Fantasy Premier League transfer tips and differentials series from @FPLTIPZ where he scours the FPL market for low-owned players with the potential to pick up big points to help shoot you up the rankings. Each week he uses our OPTA stats tool to pick out three players for the coming five Gameweeks for consideration for your FPL transfer who are currently under 10% owned from a variety of price points and teams.

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Gameweek 9 FPL Differentials

The Defender Differential – Aaron Cresswell £5.1m, 8.3% owned

West Ham have had a difficult run of fixtures at the start of the 2020/21 season, however, using the Hub’s Fixture Ticker we can that their next five fixtures rank second for the easiest defensively just a fraction behind Aston Villa. These fixtures include Sheffield United and Leeds away with home fixtures against Aston Villa, Manchester United and Crystal Palace. Due to the tough opening fixtures, no player has over 42 points this season from the eight games played and so many of the West Ham players still remain as differentials for the upcoming fixtures.

The third-highest scoring West Ham player so far this season is Aaron Cresswell who has 38 points from eight appearances due to getting three assists and keeping three clean sheets including against Fulham in Gameweek 8. As shown in our OPTA stats table below, Cresswell is a creative force for West Ham playing as an overlapping centre back. The English defender has made 17 key passes so far this season which is first amongst defenders, four more than second-placed Alexander-Arnold (£7.3m). These 17 key passes ranks eighth amongst all players in the league behind players such as Salah, Fernandes, De Bruyne, Grealish and Kane. One of the main reasons for this is the set pieces that the left back takes for West Ham; Cresswell averages 2.25 corners per game, 1.12 indirect freekick as well as 6.62 crosses per game. With the favourable upcoming fixtures for West Ham, there is potential for him to combine both his clean sheet and creativity to return good points for managers.

fantasy football transfers gw9

Key Passes made this season for Defenders.

The Midfielder Differential – Marcus Rashford – £9.6m, 8.4% owned

Marcus Rashford has returned an average of 5 points per game so far this season and has potentially had a more influential time off the pitch than the England star has on it as he leads the way to becoming the 2020 Sports Personality of the Year. Rashford’s teammate Bruno Fernandes, who is now 24.5% owned, has been the star of the show with 53 points this season compared to 35 for Rashford. However, there are several statistics that show that Rashford could provide a differential to Fernandes at a cheaper price; Fernandes has had 20 shots so far this season with Rashford having 17, however, Rashford has had 10 inside the box compared to just 7 for Fernandes. As well as this, the expected goals for Rashford is 2.34 compared to 3.71 for Fernandes, however, Fernandes is reliant on penalties as his expected goals falls to just 1.44 for the season when penalties are removed.

best fpl transfer for gw9

Manchester United players – Expected Goals excluding penalties

Manchester United have also been much stronger away from home so far this season. Three of their next five fixtures are away from home against Southampton, West Ham and Sheffield United, two of which sit in the bottom six for shots conceded at home (West Ham with 13.25 per game and Sheffield United with 14.75 shots conceded per game). The other two fixtures for Manchester United are against West Brom, who have conceded the most big chances so far this season and Manchester City in Gameweek 12. Overall, these could offer a good basis for Rashford, who has been playing more centrally this season, to help Manchester United to turn their fate around in the run-up to Christmas.

The Forward Differential – Ollie Watkins – £6.1m, 6.9% owned

Aston Villa has been one of the stand out surprise teams so far this season as they narrowly escaped relegation last season however now sit sixth in the league with wins against Arsenal and Liverpool. Jack Grealish has been the standout player for Fantasy Premier League managers as he has returned 60 points from the seven games they have played this season. However, Aston Villa’s second-highest scoring player, Ollie Watkins, still remains under 10% owned despite returning 47 points and averaging 6.71 points per start this season. This gives the English forward a higher points per game average than Werner (24.1% ownership), Jimenez (16.4% ownership) and De Bruyne (15.9% ownership) despite having less than half of their ownership. One of the reasons Watkins has performed so well is the number of chances he gets per game. He averages 1.29 Big Chances per game which ranks second for forwards only behind Vardy who ranks first due to the number of penalties the Leicester striker has received.

fantasy football transfer tips gw9

Big Chances per start for Forwards

As well as providing strong underlying numbers indicating that Watkins could continue on this strong goal-scoring run, Aston Villa has a favourable run of fixtures over the next five Gameweeks that could help them to further their cause. This run of fixtures ranks second behind Manchester City for attacking potential on the Hub’s Fixture Ticker. This run of fixtures includes home matches against Brighton, Newcastle and Burnley around away fixtures against West Ham and Wolves. These teams have all conceded on average at least 1.5 big chances per game this team so Watkins has the potential to reward managers at an accessible price.

Thank you for reading.

I hope this has been helpful and some of these players return some good points for you over the next five Gameweeks and beyond. This article will be back weekly to highlight a new set of differentials and transfer tips for you all to consider and hopefully help boost your ranks.

Thanks for reading – Feel free to message me any questions – Twitter – @FPLTIPZ

Check out our Ultimate Guide to FPL Gameweek 9 for all the key information, stats and tips you need going into the weekend’s action.

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