A Double Gameweek is by far the most fun and anticipated time of year for any FPL manager.

It’s also arguably the most important period as huge gains can be made if you play your cards, or chips in our case, the right way.

As the Blank Gameweeks and Double Gameweeks tend to occur deep into the season, it’s the time where the more dedicated managers can make up a lot of ground.

A wealth of information has become so readily available nowadays via social media, Fantasy Football websites, and even mainstream news outlets. As a result, it’s proving more difficult to obtain a good rank after every season.

It’s much easier now for the ‘casual’ managers to keep up with the veterans. The big difference can come in planning for the Blank and Double Gameweeks as meticulously as possible.

Even so, with all the doubles, blanks, fixture changes, etc. it can be challenging to keep up with. With all the information out there now, this can also have an adverse effect and lead to an information overload.

That’s why this guide and Fantasy Football Hub is literally all you need to simply navigate your way through this tricky period and boost up the rankings!

Note: This Double and Blank Gameweek Guide will be updated throughout the season so be sure to bookmark and refer back to it.

What is a Double or Blank Gameweek in Fantasy Premier League 2021/22?

Let’s start with the basics. Blank Gameweeks are the result of FA Cup games, Carabao Cup fixtures or any other competition coinciding with the Premier League schedule.

If the fixture can’t be moved to a midweek slot in the same week, this causes a team to have a ‘blank’ fixture and means they miss out on that Gameweek.

These missed fixtures need to be played later in the season which is usually during the midweek of another Gameweek. This creates a ‘Double Gameweek’ in which your players get the points played in both of their games in that one Gameweek.

Planning to load up on players who have a Double Gameweek can be made much easier and profitable if you utilise your chips correctly. The most crucial thing you can do is to plan in advance for this. I will briefly explain the chips below.

Using Chips to Navigate Double or Blank Gameweeks in Fantasy Premier League


The Free Hit is the most powerful chip after the Wildcards. Huge gains can be made if played at the right time.

You only get one Free Hit chip per season, unlike the Wildcard in which you get two.

The first Wildcard will be available from the start of the season until Tuesday 28 December 13:30 in Gameweek 20.  Meanwhile the second wildcard will be available after this date and can be used until the end of the season.

A Free Hit is pretty much a one-week Wildcard in which you can totally overhaul your squad. It then reverts back to your original team the following Gameweek.

For example, if you played your Free Hit in Gameweek 20, in Gameweek 21 your team would go back to the one you had in Gameweek 19.

Your original team is still in the background so your players are still rising/falling in price.

Typically, the Free Hit is best deployed for the Blank Gameweeks. This prevents you from having to prepare for these occasions by taking out valuable players for one week, in which you can lose value, and future points etc. In this scenario, having the Free Hit chip over someone who doesn’t is a huge advantage.


With this chip activated, just as your outfield players score points, so does your bench. A popular and proven strategy is using this chip in a Double Gameweek as you can get 15 Double Gameweek players and bench boost, effectively giving you 30 players.

This isn’t the only way to play this though and can be used effectively in a single Gameweek also. However, in my opinion, it’s always better to have two tickets to the lottery than one.

Statistically, it gives you the best chance of returns and this is the strategy many top managers have used every season with good returns. Also, let’s be honest it’s much more fun!


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Your captaincy score is tripled rather than doubled. I would say this is the least valuable chip of them all, although it could be used to devastating effect.

The odds are slimmer because you are relying on one player, rather than multiple assets like you would in a Bench Boost or Free Hit. Therefore, there is a higher chance of a ‘fail’.

Once again the reason why I think it’s best to use the Triple Captaincy in a Double Gameweek is because you can get two bites at the cherry. I’m not saying it’s the only way to play it but it’s all about increasing your chances.

When are the Blank and Double Gameweeks in FPL 2021/22?

Thanks to our Double and Blank Gameweek expert Ben Crellin, we have a very good idea of which Gameweeks the Doubles and Blanks could fall on.

His planner is all you need to effortlessly guide your way through this period smoothly.

This is the most accurate information we have to date and this could change of course, due to cancellations, COVID-19 postponements like we saw last season. But not to worry, bookmark this article as we will be updating it as soon as any changes occur.

So from what we know so far, let’s go through Ben’s analysis below.

Blank Gameweek confirmed in Gameweek 24 and 25

The first Blank Gameweek of the season has been confirmed for Gameweek 24 and 25. Chelsea will travel to the UAE for the Club World Cup which means they will miss these two Gameweeks. Therefore they will miss their two games against Brighton  (8th February) and Arsenal (12th February) and these will of course be rearranged at a later date into a Double Gameweek.

Double in Gameweek 21?

It is very likely that Chelsea’s rearranged fixture will happen in 2022 as there are no weekend or midweek slots available left in 2021. If Chelsea don’t make it to the EFL cup quarter-finals then a Double Gameweek in 21 is a possibility. Brighton have already been eliminated and Arsenal come up against Sunderland in the quarter-finals.

Double in Gameweek 22?

Another possibility is a Double Gameweek in 22. If Arsenal and Chelsea or Brighton avoid a replay in the FA Cup 3rd round or lose their ties then the weekend before Gameweek 24 (5th or 6th of February) could be free.

Double in Gameweek 27?

A Double Gameweek in 27 is also possible but the least likely scenario. For this to happen Chelsea would need to be eliminated from the EFL and FA Cup and even then it would depend on how Leicester City (Chelsea’s opponents in GW27), Arsenal, and Brighton fair in the domestic cups.

Double Gameweek 25-30?

The Champions League last 16 are played between Gameweek 25 and 30 and Chelsea will have a number of midweeks during this time to play their games. However, historically the Premier League have tried to avoid any clashes with the Champions League so again this is an unlikely scenario.

Double Gameweek in 33 or 36?

Gameweek 33 or 36 is the most likely date any outstanding Premier League games will be rescheduled too. Gameweek 33 clashes with the FA-Cup semi-finals but the following midweek is free.

Possible Double Gameweeks

As we can see from Ben Crellin’s Fixture Chart below, we have potential space for Double Gameweek fixtures in 18, 21 and 33 which will become mini Double Gameweeks.

Gameweek 36: Big Double Gameweek

The big Double Gameweek looks to be in week 36.

Ben Crellin Double Gameweeks

Ben Crellin Fixture Ticker


Double and Blank Gameweek Chip Strategy

At the moment, the chip plans below are very tentative and should just be seen as a potential strategy for the time being.

Strategy One:

  • Use the Free Hit chip in Blank Gameweek 30.
  • Wildcard in Gameweek 35 to set your team up for the Bench Boost in Double Gameweek 36. There should be around 14-16 fixtures so Bench Boosting will allow you to get a full squad of Double Gameweek players if you wish.
  • Triple Captain in the best Double Gameweek outside of Double Gameweek 36.

Strategy Two:

  • Wildcard in Gameweek 31. This will be after you have ‘dead-ended’ your team into Blank Gameweek 30.
  • Free Hit in Double Gameweek 36. The Free Hit can also be very powerful in a Double Gameweek.
  • Bench Boost when it suits your team.

It’s impossible to determine how our teams will look so far into the season at this moment in time. This is why we should only be looking at these strategies with a pinch of salt until the circumstances become clearer.

What is clear though is that, if possible, look to save your chips for this time of the season.

The above can be seen as a lot to take in and plan for, especially when work and family commitments are obviously a priority.

It’s why I highly recommend using Ben Crellin’s fixture planner. It pretty much does everything for you. Click here to see its main features and how it will help.

Check out the video demonstration from Ben himself as that way you can visualise exactly what’s on offer.

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