We at The Hype Train will be providing a regular series of Power Rankings updates throughout the season for each position in the traditional Fantasy Premier League game for our partners at the Fantasy Football Hub. We will be picking our top five picks for Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Forwards, providing a graphical aid for each chosen player, and the reasoning behind our choices. All aboard.

How do our Power Rankings work?

We use player form, fixtures, potential, and our own gut instinct, to form our own opinionated view on who we believe is the best asset for each position in the FPL. Each position (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, and Forward) has differing criteria which can help generate FPL points on a weekly basis, whether for short term gain or for the long haul.

For the purpose of this article we will list our top 5 and follow up with a player on the rise in that position to also consider.

All player prices and stats are reflective of the official Fantasy Premier League game at the time of publishing.

Power Rankings: Gameweek 7 (GK’s, DEF’s, MID’s, FOR’s)

With time not on our side this week we’re bringing the Power Rankings to you in one bumper edition, with all the risers, non-movers, and those falling, in their respective positions put under the microscope. We take a look at who made the Power 5 for Goalkeeper’s Defender’s, Midfielder’s, and Forward’s last week, the movers this week, and some insight into each position ahead of the next round of games this coming weekend.

We profile what we believe to be the best five players in each position in the FPL game right now after Gameweek 10 and heading into Gameweek 12.

POWER 5: Goalkeeper’s

Who were in the GK Power Rankings last week?
1) David de Gea (MUN) – a non-mover
2) Ederson (MCI) – rising from 3rd to 2nd
3) Lukasz Fabianski (SWA) – falling from 2nd to 3rd
5) Nick Pope (BUR) – rising from 5th to 4th
5) Fraser Forster (SOU) – new entry

Who are in the Power 5 heading into Gameweek 12?
1) David de Gea (MUN) – a non-mover
2) Nick Pope (BUR) – rising from 4th to 2nd
3) Thibaut Courtois (CHE) – new entry
4) Jonas Lossl (HUD) – new entry
5) Matt Ryan (BHA) – new entry

Ahead of Gameweek 12 there are three new additions between the sticks with Courtois, Lossl, and Ryan, all earning a place in the Power Rankings.

Man United’s David de Gea has been the long-standing number one pick in the Power Rankings, and despite a 1-0 defeat to Chelsea, this hasn’t impacted much on his FPL owners. De Gea has managed 2pts or less on just two occasions (GW4 and GW9), with eight clean sheets, and just as many save points. Against Chelsea the Spanish shot-stopper made 6+ saves for the first time this season, making seven saves in the 1-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge.

Nick Pope rises the ranks after an impressive showing so far for Burnley in the sticks. Right now, there is no better budget option in goal than Pope, with the keeper managing 4 clean sheets, eight save points, and seven bonus points, and 43 points, from just seven starts.

Chelsea have been an unpredictable defensive unit to predict this season, with the Blues managing a staggered five clean sheets this season. Courtois has been involved in all five, and has managed back-to-back shutouts against Bournemouth (GW10) and Man United (GW11), with both results finishing 1-0. This is enough to put the Blues stopper in third on our charts as the state of GK options continues to change on a weekly basis.

Jonas Lossl at one time was holding de Gea to second place in the Power Rankings, with the Huddersfield keeper managing a trifecta of clean sheets to open the season. After dipping in the charts, Lossl is on his way back up, and has had some good success recently. In GW9 he managed an assist against Man United, in GW8 he saved a penalty against Mo Salah, and kept a clean sheet against West Brom during GW10, meaning the keeper has managed 21pts from his last three outings.

Rounding off the Goalkeeper’s selection, for the first time this season in the Power Rankings, is Brighton keeper Matt Ryan. Brighton have only conceded twice in four games, with the Australian shot-stopper keeping two clean sheets in a favourable run of fixtures.

POWER 5: Defender’s

Who were in the DEF Power Rankings last week?
1) Nicolas Otamendi (MCI) – rising from 2nd to 1st
2) Stephen Ward (BUR) – rising from 3rd to 2nd
3) Phil Jones (MUN) – falling from 1st to 3rd
4) Nacho Monreal (ARS) – new entry
5) Cesar Azpilicueta (CHE) – new entry

Who are in the Power 5 heading into Gameweek 12?
1) Cesar Azpilicueta (CHE) – rising from 5th to 1st
2) Stephen Ward (BUR) – non-mover
3) Phil Jones (MUN) – non-mover
4) Joel Matip (LIV) – new entry
5) Shane Duffy (BHA) – new entry

There are two new entries in the Defender’s Power Rankings, with first-time appearances from Joel Matip and Shane Duffy, at the expense of Nicolas Otamendi and Nacho Monreal.

Cesar Azpilicueta rises from fifth to first, after three Gameweek’s in which to remember for the Spanish international. After scoring an own-goal at Crystal Palace, Azpi scored against Watford (GW9), kept a clean sheet against Bournemouth (GW10), before assisting Alvaro Morata for the fifth time this season, as well as keeping a clean sheet, in a 1-0 home win over Man United (GW11).

Burnley’s Stephen Ward is a popular transfer ahead of Gameweek 12, and it is no surprise given Burnley’s good start to the season. Ward has kept back-to-back clean sheets against Newcastle (GW10), and Southampton (GW11), which is highly encouraging ahead of a double header of games at home against Swansea (GW12) and Arsenal (GW13).

Man United’s Phil Jones, who is the resident FPL Iron Man, keeps his place, because why wouldn’t he? Constantly doubted, the defender seems to pull through under any circumstance, and despite losing 1-0 to Chelsea the defender has eight clean sheets, and just as many bonus points this season, ahead of double header at Old Trafford against Newcastle (GW12) and Brighton (GW13).

Liverpool’s Joel Matip is an unexpected new entry into the Power Rankings, with the defender picking up 22pts over the last four games. Matip has managed clean sheets in home fixtures against Man United and Huddersfield, before scoring in the 4-1 demolition at West Ham.

Matt Ryan isn’t the only Brighton representative in the Power Rankings, with Shane Duffy earning a place after collecting 21pts from his last four games. Duffy kept a clean sheet in a 1-1 draw with Everton (GW8), getting subbed due to injury before Wayne Rooney scored a last-minute penalty. Clean sheets against West Ham (GW9) and Swansea (GW11), both away from home, have put Brighton’s FPL standing from strength to strength in recent weeks.

POWER 5: Midfielder’s

Who were in the MID Power Rankings last week?
1) Mohamed Salah (LIV) – new entry
2) David Silva (MCI) – falling from 1st to 2nd
3) Richarlison (WAT) – rising from 4th to 3rd
4) Pascal Gross (BHA) – rising from 5th to 4th
5) Christian Eriksen (TOT) – falling from 2nd to 5th

Who are in the Power 5 heading into Gameweek 12?
1) Mohamed Salah (LIV) – non-mover
2) Leroy Sane (MCI) – new entry
3) Richarlison (WAT) – non-mover
4) Riyad Mahrez (LEI) – new entry
5) David Silva (MCI) – falling from 2nd to 5th

There are two new entries and two non-movers in the Midfielder’s Power Rankings, with Riyad Mahrez earning a place due to some fine form in recent weeks.

Top of the pile for Midfielder’s is Liverpool’s Egyptian winger, Mohamed Salah, who came to the rescue for many FPL players in the 4-1 victory away at West Ham. Salah’s brace against the Hammers, a fixture that would be Bilic’s last in charge of the London club, took his goal output in the FPL to seven this season. Salah is just 1pt behind Sane in the overall rankings, and he collected the maximum bonus points for just the second time this season, with his biggest return of 15pts coming at the expense of West Ham losing their manager.

Leroy Sane is the top FPL player with 73pts, and earns a spot in second place in the Power Rankings behind Mohamed Salah. Sane has managed double-digit returns in five Gameweek’s this season (GW’s 4, 6, 8, 9, 10), with four of those returns coming at home. Sane managed just the 2pts against Arsenal during GW11, his lowest points return since GW5.

Watford’s Richarlison maintains third spot in the Power Rankings after a fourth Premier League goal of the season against Everton during Gameweek 11 was enough to satisfy his FPL following. Richarlison has scored or assisted in each game since GW6, with the only exception being the 1-0 home loss to Stoke (GW10). It’s been three goals and three assists, with a solitary bonus point, from his last six appearances.

Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez is a new entry at fourth spot, with two goals and three assists from his last four matches. Leicester have gone four games unbeaten in the Premier League, with Mahrez collecting 31pts in the process, with goals against West Brom and Stoke, and assists against Swansea and Everton. Leicester’s next two home matches are against Man City and Spurs.

Despite managing an assist against Arsenal in a 3-1 victory at the Etihad, David Silva falls to fifth place in the Power Rankings. The Spaniard has collected just 10pts from his last three outings, but with a favourable run of games, Silva keeps his place for the time being, as one goal and seven assists, is a fine start to the season.

POWER 5: Forward’s

Who were in the FOR Power Rankings last week?
1) Harry Kane (TOT) – rising from 3rd to 1st
2) Romelu Lukaku (MUN) – non-mover
3) Gabriel Jesus (MCI) rising from 1st to 3rd
4) Sergio Aguero (MCI) – new entry
5) Wayne Rooney (EVE) – new entry

Who are in the Power 5 heading into Gameweek 12?
1) Glenn Murray (BHA) – new entry
2) Sergio Aguero (MCI) – rising from 4th to 2nd
3) Alvaro Morata (CHE) – new entry
4) Harry Kane (TOT) – falling from 1st to 4th
5) Romelu Lukaku (MUN) – falling from 2nd to 5th

It has been rather underwhelming for Forward’s and their fortunes recently, meaning the pack is shuffled once again, with a surprise new entry climbing right to the top of the table.

Brighton’s Glenn Murray has been the only Forward in the FPL to maintain and kind of form for more than one to two weeks, so we’re letting Murray have his moment in the sun at the top of the Power Rankings – and his inclusion at the summit is warranted. Murray has scored four goals in his last three matches, collecting 27pts for ownership that currently sits at just 2%. Murray’s trifecta of goals are his first of the season, and with Stoke on the horizon for Monday night’s fixture, hopes are high once again for Murray and Brighton.

Now comes the minefield of Forward’s who are playing hot potato with their FPL potential on a weekly basis, stretching across the entire game…

Sergio Aguero sits in second place, despite playing only two of the last five games. The Argentine forward has scored in both games he has played, first against Burnley in a 3-0 win, and then again in the 3-1 victory over Arsenal. 15pts is a decent return, despite the rotation bug hitting Man City’s two Forward’s hard in recent weeks.

Chelsea’s Alvaro Morata has been in and out of the Power Rankings this season due to poor form and injury, but signs are there that Morata is back on the up. The Forward finished 90 minutes for only the third time this season in the 1-0 victory against Man United, a game which Morata scored the only goal. Morata also assisted Eden Hazard in the 1-0 win at Bournemouth, and with a clean run of fixtures on the horizon, there is no reason to doubt Morata’s potential.

In fourth place is Harry Kane, who has either been the bane of FPL players this season, or a raving success. Kane managed 59pts between Gameweek’s 4 and 9, scoring all eight of his goals in four games (with braces against Everton, West Ham, Huddersfield, and Liverpool). Since then, Kane missed the 1-0 defeat at Man United, before FPL players captained Kane in mass in the 1-0 home win over Crystal Palace during GW11, playing 76 minutes before being substituted, the shortest game time Kane has managed all season. Kane of course, has dropped several places in the Power Rankings this week.

Romelu Lukaku rounds off the Power Rankings this week, cursed by the reality that he just can’t find the net against ‘better’ teams. Lukaku has gone four games without a goal in the Premier League, but did provide assists in GW9 and GW10, which is enough to hang onto a place in the Power Rankings – mostly because there isn’t any suitable Forward in form to take his place. Fixtures at home against Newcastle (GW11) and Brighton (GW12) might put focus back onto Lukaku.

All aboard.