FPL Gameweek 11 Recap

The week of the Lundstram, if you played him or he came off your bench then it’s likely that you had a decent week.  Bournemouth has somehow managed to become Clean Sheet specialists.  Man Utd appear incapable of breaking down a team that doesn’t all out attack them.  Arsenal fail to impress other than with their inconsistency.  Liverpool look absolutely unstoppable at the moment, with everything going their way.  Brighton get a well deserved win and are definitely one to watch.  City get the result without the performance we were all hoping for.  Are West Ham that bad or have Newcastle’s front three started to click?  Chelsea and Leicester continue to impress as the lead contenders after the big two.  Everton and Spurs join Arsenal in the inconsistency category with their game marred by the sad injury to Gomes.


Who did I tip?

Sterling (2) – another Captaincy blank in a very frustrating game.  He got into plenty of dangerous positions and created some Big Chances, but his team mates didn’t put them away.

KDB (2) – his heat map suggested that he played a lot of the game on the right side of midfield linking up with Kyle Walker.  Sadly this was one of those games where he was assisting the assister and City found it hard to break down the Southampton defence.

Vardy (6) – another game with barely any touches and just two shots, but that’s all he needs and he added another goal to his ever growing tally on the 88th minute.

Abraham (12) – another double figure haul away from home and it could have been so much more if Foster wasn’t on his game.  With the excellent creativity behind him and his movement, Tammy has definitely staked a claim as a solid Captaincy candidate, especially Away from Home.

For anyone willing to take the risk and go outside of City for their Captain they will have been laughing this week.


What did we learn?

Reliability – with premiums running hot and cold all we want is some reliability from our assets.  Mane, Vardy and Abraham look like the best options to secure that at the moment.

Clean Sheets – with these being so rare this season there’s certainly a reasonable argument for going light at the back now with some very credible value options.

Man Utd haven’t changed – Martial is back, but they still can’t break a team down and their opposition know that so they can just sit back and let them attack.


FPL Gameweek 12 Captaincy - The Fixtures



It’s a Friday fixture this week and with European games midweek it’s non stop action from Tuesday onwards before the boring International Break.

Norwich v Watford – the Pukki party is over, mainly due to him being starved of service from his midfield if anyone has kept him for this long, can you really ditch him before this game?  Watford look a little better now, but they still have a long way to go, they’re yet to record a win and if it wasn’t for Foster they would have been absolutely smashed by Chelsea.

Chelsea v Crystal Palace – Palace are tough to beat Away from Home and they’re well drilled defensively.  Chelsea will probably find a way, but I don’t think there will be many goals here.

Burnley v West Ham – Burnley have started a mini slump losing their last three games and conceding quite a lot of goals.  So have West Ham and I can see both managers being eager to stem the tide, which should hopefully lead to a stalemate.   

Newcastle v Bournemouth – I’m still not sure if it was the amount of space that West Ham left Newcastle or the fact that the aging Zableta couldn’t get close to Saint-Maximin but their front three actually looked really dangerous.  This will be a different test against the Clean Sheet specialists Bournemouth though and should be a fairly open game.  

Southampton v Everton – Southampton were much improved against City and they will welcome a chance at adding some points to their total.  Everton might be a bit deflated after the Gomes injury, but they won’t make life easy for Southampton.  

Spurs v Sheffield United – Sheffield Utd will be very hard to break down, but with Son’s suspension over turned (his mid week brace) and the return of Kane there’s a chance Spurs could go into the International Break with some positivity.  

Leicester v Arsenal – watching Arsenal against Wolves got me excited about this match, they leave so much space behind them and Vardy is going to exploit them so badly unless they somehow learn to organise in the next few days.  Interestingly, Arsenal play on Wed rather than the usual Thursday for the Europa, but it will still add to their fatigue.

Man Utd – Brighton – as detailed above, United struggle to break down teams that are well organised and don’t over extend in attack.  Brighton are well drilled defensively and this could be another frustrating game for them.  I’m interested to see how Trossard fares in this type of game, he’s impressed me a lot already but this is a different kind of test.

Wolves v Aston Villa – Wolves play at Home on Thursday in the Europa League then they have to face a resurgent Villa although they may still be without their talisman Grealish.  This should be a tough game for both sides and I can see a potential draw here.

Liverpool v Man City – the main event, a win here could really help City close the gap but not many come to Anfield and achieve that.  This game is too hard to call, it could turn into one of the historic 3-3 affairs or it could be a cagey stalemate.  I can’t see City keeping Liverpool out though.

Twitter Gameweek 12 Captain Poll


Old Hunting Ground – do any of the likely lads have a good history vs their opposition?



Jimenez has never played against Villa, but he is an option.


Vardy – he’s on fire this season, he has a great record against Arsenal with five of his eight goals scored at Home and I can see him adding to his tally here.

Salah – has quite an impressive record against City with four of his returns coming at Anfield, this might help to alleviate some of the worry players holding him may have when they view Mane owners.

Aguero – whoever Pep fields up top for this game is arguably his number one, so whoever he plays in Europe is likely to be the deputy.  Aguero is a big game player and if he plays, he has a good chance of returning.

Abraham – it’s hard to take much from his Swansea stats, but he has scored against this Palace side before in an inferior team and he’s a better player now, in better form with more quality behind him.

KDB – similar to Aguero, he’s a big game player and has the quality to make the difference in this game, but his record doesn’t indicate that he should be considered as a Captaincy choice.

Mane – similar to last Gameweek, I wouldn’t overthink the stats too much when it comes to Mane and on current form he is the most dangerous attacker for Liverpool.

Sterling – never seems to do much against Liverpool and I expect that to continue although he might be City’s best chance with TAA being the weakest defender for Liverpool.


Members Stats breakdown - FPL Gameweek 12 Captain

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