What is the best FPL Gameweek 4 Wildcard team? Jian Batra shares his best FPL Wildcard tips for those playing it after the international break.

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Should we Wildcard? – FPL Best Gameweek 4 Wildcard Team

To clarify, this article isn’t focusing on the question above. I know many managers are set on playing their Wildcard and as such, this addresses what’s the best possible combination of players in order to be successful.

There will be an article on the site at a later date which solely focuses on this key question, and provides a deeper insight into this issue.

I see both the pros and cons of Wildcarding in the current moment, hence I’m quite on the fence about it and haven’t come to a final decision.

However, I am leaning towards not playing it because on a very general note I imagine the spine of the squad wasn’t only picked for three Gameweeks. As such, with two free transfers over the international break, it should be enough to navigate future Gameweeks so we can save the chip.

A late Wildcard is an extremely powerful tool in this game. The opportunity that arises when only a minority of managers have the chip at their disposal is unique.


Differential Picks

Similar to the likes of Lasith Malinga on the international cricket circuit, whilst you can draw some general similarities between him and other fast bowlers, when you take a closer look at his action he’s almost performing a different art.

This team isn’t too dissimilar to the analogy. Naturally, there’s less variance in FPL than a fast bowlers’ action. Yet with a closer look, it’s still different to what I expect most Wildcards to look like.

The team consists of two and a half premium players as I’ll explain later. There is no £4.0m defender and no Manchester United players.

This team won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but with an early Wildcard, the team must have a sense of longevity and flexibility in order to be successful.

Two free transfers should allow premiums to be brought into the side, rather than reshuffling the entire squad and this Wildcard facilitates just that.


Individual Player Analysis – Best FPL Gameweek 4 Wildcard Team

best fpl gameweek 4 wildcard team

(£0.2m left in the bank)

Robert Sánchez (£4.5m); Set and Forget

At his price, he’s a good option. No more, no less. Brighton are a decent defensive unit, ranking joint third for Expected Clean Sheets (xCS).

Until a standout goalkeeping option like Emiliano Martínez (£5.5m) comes to the fray, I see no reason to not spend money on the rest of the squad.


Big at the Back – Best FPL Gameweek 4 Wildcard Team

It’s not too popular currently with the plethora of attacking options at our disposal. However, a squad like this provides brilliant defensive rotation for an extended period of time.

This also forms a solid foundation to build from, and allows the transfers to be used on the midfield and forward options. As a result, this favours a more upside chasing approach.


Trent Alexander-Arnold (£7.5m)

I understand with all the premium options in the other two categories it may seem beneficial to abandon him for the time being. But it’s not. Attacking premiums can be replaced by attacking premiums, yet there is no replacement for Alexander-Arnold.

He’s head and shoulders above every defender in terms of his ceiling. Trent has amassed an Expected Assists of 1.76 in the first three Gameweeks which is first amongst defenders by a country mile. Vladimir Coufal (£5.0m) is second and his is merely 0.90.

Harvey Elliot (£5.5m) looks set for an extended run in the side. Jürgen Klopp trusted him to start in a game of this magnitude against Chelsea and Liverpool have needed a creative number eight. The Englishman has performed excellently so far which indicates he’s here to stay.

He’s beneficial for Trent too because he often holds the width in the attacks. This allows Trent to drift infield and operate as a wide midfielder, inadvertently filling in the void of the “creative midfielder”. Yet Trent can still overlap to provide a dynamic twist to Liverpool’s attack.

With this, Trent’s ceiling only heightens and I’m confident he’ll have the most points among defenders at the end of the season.


Chelsea Double up – Best FPL Gameweek 4 Wildcard Team

Chelsea are defensively the best team on the planet, and it’s not really up for debate. The eye test highlights the difficult nature of creating good goal scoring chances against them.

The spaces they offer opposition attackers are minimal due to the centrebacks being highly intelligent, and one of them is normally quite aggresive in their press.

Furthermore, the wing backs always cover the wide spaces to limit the crosses into the box when the centrebacks need to cover the half spaces.

That being said, with a tall and physical back five, crosses aren’t too much of a threat regardless. Chelsea have an xCS of 1.2 in the first three Gameweeks (ranking second only behind Manchester City).

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Antonio Rüdiger (£5.5m)

In regards to the two players selected. Rüdiger is the most nailed on Chelsea player and Thomas Tuchel has an excellent relationship with him.

Both wing back spots alongside the right centreback spot are up for rotation but Rüdiger has the left side solidified as his own.

Chelsea are soon to reward him with a new contract and it clearly shows their intention of him being a main stay. He also offers attacking contributions in the form of goals, likely to be headers from set pieces. The German could rack up a few goals this season.

Andreas Christensen (£5.0m)

Christensen looks to be fairly nailed also following his fantastic recent form. The Denmark international’s ball playing ability is key for Chelsea to beat the high press.

At £5.0m, he presents unbelievable value as well as an easy and cheap cheap way into the best defence in the world. I expect him to be rotated occasionally but with all other factors considered, you can’t really go wrong at that price.


Luke Ayling (£4.5m) and Conor Coady (£4.5m); £4.5m duo

The primary reason I selected both of them is the fixture runs they are set to embark on. The fact they are so cheap enables improvement across the rest of the squad.

Wolves have a fantastic run until Gameweek 15 whereas Leeds’ promising fixtures last until Gameweek 11.

Bruno Lage’s men have had two tough fixtures facing Leicester and Tottenham but still rank seventh best for xG (2.9).

The eye test backs this up as I’ve been quite impressed by what has been on display. Coady will play every single game providing he’s fit which removes any doubts of possible rotation.

Towards the back end of last season, he looked livelier in the box when attacking set pieces. Even if he delivers one attacking return, it’s a good bonus to have for his price.

Ayling is here for more of a combination of defensive and attacking returns. As shown against Manchester United, he has the capability to score or assist.

Leeds can keep clean sheets against the weaker teams as they showed last season. So far they have faced Everton and Manchester United. However, their fixture against Burnley is a better indicator as to how they will perform against low blocks from a defensive standpoint.

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Midfielders + Forwards – Best FPL Gameweek 4 Wildcard Team

Leeds Attacking Duo

This is simply an extension of the Ayling section. It also highlights my confidence that Leeds will be successful in their upcoming fixture run (following the Liverpool fixture in Gameweek 4 where Raphinha and Ayling would be benched).

I expect Marcelo Biesla to employ the 3-3-3-1 formation across these fixtures. The high pressing brings a sense of chaos to these games and that’s something which Leeds thrive in.

It’s also highly beneficial for FPL managers owning attacking Leeds assets because through the chaos, the side set up in the low-block is more likely to counter press and try to play out from the back.

Firstly, they aren’t used to this and are likely to struggle as a result. Secondly the method of play significantly increases the risk of getting caught on the transition and thus out of shape. This is something they are not used to and as such, it will be difficult for them to adapt to this mid-game.

Raphinha (£6.5m)

Raphinha is most definitely under-priced by at least £0.5m. He’s got an abundance of quality highlighted not only by his goal against Everton but the underlying statistics from last season.

  • 734 touches in the final third highlights his importance
  • 2.4 chances created per 90 minutes (ranked 1st in the Leeds squad)
  • 4th best xA per 90 minutes in the league
  • Delivered 165 crosses despite his late arrival.

The eye test backs this up with his flair and ability to beat a man one on one. He can also create something out of nothing which is always a good asset to have.

Patrick Bamford (£7.9m)

Bamford racked up the second most points for a forward last season. The Leeds talisman is on penalties and his conversion of big chances is improving steadily.

I expect him to score more as a result and also acquire a greater amount of assists this season. This is due to a slight tweak in the system which brings him slightly deeper and more involved in the build up play so far this season.


Mohammed Salah (£12.5m)

Arguably even more simple than the duo above. He is the best asset in the game, and he’s unreplaceable.

Starting with the fixture run, as discussed in the Trent section I see Liverpool and Salah as pretty much fixture proof. Even with that in mind, they have fantastic fixtures coming up.

Salah can play poorly and still haul, simply due to Liverpool’s over-reliance on him and Sadio Mané (£11.5m) to score goals.

Similar to Michail Antonio (£7.9m), everything points in his favour and over the course of the season you can bet your bottom dollar he finishes in the top five point scorers at the very least.

The Egyptian is a must have in my opinion.

Harry Kane is staying at Tottenham – What does this mean for FPL?

Heung-min Son (£10.1m); Half a premium

To be classified as a premium, in my opinion you need to have a value of £11.0m and above. This is because that extra million limits so many possible combinations throughout your squad.

Son is therefore at an awkward price point where you can still build a lot around him. Yet you will just struggle to facilitate another premium without damaging your squad depth.

The South Korean is statistically the second best finisher in European football behind Lionel Messi and returns like a premium. He provides sufficient cover for Harry Kane (£12.3m) given Spurs‘ over-reliance on their formidable duo.

It’s worth noting that Son only scored 14 points less than Kane last season. He can save you £2.2m and get you 90% of the points Kane would if not more. Son also doesn’t take up a precious forward spot which is looking to be even more valuable in the upcoming weeks.

I quite like the fixture run (Chelsea excluded) but I see Son as fixture proof regardless. In my previous article, you will find an in-depth analysis on Spurs, Kane and Son.

İlkay Gündoğan (£7.3m); Last year’s gem

He’s shaping up to be a gem already. One of the few players who’s not likely to face the full wrath of “Pep roulette”. The German international was occupying advanced positions against Arsenal, especially with his deep underlying runs.

It’s almost a hybrid of an attacking number eight with the occasional false nine drifting in at times which makes for FPL gold.

He could become Ferran Torres (£7.0m), who has looked excellent so far. It just depends if you are willing to take the rotation risk.

Gameweek 6 and 7 isn’t ideal but with the strength in depth of this Wildcard team, I’d probably bench Gündoğan.

Michail Antonio (£7.9m)

I’m not going to overcomplicate this as it’s very simple. My analysis on Antonio prior to the season was just as short. Buy him.

In Mohammed Salah’s (£12.5m) record breaking season, he took six Gameweeks to score 40 points. Antonio has done it in three matches which is exactly half that time.

Every single underlying statistic and the eye test point to the fact that pound for pound, he the most valuable asset in the game right now.

A small selection of underlying numbers highlight Antonio’s excellence:

  • 13 shots in the box (1st)
  • 9 big chance involvements (1st)
  • 3.39 xG (1st)
  • 5.3 xGI (1st)

Honestly, I could keep on going but it’s worth holding onto him for a long period of time providing he stays injury free. He doesn’t face Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester City until Gameweek 11.

I don’t believe there’s any defence apart from those mentioned that can contain him considering his form. There’s also the creativity and form of the players behind him.

Dominic Calvert Lewin (£8.2m)

Calvert-Lewin is pretty much the same. The English striker is ranked second for xG, xGI, big chances and shots in the box (behind Antonio for all categories).

He’s undoubtedly the second best option up front at this moment in time. Furthermore, he has a good fixture run until Gameweek 12.

At his price of £8.2m, he’s too good to pass up. Penalties are a huge positive as well and will boost his ceiling.

Everton’s overreliance on him and Lucas Digne’s (£5.4m) volume and quality of crosses make Calvert-Lewin an even better asset this season.

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Final words – FPL Best Gameweek 4 Wildcard Team

I’d just like to reiterate this is a team built for longevity. I understand there are obvious omissions but unfortunately we can’t have them all. I’m very open to other Wildcard teams and this is just my current preference.

Managing transfers with this team will be extremely important. Salah could become Romelu Lukaku (£11.5m) in Gameweek 7 for a five Gameweek stint and that is something you would need to plan. Expect a lot of things to change, we’ve only seen three Gameweeks and have limited information.

In about 10 Gameweeks, when every side has faced the test of tough fixtures and consistency, the template is likely to be very different. Yet it will remain fairly set and that’s a good time to “settle” with your team.

Stay open minded, it’s still very early days.


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