Welcome back to the Fantasy Premier League Differentials series from @FPLTIPZ where he scours the FPL market for low-owned players with the potential to pick up big points to help shoot you up the rankings. Each week he will pick out three players for the coming five Gameweeks for consideration for your FPL transfer who are currently under 10% owned from a variety of price points and teams.

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Gameweek 5 FPL Differentials

The Defender Differential – Nelson Semedo £5.5m, 1.4% owned

Semedo has now started two games for Wolves as they try to maintain some defensive solidarity having lost 4-0 to West Ham in Gameweek 3. In Gameweek 4 Wolves kept a clean sheet and the Portuguese returned six points for his owners. However, in this game, he had 0.45 expected goals according to our OPTA Stats tool which was higher than any other Wolves defender in that match and the second-highest out of all Wolves players, only behind Jimenez who had 0.48. This gave Semedo the highest overall expected points during the game indicating that he is trying to fill the gap left by the attacking and popular Doherty from last season.

In addition, Wolves have strong fixtures over the next five Gameweeks which can help him to continue returning for Fantasy Premier League managers and offer a good differential for just 1.4% ownership. These fixtures include home matches against Newcastle, Crystal Palace and Southampton as well as trips to Leeds and Leicester. This ranks second overall for the easiest run of fixtures over the next five matches from a defensive point of view on the Fantasy Football Hub Fixture Ticker. This could be the ideal time for managers to invest in the Wolves wing-back.

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Fantasy Football Hub Fixture Ticker – Defensive Rating Gameweek 5-9

The Midfielder Differential – Leandro Trossard – £6.0m, 2.2% owned

Brighton have been one of the teams who have looked much improved this season despite only returning three points from their opening four matches. One of the reasons for this is the shift towards a three defender formation allowing March and Lamptey to attack frequently up their respective wings. Another player that has benefited from this change is Trossard who has either been played as part of a front three or in the striker role alongside Maupay. As a result, Trossard has returned one goal and one assist and is the second-highest scoring Brighton player behind Maupay. However, he has taken 12 shots this season, the same as Maupay and created one more big chance than his French teammate. These 12 shots also ranks Trossard joint first for shots taken so far this season for all midfielders at £7.0m or less. This indicates that Trossard should continue to get chances over the coming weeks.

As well as a strong start to the season, Brighton and Trossard have strong fixtures over the next few Gameweeks that should allow him to continue on his strong run of form which has seen him average five points per Gameweek. These fixtures include home matches against West Brom and Burnley, who have conceded 21 goals combined so far this season, as well as an away match against Crystal Palace who has conceded the third most big chances out of any team this season. Combining the strong start to the season for Trossard despite more difficult fixtures with the strong run they have over the next five games, Trossard could provide an affordable differential for the next five Gameweeks.

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Midfielders £7.0m or less – Shots on target

The Forward Differential – Ollie Watkins – £5.9m, 3.4% owned

One of the most surprising results so far this season was the 7-2 victory for Aston Villa over Liverpool in Gameweek 4. There were several players for Aston Villa that shone through with Watkins and Grealish being the main two. Grealish is priced at £7.0m as a midfielder and returned 24 points in this Gameweek with 15.1% ownership. However, Watkins returned 19 points with a hattrick but has only seen his ownership rise to 3.4% currently despite costing £5.9m which is £1.1m less than Grealish currently. A key selling point for Watkins was that his three goals came at the most important time of the game scoring the first second and fourth goal whilst Grealish scored the sixth and seventh goal when Liverpool was forced to attacked and left a large amount of space in behind.

As well as offering strong attacking potential with a hattrick and an assist against one of the best defences in the league, Aston Villa also ranks seventh for the best-attacking fixtures over the next five in the league according to the Fantasy Football Hub Fixture Ticker. This includes home matches against Leeds, Southampton and Brighton with away matches against Leicester and Arsenal. However, given Watkins form against Liverpool, Watkins should have chances in each of these games and so could be a good and importantly affordable differential for the next five matches.

Fantasy Premier League Tips

Aston Villa players expected points in Gameweek 4 against Liverpool.

Thank you for reading.

I hope this has been helpful and some of these players return some good points for you over the next five Gameweeks and beyond. This article will be back weekly to highlight a new set of differentials and transfer tips for you all to consider and hopefully help boost your ranks.

Thanks for reading – Feel free to message me any questions – Twitter – @FPLTIPZ


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