Fantasy Premier League GW34 tips from FPL Matthew, arguably the best FPL manager in the world with three top 500 finishes and a further six top 10k finishes. Every week Matthew writes his FPL Team Reveal article detailing his team, captain and plans for the coming Gameweek exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. 

Blank Gameweek 33 Review

A decent week for this week! A total of 61 points propelled me from 118k to 94k overall rank, as I crashed the top 100k party for the first time this season! The highlight for me came in the last game of the gameweek, where new signing Timothy Castagne (£5.8m) paid immediate dividends with a goal against Crystal Palace! Here are my Blank Gameweek 33 points in full: fpl tips for gameweek 34

Gameweek 34 Preview

Here is the new Hub Fixture Ticker over the remainder of the season ordered from best to worst, sorted on projected league points: FPL Gameweek 34 tips This view shows projected league points, taking into account the quality of the teams themselves as well as their opponents. If I switch it to just look at opponent difficulty (the traditional fixture ticker view) the picture changes as follows:
Gameweek 34 fantasy football tips

Hub Fixture Ticker - opponent difficulty

However, I also want to highlight the potential scenario presented by Hub Contributor Ben Crellin as to how the fixtures may shift, pending confirmation:

Potential schedule shifts per Ben Crellin

This is how I'm currently set up, going into Gameweek 34:
fpl gw34 best team

Matthew's current Gameweek 34 team

The thing that most stands out here is that I have three attacking players in the Manchester United vs Liverpool fixture - not ideal perhaps as these have not tended to be high-scoring affairs in recent times, although you never know of course. That said, I would be nervous about dropping any of the three for one of my bench players as all three are very capable of scoring on any given day. Apart from that, I have a decent set of fixtures.

Chip Update and Schedule Uncertainty

I still have just my second Wildcard and Bench Boost left to use. I was planning to Wildcard this week, with a view to Bench Boosting the following week, but this was on the basis of Ben's fixture scenario above. I could really do with some sort of confirmation on this before the deadline, otherwise I'm working a little in the dark and therefore reluctant to hit the Wildcard button until we have a bit more clarity. And, yes, I'm aware that I'm running out of Gameweeks in which to use them! It's really quite awkward at the moment, not knowing whether we're going to get the double-Gameweeks at all, and whether we're going to get confirmation before this deadline or not. And if we don't get that confirmation, then I lose the chance to Wildcard and then Bench Boost next week if the doubles do materialise! Although, if they do work out as Ben predicts above, I already have six double-Gameweekers in my current squad, so I'm reasonably well set up.

Most Wanted List

This is where I identify the players who I am currently most considering bringing into my team as well as highlighting who, if anyone, may be able to make way for them. This helps me to formulate a rough mental shortlist of potential moves. I update this list each week. At the moment I'm looking at a short term horizon, just really this week and next, bearing in mind those possible doubles. Goalkeepers None Out-list: Alex McCarthy (£4.4m) - Southampton have been poor lately and he's apparently now being rotated with Fraser Forster, not ideal, but is it worth spending a transfer on? Removed: None Defenders New: Antonio Rüdiger (£4.7m): seems the all-round best value way into the Chelsea defence - the only risk is that he's played a lot of football lately and a rest could be coming Out-list: None Removed: Timothy Castagne (£5.8m) - came into my team this week Midfielders Jesse Lingard (£6.6m) - more like "Messi" Lingard, the man is on fire (although he gave me some respite this week!) Out-list: Diogo Jota (£7.1m) - has done nothing since I brought him in, has a tricky fixture this week and, also, may be due a rotation soon! Certainly a sell that could come back to bite me though. Removed: None Forwards Jamie Vardy (£10.3m) - good fixtures and should have had a haul this week Out-list: None Removed:

Transfer Plans


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