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FPL Matthew is arguably the best FPL manager in the world, with three top 500 finishes and a further six top 10k finishes. He has recently taken his FPL skills to try his hand at Footstock on a budget. Read on to find out how he has managed to double his money in under three months with a low risk approach!


A veteran of FPL, I have recently started to play Footstock as well, which combines football card trading with fantasy football.

Most of the content for Footstock seems to revolve around people with large expensive collections - I want to show how its perfectly possible to have fun and make money playing Footstock on a budget that is relatively small and without taking big risks.

In two and a half months I have more than doubled my £200 investment, whilst playing a low risk game, mirroring my low risk appetite as a person.

Thinking of joining Footstock?

I think this is a great time to join, with players prices currently very reasonable and the Virtual Tournaments are a fun way to get your head around the product. All this comes before what I think will be a big boom in the platform, with the planned Talksport marketing campaign (with a mystery big name!) and the launch of the £100k Freeroll Tournament (yes, you read that right!) If anyone has any questions about Footstock, my Twitter DMs are open (@FPL Matthew).


My Journey Begins

I first started playing Footstock on the 21st May, having seen a lot of buzz about it on Twitter around that time. It actually wasn't a great start given that I invested my £200 at the peak of the market - in fact I wouldn't be surprised if I invested on the peak day for prices!

My initial strategy was to buy broadly two types of player:

  • Players at one and two stars that I could use in Beginners Tournaments (the entry level tournaments that cost 50p or £1 to enter).
  • Players that I thought had the potential to increase in value - such as Mason Greenwood and Son Heung-Min. In hindsight, it was the wrong market time to buy this second set of players so I should have initially gone with the first set, and thus only needed, say, half of my £200 deposit

In terms of the first type of player, rather than a scattergun approach, I decided to focus on a few teams, and then target tournaments where these teams had decent fixtures, relative to other teams. This was during lockdown, although my focus was mainly in preparing for the restart in real football, rather than the Virtual Tournaments.

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About Matthew Penycae

Matthew Penycae is, arguably, the most consistently good FPL player in the world. In 10 seasons, Matthew has finished top 500 three times, top 10k eight times and never finished lower than 15,535 (in his first season). He’s also a dab hand at Sky having finished 2nd overall in 16/17, his first season, proving his strategies are effective across fantasy formats. 

His full FPL history can be seen below:

In this new members series, Matthew will be revealing his team and strategy ahead of each Gameweek


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