The brilliant @BigManBakar reveals his Gameweek 4 FPL team and thoughts so far, powered by data and a stellar FPL record. He’ll also explain his reasoning behind each of his picks.

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Bakar's Gameweek 3 Team Review:

I accumulated 59 points this week with a four point hit which means I ended up with a net score of 55. I got a red arrow as my rank dropped to 450,074 but I'm still happy enough with my start. If at the start you had offered a top 500k rank to me at this stage of the season, I would have bitten your hand off!

I had taken a hit to get rid of Riyad Mahrez (£8.9m), Ivan Toney (£6.4m) and Ben White (£4.4m) to buy Michail Antonio (£7.9m), Raphinha (£6.5m) and Lucas Digne (£5.4m). Despite the hit and the fact that both Mahrez and Toney delivered attacking points, I achieved a net gain of five points through my transfers. I really like my team going forward as well so that hit was worth it in the longer term.

My captain Bruno Fernandes (£12.1m) blanked which was a huge disappointment, particularly when the other popular candidate Michail Antonio (£7.9m) did so well. This was the difference between a red arrow and a potential green arrow for me. Both the other Man United players, Mason Greenwood (£7.6m) and Luke Shaw (£5.5m), delivered for me which made things slightly easier to digest.

I believe it's important to stay with the pack because you don't want to end up chasing points at this stage of the season.

Bakar’s Gameweek 4 FPL Team

This is how my team looks prior to making any transfers before Gameweek 4:

My moves this week will be structured around Cristiano Ronaldo (£12.5m). In my opinion, he will be the standout shout for captaincy before Newcastle at home. I say that because of four reasons.

Firstly, he's Cristiano Ronaldo! If I need to explain any further, I believe he will be very highly captained given the fact that he is a household name playing for a Manchester United team with a huge fanbase. Thirdly, the odds are backing him as being the favourite for an anytime goalscorer this week. Lastly, Newcastle United are ranked second from bottom for both xG and big chances conceded which is exactly the kind of fixture a predator like Ronaldo is likely to profit from.

I will of course, wait for the pre-match press conference to see whether or not it looks likely as if Ronaldo will start. If he is given the green signal, then I am highly likely to bring him in. If he looks a doubt to start this Gameweek, then I can stick with my team and captain one of Bruno Fernandes (£12.1m) or Mohamed Salah (£12.5m).

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