Who's the best FPL Gameweek 7 captain? Our resident FPL captaincy expert Chris Tan takes a close look at the fixtures, poll and stats breakdown before concluding on his best pick for the armband. 

FPL Gameweek 6 Recap

The gap has narrowed... everyone can beat everyone. Just when we thought we were starting to understand how things were going to play out, we get results like Aston Villa losing 3-0 at home to Leeds and Southampton beating Everton. When things are so unpredictable all we can do is try to adapt and to focus on the players that are performing.

Normality has returned... although things are still unpredictable, we do appear to have had a significant reduction in the number of penalties awarded and the amount of goals. Could clean sheets (CS) be back on the menu?

How have we done to date?

best fpl captain for gw7

FPL Gameweek 7 Captain - Our Results

It was another one of those weeks where the majority of good candidates on paper failed to deliver. The second pick looks to be performing the best so far, will that continue?

FPL Gameweek 7 Captain - The Fixtures

who should i captain in gw7?

FPL Gameweek 7 Captain - Fixtures

Twitter / @FFH_HQ FPL Gameweek 7 Captain Poll

Who do our Twitter followers think is the best FPL Gameweek 7 captain?

best captain fpl gameweek 7

Hub's Gameweek 7 Captain Twitter Poll

Old Hunting Ground – do any of the likely lads have a good history vs their opposition?

best captain for fpl

FPL Gameweek 7 Captain - Past Performance

  • De Bruyne (£11.5m) – has an impressive record, but it’s a small sample and he only managed a single assist in the last away game.
  • Salah (£12.4m) – certainly enjoys playing West Ham, he’s picked up three goals and an assist at Anfield.
  • Mane (£12.0m) – also seems to fare well against West Ham, even more so at home with four goals and an assist at Anfield.
  • Calvert-Lewin (£7.7m) – three of his four goals have come away from home.
  • Rashford (£9.5m) – his returns look better than they are, if you strip away the assist from last season the last returns were in 2015/16.
  • Kane (£10.9m) – only one of his three goals have come at home.
  • Grealish (£7.3m) – scored at home last season.
  • Son (£9.5m) – like Kane, he’s only scored one at home against Brighton.
  • Jimenez (£8.5m) – it’s not that surprising to see such a poor record considering that Wolves are heavily reliant on counter attacks and Crystal Palace don’t over commit.
  • Sterling (£11.6m) – didn’t have a good time against Sheffield United last season.

Members Stats breakdown - FPL Gameweek 7 Captain

These stats are pulled from the Fantasy Football Hub OPTA Stats tool that is available to all members to help you analyse the players and teams.

I’ve pulled the stats from the last four Gameweeks and will utilise these in combination with the eye test to help us make our decision.

Individual Player Stats


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