a defender gains. This is important to note, with some prolific goalkeepers having a high base return.

Wingers like Adama Traore, Wilfred Zaha and Allan Saint-Maximin are particularly suited to the scoring matrix for their actions such as successful dribbles.

When picking a side, the win bonus is an important factor to bear in mind, so it doesn’t make sense to select players form opposing sides within the same lineup. As with FPL, the points ceiling is far higher for offensive players, so I tend to select more attacking lineups.

With no substitutes allowed, it's important to try and pinpoint players who still start, although we will have early team news for the opening fixture of the respective contests: Brighton vs Manchester United on Saturday and Sheffield United vs Leeds United on Sunday. Players can gain the six point win bonus from appearances as a substitute though.

For Pro contests, there's a minimum requirement across the nine players to have at least one goalkeeper, one defender, two midfielders and one striker. You are only permitted to enter a maximum of eight cards from one team.


We have all ten Gameweek 3 fixtures available here. Setting your lineup is similar to playing a Free Hit in Fantasy Premier League, although you aren't limited to three players per club, there's no set budget and very offensive formations are viable. When selecting lineups, it's important to first consider the likely winners, then identify potential goalscorers and assisters, clean sheet potential and those players with a high base points potential.

The big favourites for the weekend according to the bookies are Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, but don't rule out Manchester City and Everton assets either. Manchester United should recover from their Gameweek 2 defeat with their away trip to Brighton.


Taking all of the above data into account, I've constructed lineups for the various Gold contests on offer this weekend. As well as sharing my thoughts below, I've also recorded a short video for the Hub YouTube channel with my thoughts on stategy and my lineups for the Gameweek 3 Gold contests.

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