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    Will Thomas

    Following Richard’s short and sweet piece on fixture congestion, does this change who you will be bringing in?

    Will you be avoiding the likes of City? Are some players immune to rotation making then invaluable over this period?

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    Paul Jones

    Just a case of riding it out for me. Plans over this period inevitably get torn up within a week or two so I’ve just acquired a squad of 15 starters in FPL and will just allow form and injury to dictate the transfers.

    Having a fully playing squad has helped navigate the rotation at City thus far, so I’m hoping for more of the same.

    Sky on the other hand……..that’s more hope and pray!!

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      Will Thomas

      Agreed on plans.. although that doesn’t stop me doing it extensively!

      Good luck for the weekend Paul

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    Mike A.

    I don’t play Sky, but am happy prices have been less volatile of late. I’ve only one or perhaps two more moves to be fully stocked for the festive season. Still very curious about Puel at LEI and also EVE having their bid for Silva be knocked back.
    Fixtures are good for both sides and there are differentials..

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      Will Thomas

      Good points. I’m also happy with prices being less volatile of late.

      Wait and see for Leicester and Everton for me. Little point in gambling Taht they can turn a corner when there are lots of good options elsewhere.

      Still pondering captain here… Kane or Kun?

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