In this FPL Gameweek 13 tips article, Jian Batra presents ‘One-Stop Shop”. This is a mini article which brings together nine brilliant Fantasy Premier League managers and one piece of advice each for the upcoming Gameweek.

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FPL Gameweek 13 Tips | @FPL_JianBatra –

Sergio Reguilon (£5.1m) is the transfer I would be eyeing up to replace Chilwell. Excellent price point, good long-term fixture run and a high ceiling.”

FPL Gameweek 13 Tips | @BigManBakar

“I’d prioritise Reece James (£6.1m) as the defender to own if you don’t have him. I think an under-rated thing about James has been his ability to accumulate bonus points – he has the best mins to baseline BPS (bonus point system) ratio among the Chelsea defenders this season.”

FPL Gameweek 13 Tips | @HollyShand_

“The evidence that the form of the big full-backs will continue is overwhelming now, so make it your top priority to jump on board Trent Alexander-Arnold (£7.8m), Joao Cancelo (£6.6m) and Reece James (£6.1m) if you don’t have them before your FPL rank is damaged any further!”

FPL Gameweek 13 Tips | @FPLMatthew

“Although recent FPL points is obviously one of the indicators of form and quality, try not to focus solely on this. It’s stating the obvious, but you won’t get last week’s points.”

FPL Gameweek 13 Tips | @WGTA_FPL

“Unless you need to make a hygienic transfer (eg. Trent in) this week, I’d recommend rolling your free transfer where you can to give you some extra insurance ahead of the upcoming Christms period.”

FPL Gameweek 13 Tips | @FFH_Fergi

“Keep price points in the back of your mind when making a transfer this week as you don’t want to pigeon hole your team into a structure that is hard to get out of. Many are considering five at the back but if Harry Kane (£12.2m) or Cristiano Ronaldo (£12.4m) perform well this week, circumstances could change. Ahead of some sparkling fixtures and being potential captain candidates, too rigid a formation could leave you scurrying to fix it with hits.”

FPL Gameweek 13 Tips | @Hibbo_FPL

“The emergence of big hitting defenders, some of them historically rotation risks, shows the importance of being adaptable in FPL. Achieving a balanced squad with four big defenders might mean forgoing a second big hitter. Keep the faith even if they pop off.”

FPL Gameweek 13 Tips | @RichClarkeFPL

“‘Don’t over-think the obvious. Make sure you have Reece James, even if it may seem too late to buy him.”

FPL Gameweek 13 Tips | @pras_fpl

“Three Gameweeks in 10 days coming up. Be prepared for the odd surprising line-ups, rests or some upsets. Try not to be too knee jerky. At the same time, stay clued on. Even a small niggle for a player means 3-4 Gameweeks out potentially. Seize those opportunities.”

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