Fantasy Premier League GW31 tips from FPL Matthew, arguably the best FPL manager in the world with three top 500 finishes and a further six top 10k finishes. Every week Matthew writes his FPL Team Reveal article detailing his team, captain and plans for the coming Gameweek exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. 

Gameweek 30 Review

Another solid enough gameweek for my team, ending up on 64 points, which was enough for a green arrow from 139k to 120k overall rank. A decent captain in Harry Kane (£11.6m) certainly helped, as did goals from Mohamed Salah (£12.4m) and Ollie Watkins (£6.6m). Kieran Tierney going off injured just before halftime was a little disappointing, as was new signing Heung-Min Son (£9.4m) getting only an appearance from the bench. Also, Jesse Lingard's haul in the last game of the weekend took the shine off my green arrow, as I didn't own him, but many do.

Here are my Gameweek 30 points in full:

best fpl transfer for gameweek 31

Matthew's Gameweek 30 points

Gameweek 31 Preview

Here is the Hub Fixture Ticker over the next three Gameweeks ordered from best to worst:

FPL Tips Gameweek 31

Hub Fixture Ticker - next three

This shows the next three weeks, up to Gameweek 33, where there is another "mini-blank" week with the following teams being without a Premier League fixture due to the EFL Cup Final:

  • Manchester City
  • Tottenham
  • Fulham
  • Southampton

Tottenham also have a double Gameweek before that, in Gameweek 32.

I have chosen to look at just the next three Gameweeks this week as I am highly likely to (finally) use my Wildcard after that, pre-Gameweek 34 (if not before).

This is how I'm currently set up, going into Gameweek 31:

Fantasy Premier League Tips gw31

Matthew's Current Gameweek 31 lineup

This is about a worse set of fixtures that I can remember seeing! Especially in my front seven and not helped by the fact that Kieran Tierney now appears to be injured. There's certainly a case for Wildcarding and, indeed, that's what many seem to be doing this week.

Chip Strategy - Wildcard Time? Right??

There's no getting around it - my team for this week is looking a challenge in terms of fixtures, particularly with three each from Leeds and Aston Villa, who both have tough away fixtures - and it doesn't get much better next week either. This fixture swing makes it a no-brainer to wildcard this week, right? 'Group-think' in the FPL Community is certainly strongly pointing that way.

However, I prefer to think for myself...and I'm not convinced. Not convinced that this week is the best week to wildcard for my team, despite a horror show of fixtures this week.

I think there are four reasons, in my head, for this:

  1. OK, let's get the trivial, perhaps irrational one out of the way first. The fact that "Gameweek 31 Wildcard" has become such a Group-think move actually puts me off it - makes me want to be different, maybe even awkward. Let's be clear - the fact that its become such a popular time to Wildcard means that its probably a good idea! That said, there's sort of a strange rationality behind even this one - if I want to make ground on the herd, maybe I need to break from the herd
  2. Yes, my squad has awful fixtures this week and, to a lesser extent, next week, but I am still largely happy with the squad - with the players themselves. Plus I get a free transfer, and maybe even a hit(!), to make it better this week. And I can hide some of the players with tough fixtures on my bench if I choose to.
  3. Looking at the teams who have good fixtures coming up - apart from Tottenham (I already have their two best assets), Liverpool (I have Salah) and Leicester, I am not actually that interested in owning their players.
  4. I prefer to wildcard into a double Gameweek rather than into a blank Gameweek. Gameweek 35 could be a Double Gameweek, although this is by no means certain as of now. With my Bench Boost still to be used (and Triple Captain for that matter), I could (if this transpires) build a Bench Boost team for the double Gameweek, and the final run-in.

Most Wanted List

This is where I identify the players who I am currently most considering bringing into my team as well as highlighting who, if anyone, may be able to make way for them. This helps me to formulate a rough mental shortlist of potential moves. I update this list each week.



Out-list: Alex McCarthy (£4.4m) - Southampton have been poor lately and he's now lost his place to Fraser Forster, not ideal, but is it worth spending a transfer on?

Removed: None


The Chelsea Defence - a string of clean sheets (surely the West Brom game was a one-off?) - its a case of 'who' though - from the safe but boring options like César Azpilicueta (£5.9m) to the risky but high-upside options like Reece James (£5.0m) or Marcos Alonso (£5.7m)

New: Nathaniel Phillips (£4.0m) - Liverpool's player of the month in March and looks to have nailed down a spot, budget enabler

Out-list: Kiernan Tierney (£5.3m) - went off at half-time with a knee injury

Removed: None


Jesse Lingard (£6.3m) - more like "Messi" Lingard, the man is on fire with an incredible six goals and four assists in his eight appearances on loan to West Ham

Kevin De Bruyne (£11.9m) - a quality asset, although rotation is becoming a concern plus the blank in 33

New: Diogo Jota (£6.8m) - announced himself as back with three goals in the last two gameweeks, a steal at that price

Out-list: None

Removed: Heung-Min Son (£9.4m) - who came into my team last week


New: Kelechi Iheanacho (£5.8m) - been on form lately and good fixtures coming up, at a nice price

Out-list: Patrick Bamford (£6.7m)a tricky set of fixtures coming up, perhaps better options around

Removed: Michail Antonio (£6.7m) - his injury problems came back to haunt him at the weekend

Transfer Plans


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