FPL Salah's FPL Gameweek 8 Team Reveal.

Abdul Rehman is one of the the best Fantasy Premier League managers with four top 1k and five top 5k finishes to his name.

Today, he reveals his current Gameweek 8 FPL team, captaincy and plans exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members.

You can catch all our elite manager Gameweek 8 team reveals here and you can also watch Abdul's Gameweek 8 captain video below: 

FPL Gameweek 7 Review

Gameweek 7 was a fantastic week for me. I scored 52 points with a Gameweek rank of 897k.

This took me from 112k to 62k and has put me in a really strong position now, just 19 points behind the top 10k.

I was fearing the worst after my captain Cristiano Ronaldo blanked in the first match of the Gameweek after coming off the bench.

But it actually turned into quite a week with returns from Heung-min Son and my double Brighton defence.

The average was really low so my score gave me a very nice green arrow.

FPL Gameweek 7 Team

Gameweek 7 Points

FPL_Salah's Season History

FPL Salah's FPL History. FPL Salah's FPL Team.

Abdul's FPL History


I activated my Wildcard early and have been putting together a few drafts over the last week.

To be perfectly honest, I think I may have been a bit hasty in activating it and could have waited an extra week.

However, it is done now and I have been focusing on how best to attack the upcoming schedule.

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