FPL Gameweek 22 preview from veteran Fantasy Premier League manager BigManBakar.

He shares his data-driven observations to help us make effective decisions for Gameweek 22.

Is it Worth Wildcarding, Free Hitting or Bench Boosting in Gameweek 22?

This is obviously team specific but for most teams, I don’t see the need to play a second Wildcard straight away to set yourself up for Gameweek 22.

There’s lots still up in the air so it's better to take hits to set your team up rather than to use the Wildcard this early. Lots of FPL squads are decimated with injuries at the moment so I can see the temptation to Wildcard but, in my opinion, better opportunities will come in the future – particularly when we are expected to have a string of Double Gameweeks from Gameweek 33 till 37 in succession.

Ideally I’d want to Wildcard when the COVID wave has died down. FPL these days has a sense of daily fantasy about it where you’re undergoing high maintenance to set your team up weekly, without too much long-term planning attached to it. Use the Wildcard when it can help with the long-term planning and the potential optimisation of a strong chip like the Bench Boost in the future.

FPL Double Gameweek 22 – Should you Play Your Free Hit Chip?

As far as the Free Hit is concerned, I see limited upside of playing the chip this week. Free Hit is best used when the template/your normal squad is inferior to your Free Hit squad for one particular week.

I don't think that's the case this week. I personally think if you're Free Hitting you can't keep all those "single-gameweekers" as most "double-gameweekers" are expected to outscore them over two games. This is actually a big factor in why I think this week is a bad week for the Free Hit.

Liverpool (Alexander-Arnold/Jota), Everton (Calvert-Lewin/Gray) and West Ham (Bowen/Antonio) all have great fixtures on paper – which negates the power of the Free Hit to quite a significant extent.

I’m aware that this is the biggest Double Gameweek of the season so far but I don’t think there is any need to force playing the Bench Boost either – even if it costs you just a hit or two to set it up.

The time to play Bench Boost is when it gains you the most points but it defeats the purpose if there is uncertainty in play and some of your Double Gameweek fixtures may get cancelled. Further, if you spend a load of points just to set yourself up for the Bench Boost, you have to deduct that from what you gain. It is not worth taking a big hit for the Bench Boost unless it improves your squad for the long run.

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When is the Best Time to use the Triple Captain and Free Hit Chips?

I think Gameweek 26 would present an ideal opportunity for FPL managers to use their triple captain chip should Liverpool get their expected double of Leeds and Norwich at home. It would only be fitting for us FPL managers to present Mohamed Salah with the opportunity to take centre stage given how this season has gone.

Gameweek 27 can be a great time to use the Free Hit, as the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are likely to have a Blank Gameweek immediately after doubling.

Most of these clubs have good fixtures post Gameweek 27 so it won’t be ideal loading up on them in Gameweek 26 only to sell them in 27. This is exactly the kind of scenario which the Free Hit chip is made for. What I also like about this gameweek is that there are lots of plum fixtures to target – Southampton v Norwich, Man United v Watford and Palace v Burnley to name a few.

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How Many Double Gameweek Players in 22 are Required?

For me this is more about the quality rather than quantity.

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