Both FPL Double Gameweek 26 and Double Gameweek 27 were announced on Friday evening, as Fantasy Premier League managers can begin planning in earnest for the month of March. Blank Gameweek 29 is also set.

Double trouble

Premier League leaders Manchester City have two double gameweeks in a row from Gameweek 26, something which Pep Guardiola kindly let FPL players know ahead of the official announcement.

A whopping 14 teams, in total, play twice in Double Gameweek 26; Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Spurs, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Leicester, Everton, Burnley, Wolves, Fulham, Sheffield United, West Brom and Crystal Palace.

Double Gameweek 26 [teams with two fixtures]

  • Man City vs West Ham (H) and Wolves (H)
  • Manchester United vs Chelsea (a) and Crystal Palace (a)
  • Liverpool vs Sheffield United (a) and Chelsea (H)
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley (H) and Fulham (a)
  • Aston Villa vs Leeds (a) and Sheffield United (a)
  • Chelsea vs Man Utd (H) ad Liverpool (a)
  • Leicester vs Arsenal (H) and Burnley (a)
  • Everton vs Southampton (H) and West Bromwich Albion (a)
  • Burnley vs Spurs (a) and Leicester (H)
  • Wolves vs Newcastle (a) and Man City (a)
  • Fulham vs Crystal Palace (a) and Spurs (H)
  • Crystal Palace vs Fulham (H) and Man Utd (H)
  • Sheffield United vs Liverpool (H) and Aston Villa (H)
  • West Brom vs Brighton (H) and Everton (H)

Double Gameweek 27 [teams with two fixtures]

  • Man City vs Man Utd (H) and Southampton (H)
  • Southampton vs Sheffield United (a) and Man City (a)

Aston Villa vs Spurs, meanwhile, has been added to Blank Gameweek 29 which is now set with just four fixtures.

Blank Gameweek 29

  • Fulham vs Leeds
  • Brighton vs Newcastle
  • West Ham vs Arsenal
  • Aston Villa vs Spurs
Blank Gameweek 29 fixtures aston villa spurs

Blank Gameweek 29 is set after Aston Villa vs Spurs was added to the skeleton schedule


That leaves just Aston Villa vs Everton and Spurs vs Southampton to be rearranged, at the time of writing.

Villa against Everton could yet end up in Gameweek 28, which begins on March 13. If that is the case, FPL players should know about it relatively soon when further TV selections are made. That game could also be put on the longlist and pushed back as far as Gameweek 37.

Gameweeks 32 or 37 are potential slots for Tottenham against Southampton. Fantasy managers will have to wait a while longer to find out where that fixture will land but Double Gameweek 26 and Double Gameweek 27 are locked in.

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