Fantasy Premier League GW30 tips from FPL Matthew, arguably the best FPL manager in the world with three top 500 finishes and a further six top 10k finishes. Every week Matthew writes his FPL Team Reveal article detailing his team, captain and plans for the coming Gameweek exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. 

Gameweek 29 Review

A solid, if unspectacular, week for my team with my 10 players accruing 51 points, moving me from 153k to a season-best of 139k overall rank. My two transfers in, Kieran Tierney (£5.3m) and Patrick Bamford (£6.7m) had mixed fortunes. It seemed to be a great week for most Free-Hitters in the end with many of the popular picks for that chip scoring well.

Here are my Gameweek 29 points in full:

FPL Tips Gameweek 30

Matthew's Blank Gameweek 29 points


Gameweek 30 Preview

Here is the Hub Fixture Ticker over the next four Gameweeks ordered from best to worst:

best fpl transfer for gameweek 30

Hub Fixture Ticker - next four

This shows the next four weeks, up to Gameweek 33, where there is another "mini-blank" week with the following teams being without a Premier League fixture due to the EFL Cup Final:

  • Manchester City
  • Tottenham
  • Fulham
  • Southampton

Looking at the next few weeks, Chelsea have a good run coming up and I suspect that their players will become more popular now, including those in their defence, which has kept a string of clean sheets in recent weeks. Liverpool also have some interesting fixtures coming up, which may reinvigorate interest in their assets. On the other side, Leeds and Spurs have some trickier fixtures coming up, which may cause people to look at alternatives.

This is how I'm currently set up, going into Gameweek 30:

fpl gameweek 30 tips

Matthew's Current Gameweek 30 line-up

Bamford is currently listed as a doubt as he went off injured against Fulham. Notwithstanding this, I quite like the look of my team for this week and I always planned to navigate at least this week following the 'blanks week' before considering my wildcard. That said, we now go into a two-week international break so a lot could happen between now and the next gameweek.

Chip Strategy Re-revisited - let's talk Wildcard

When I say Chip Strategy I am mainly thinking about my second Wildcard. Going through the recent phase of double Gameweeks and blanks, my overriding strategy was not to use my second Wildcard - I felt that they could be navigated well with careful planning and team management. The downside of this strategy was, perhaps, not being able to fully 'attack' any one particular Gameweek, be that double Gameweek or 'blanks' week, as I was having to balance various weeks at all times. This is an aspect of FPL that I actually enjoy, although it also means that I almost end up 'not needing' my Wildcards or, at least, that they sometimes don't have as much of a dramatic impact on my team.

Anyway, throughout this recent period, the thought at the back of my mind (which I mentioned on here) was maybe Wildcarding pre-Gameweek 31, or at least this was the earliest I was likely to wield the chip. My rough thinking was that I could get through Blank Gameweek 29 and then that the teams involved in that generally have decent fixtures in Gameweek 30 (this week). However, I never like to tie myself to a certain week, or to burn my bridges in being able to flex that plan.

With the two-week break from FPL now upon us, this is a good opportunity to assess your strategy for the run-in. For example, my alternative option is to employ my usual preference of managing my way through the next few weeks, up to and including the Gameweek 33 mini-blank-week and then Wildcard thereafter, attacking the season run-in. The disadvantage of which perhaps being that some teams will be settled into mid-table by then with little to play for.

Let's look at my teams for those next few weeks, taking this week out of the equation. Apologies this is a bit 'rough and ready' but I have highlighted in blue the teams that I currently have represented, with a number next to the teams that I have multiples of. For each of these teams I have then marked against each in orange the fixtures that look tricky on paper (I am regarding any fixture in Gameweek 33 as OK):

best fpl transfer tips gameweek 30

Matthew's team upcoming schedule

From this visual, you can immediately see that its actually not the Gameweek 33 blanks that is the 'problem' here - I only have three players with no fixture that week. Instead, its the two weeks leading up to it - with Aston Villa and Leeds, the two teams that I am tripled-up on both playing Manchester City and Liverpool in the next two gameweeks. There are also a few other tricky looking fixtures, but I regard these as less of a concern. I will, of course, have free transfers with which to switch out some of these players, but it does look like potentially 'hard work'

I am not going to commit to a week to Wildcard just yet - let's get through this international break , hopefully through Gameweek 30, and then see how things look, but a Wildcard pre-Gameweek 31 definitely still looks a possibility.

Most Wanted List

This is where I identify the players who I am currently most considering bringing into my team as well as highlighting who, if anyone, may be able to make way for them. This helps me to formulate a rough mental shortlist of potential moves. I update this list each week.



Out-list: Alex McCarthy (£4.5m) - Southampton have been poor lately and he's now being rotated with Fraser Forster, not ideal, but is it worth spending a transfer on?

Removed: None


New: the Chelsea Defence - a string of clean sheets has many looking this way - its a case of 'who' though - from the safe but boring options like César Azpilicueta (£5.8m) to the risky but high-upside options like Reece James (£5.0m) or Marcos Alonso (£5.7m)

Out-list: None

Removed: Kiernan Tierney (£5.3m) - who came into my team this week


Jesse Lingard (£6.1m) - his loan to West Ham has transformed him from a running joke to a great value FPL option with an incredible five goals and three assists in his last seven

New: Kevin De Bruyne (£11.9m) - with one blank out of the way and a Manchester City slot opened up in my team, he comes swiftly back onto my radar

New: Heung-Min Son (£9.4m) - added due to the newly announced Spurs double in Gameweek 32

Out-list: Mo Salah (£12.4m) - hasn't been pulling up any trees at this premium price

Removed: Gareth Bale (£9.7m) - dropped to the bench last game, perhaps José needed a scapegoat for recent poor performances


Michail Antonio (£6.7m) - another Hammer who has been on form lately, at a nice price

Out-list: None

Removed: Patrick Bamford (£6.7m) - also came into my team this week

Transfer Plans


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