In this FPL Gameweek 4 tips article, Jian Batra presents ‘One-Stop Shop”. This is a mini article which brings together 11 brilliant Fantasy Premier League managers and collates one piece of advice each for the upcoming Gameweek.

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FPL Gameweek 4 Tips | @FPL_JianBatra –

“Jota is my number one transfer target. Fantastic fixtures in the next three, looks set to start all, Liverpool lack attacking squad depth so he gets 80/90 minutes, good attacking output and a relatively cheap price. Helps facilitate other premium options as well.”

FPL Gameweek 4 Tips | @BigManBakar

“I wouldn’t hesitate to take a hit for Ronaldo. In my opinion, he’s the best captaincy option in GW4 and 6 having the safest home fixtures so over the long term he’ll pay off the hit. He’s also an easy swap to Lukaku should you decide not to wildcard in GW7.”

FPL Gameweek 4 Tips |@FPL_Heisenberg

“The news surrounding Covid and international teams trying to ban players is a reminder to us all to hold your transfers until closer to the deadline.”

FPL Gameweek 4 Tips | @FPLMatthew

“I think now is the time to go to Salah plus one premium forward, which can be switched between Ronaldo, Lukaku and Kane based on form and fixtures.”

FPL Gameweek 4 Tips | @WGTA_FPL

“We’ve entered a space where the pack begins to split apart after a templated GWs 1-3. Don’t be afraid to experiment in this time with differential players and, within reason, captaincy. Decisions in times of uncertainty like these can make (or, yes, break) your season!”

FPL Gameweek 4 Tips | @FFH_Fergi

“Don’t be scared to take a hit or two this week if your team needs some surgery after all the international break’s goings on. A few hits won’t define your season whereas an unnecessary Wildcard might.”

FPL Gameweek 4 Tips | @Hibbo_FPL

“Given the likely high hit average this week and large-scale deployment of wildcard conservative play could see you achieve that marginal gain. Don’t get sucked into wildcarding because of the noise – we aren’t all in the same position.”

FPL Gameweek 4 Tips | @RichClarkeFPL

“If you can get Ronaldo without hits, do it. If not – wait a week”

FPL Gameweek 4 Tips | @pras_fpl

“Get Ronaldo. Captain Ronaldo.”

FPL Gameweek 4 Tips | @FFNinja_

“Checklist for GW4 WC: 1) Beware of South American players missing games in GW8 and GW12. 2) Have a decent bench. 3) Plan your rotation of premium players well. 4) Consider various price points for flexibility.”

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