This article takes a deep dive look at the all important Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 16 captain decision. It's written by our resident FPL captaincy expert Chris Tan who takes a close look at the fixtures, poll and stats breakdown before concluding on his best pick for the armband. 


FPL Gameweek 15 Captain Recap


Before we delve into the FPL Gameweek 16 Captain, it’s important to cast our eye back to last week’s decision.  I’m writing this on Thursday so I’m yet to discover the outcome of the final two games.



Those that put their faith in Zaha were disappointed, for now, as it was the Palace defensive assets that did well, despite going down to ten men, but it was Rico that won the day with maximum bonus points coming off on the 63rd minute before the clean sheet was lost.  Man City got back into the swing of things as those that kept the faith in Jesus received their due blessing.



This was an action packed night! Tammy returned with a goal, assist and max bonus points to punish the sellers with the much maligned Mount also picking up a goal.  Vardy scored, again, but it was his support cast that took the bonus for a change.  Ole got the result against Jose with both Rashford and Alli coming away with the points.  Southampton narrowly defeated Norwich with both Ings and Pukki making a strong case for the cheap third striker.  Wolves beat West Ham clinically with a welcome clean sheet (CS) but surprisingly Jimenez was not involved and it was everybody’s favourite enabler Dendonker that was the star of the show.  Finally, Liverpool rested Salah and Firmino, which shows how far Everton have fallen and they put them to the sword.  Origi picked up the plaudits closely followed by Mane and they could have had so much more.  It looks like Silva is a dead man walking and although Richarlison looks to be in form, I wouldn’t go near that team at the moment.


Who did I tip?

The overwhelming majority went with Vardy this week, which made it a bit meaningless with regards to how he actually performed.

Vardy (5) – a solitary goal from a penalty (it’s so valuable to have penalty takers in your squad), a yellow card and no bonus points made for a very underwhelming return.  His level of consistency is impressive though and the last time he blanked was Gameweek eight.


What did we learn?

Patience – we are very quick to ditch players and there’s a fine line between being decisive and exercising some patience.  I had Rico prior to my wildcard but ditched him because I wasn’t certain about him starting, then he went on a clean sheet and assist spree.  Others may have ditched Kelly only to want him back now he’s got an amazing fixture run and Ward is injured.  Lots of players transferred Tammy out after his minor injury only for him to return after one game with a double figure haul and a plum fixture at the weekend.  Aubameyang rewarded his owners last Gameweek and those with Pukki or Cantwell now find themselves with two in form assets at amazing value.  Transfers are precious in FPL and sometimes it’s worth taking a step back to consider your decision before you execute it.  I myself am definitely guilty of over management and it still remains to be seen whether my Mount and Tammy to Pulisic and Rashford was a good decision.

Fortune Favours the Brave – yes it was the sensible thing to do to captain Vardy, but it was also pretty boring and I was reliant on my differentials (which I don’t have many of) to gain any ground on those above me.  Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen was really highly ranked, he didn’t need to take a risk but he captained Salah with a vice captain of Mane.  I don’t think it was lucky that he got the Mane points, as Salah would easily have scored against that abject Everton side.  Yes his auto subs may have been a bit lucky, but the point is that he took a calculated risk and he’s now just outside the top ten in the world.


FPL Gameweek 16 Captain - The Fixtures


FPL Captain

Gameweek 16 Fixtures


Everton v Chelsea – it looks like Silva is still in place and if Everton continue playing like they did last night this could be another mauling.  Chelsea look so much better with Tammy in the side, now if only Pulisic could start returning again…

Bournemouth v Liverpool – Bournemouth are going through one of their bad runs and Liverpool are just dismantling anyone in their path.  They have an important UCL game on Tuesday though so there could be further rotation or early baths for some of their players.

Spurs v Burnley – could Burnley be going through a mini blip at the moment?  Pope’s mistakes led to a 2-0 defeat from Palace, City put four past them and both of these games were at home.  This Mourinho Spurs side are very attacking, they will want to bounce back from their recent defeat, they’ve already qualified for the next stage of the UCL and I expect them to inflict further pain on Burnley.

Watford v Crystal Palace –Watford are like a ship without a rudder at the moment. Palace don’t create many opportunities but this should be a fairly comfortable win for them.

Man City v Man Utd – this is a massive game, Pep claims that the league is over (it probably is) but we still need to keep winning games and United will be buoyant after beating Spurs.  I expect City to win here, but I don’t think they’ll keep a clean sheet.

Aston Villa v Leicester – Villa are playing very well this season and they can give anyone a game.  They will have a go at Leicester, but that will leave them quite open and I expect them to be punished.

Newcastle v Southampton – Newcastle are relatively okay at Home, but Southampton have rediscovered their mojo lately.  Will the in form Ings play his third game in a week?

Norwich v Sheffield Utd – the last time they played in the Championship it ended 2-2 and the teams are fairly similar now.  Norwich have rediscovered their mojo again and this should be quite an even contest.

Brighton v Wolves – Brighton are relatively okay at home and they’ll give Wolves a game, but this Wolves side are very hard to beat.

West Ham v Arsenal – will the Hammers step up their game again in a London derby or will they down tools to force the manager out?  This is written prior to the Arsenal game tonight, so I’m still a bit unclear on the impact of Freddie.


Twitter FPL Gameweek 16 Captain Poll

Who do our twitter followers think is the best FPL Gameweek 16 captain?



Old Hunting Ground – do any of the likely lads have a good history vs their opposition?

FPL Captain Gameweek 16

History Against Opposition


Salah – for anyone still holding Salah, not only is he a great differential but he has an amazing record against Bournemouth.  If that’s not enough to excite you, four of his goals were scored away from home in just two games, which included a hat trick.

Mane – if you just have Mane I wouldn’t be too disappointed as he’s managed a goal and an assist in his two away games at the Vitality Stadium.

Alli – both of his goals have come at home and out of the Spurs boys he has the best history against Burnley.

Kane – also has a respectable record against Burnley, however he’s only managed a single goal at home from four attempts.

Aubameyang – with only one goal in three, it looks like another London derby that West Ham seems to step up their games for.

Vardy – I wouldn’t be concerned by this record considering that it was from the last time Villa were in the Premier League.

Son – doesn’t have the best record against Burnley.

Jimenez – the old Brighton appeared to do a good job of stifling him, but the new Brighton don’t look to be as defensively sound.



Members Stats breakdown - FPL Gameweek 16 Captain

These stats are pulled from the Fantasy Football Hub OPTA tool that is available to all members to help you analyse the players and teams.  I have pulled the specific data from the respective home and away games dependant on the fixtures.

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