Fergi is one of the best all round fantasy football managers around. He has six FPL top 1% finishes (best 715th) in the past seven seasons, numerous top 100 finishes across Sky Fantasy Football and Telegraph Fantasy Football and is the reigning Dream Team Champion.

Every week he covers his thought process and tips ahead of every Gameweek across all these formats exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members.

For Gameweek 1 he has split out his FPL, Sky Fantasy Football, Telegraph Fantasy Football and Dream Team team reveals but will as usual write his combined article ahead of Gameweek 2 onwards.

You can find all our other team reveals from the best FPL managers in the world right here!

Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 Strategy

Welcome back all, I hope you had a great summer and am as raring to go as I am for Fantasy Premier League! Straight into it with my early thoughts and latest draft for the new season!

Important - the intention of my team reveal articles is to share my thought process and teams at the time of writing. Team line-ups, last minute injuries etc may mean some of my line-ups and captaincy choices may slightly change come the deadline. I would urge you to keep an eye on team news and make the decisions you feel are the correct ones for you in the circumstances.

I will always endeavour to tweet my finalised team out pre-deadline regardless.


Firstly, these are the principles that I've drawn up for myself and maybe others to refer to when picking our initial Gameweek 1 teams and managing our teams, and ourselves, throughout the season. Some are obvious, some not so much, but they reflect my style and personality as an FPL manager.

Learnings from Hub contributors

After recording these Gameweek 1 Team Reveals with the best FPL managers around, there is a common theme I have taken on board that I will also look to implement:

@FPL_General - 'It's a marathon not a sprint, you don't sprint the first mile' 

@FPLRichClarke - 'Patience is the fourth chip we all have but very few use it effectively'

@FPL_Salah - 'I trust my FPL knowledge and skill to be able to pull away from the pack when the time is right'

Having patience, choosing my battles and striking when the opportunity arises, and not forcing it, is the final learning I will look to implement.

Player Shortlist

Ok, with all this in mind, let's get down and dirty. I have a shortlisted pool of players I like and will be very likely choosing my Gameweek 1 team from. This may change a little with last minute Premier League transfers/injuries but the thought process will remain the same regardless.

best fantasy football players

Gameweek 1 Team Reveal

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