FPL General is an incredibly successful FPL veteran with three top 500 finishes. Every week he takes us through his FPL Watchlist of players he has his eye on for future transfers.


The Watchlist

The Watchlist feature on the FPL website is a very handy tool which most managers don't use. To add a player to your Watchlist, simply click on that player while you are on the 'Transfers' page and you will see 'Add to Watchlist'. To remove them, it's the same process. To view the players on your Watchlist, on the 'Transfers' page, click on the drop-down box that says 'All Players' and you will find 'Watchlist'.

After a Gameweek has finished, I go through all twenty teams individually to see what each player has scored that week and add the players I am interested in to my Watchlist. The players I'm no longer interested in due to injury, loss of form or tough fixtures get removed each week.

In general, I like to keep my Watchlist to a maximum of 30 players. I don't include goalkeepers because that's a position that doesn't change very often.

The main benefit of using the Watchlist feature is that it helps to avoid bandwagons. When I go to make my transfers on a Friday night, I look at the 30 or so players on my Watchlist rather than scrolling through teams. This avoids a scenario where I wake up on a Saturday morning to find Theo Walcott or Andy Carroll in my team because if they're not on my Watchlist, there's no chance I'll bring them in (even if I've had a few beers). It saves a lot of time too.

So which players have I added to it this week and which players have been removed?

Given that there were three months without football, I've scrapped my old Watchlist and created a fresh new one ahead of Gameweek 31+. It's made up of 30 players. Rather than write about all 30, I'm going to highlight ten that caught my eye in Gameweek 30+. You will see the full list of 30 players, as well as my current squad, later in this article.

FPL Watchlist - Players Added:

Matt Ritchie - £5.3m - Newcastle

A defender playing in midfield, that's what us fantasy managers are always on the lookout for and Matt Ritchie caught the eye in Gameweek 30+. Listed as a defender, he played on the left side of the Newcastle midfield and racked up a massive 18-pointer in the 3-0 win over Sheffield United, scoring, assisting and picking up all three bonus points.

Given that he's on penalties as well makes him a very attractive option for the run-in. He would definitely be in my free hit squad if I was using it this week with a home game against Aston Villa.

Kiko Femenia - £4.2m - Watford

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