FPL Matthew is arguably the best FPL manager in the world with three top 500 finishes and a further six top 10k finishes. Every week Matthew writes his FPL Team Reveal article detailing his team, captain and plans for the coming Gameweek exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. 

Gameweek 1 Review

A so-so first week for me with 53 points - I got the captain and vice captain the wrong way round, a recurring theme last season, but at least I did have Mohamed Salah - I saw a lot of teams that didn't, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang did at least score. Not much to write home about apart from those two although I could easily have got a couple of other goals...those are the breaks! This pretty average return gave me a Gameweek 1 rank of 2.3m - hopefully I can improve on this as we go forward. You can see my points below.

Matthew's Gameweek 1 Points

Gameweek 2 Preview

Firstly, let's look at the fixtures over the next few weeks from the Hub's Fixture Ticker. This takes us up to the next international break, which is probably a good period to look at.

We can see that Everton (who I have no players from) have a particularly nice little run of fixtures - and they looked surprisingly good at Tottenham, with their revamped midfield. Perhaps that is a team to look at? On the other side of the coin, West Ham have a tough run, although I knew this when I got Tomáš Souček (£5.0m), who looks the sort of Fellaini-esque player that could pop up with a goal against anyone.

I don't normally go heavy on stats as I tend to look at these behind the scenes, but I thought I'd just have a look at a couple of key attacking stats from the first gameweek, using a custom table from the Hub's Opta Stats tool - and remembering that four teams (including the two Manchester teams) didn't take part.

First, penalty box touches - a good indicator of attacking involvement:

Gameweek 1 Penalty Box Touches

The main point to note here is that Mo Salah is way out in front, in that somewhat chaotic game against newly promoted Leeds United. Any thoughts I had of sacrificing him after one game have quickly evaporated.

Now, onto 'shots in the box' - I quite like to combine these first two stats to get a good rough idea of goalscoring threat.

Gameweek 1 Shots in the Box

Again, Salah dominates - not only is he heavily involved at the business end of the pitch, he is also hungry for goals! Richarlison (£8.0m) also features prominently in both tables, it's just a shame that as an £8.0m forward he's quite difficult to justify. Harvey Barnes (£7.0m), a player I did consider pre-season, also shows up well, and could become an intriguing option at £7.0m.

Finally - expected attacking points (xAtt) which combines expected goals and assists applied to FPL's scoring system to give an approximation of how many attacking points each player should have got. Its always important to bear in mind that penalties skew these numbers upwards as a penalty with have an xG rating of near to 1 but, on the other hand, penalty goals count the same as any other, and judging by events so far, penalties could be quite a big factor this year.

Gameweek 1 Expected Attacking Points

We can clearly see the impact of penalties in the expected points of Salah and Jamie Vardy (£10.0m) at the top there. Just out of interest I thought I'd also look at non-penalty expected goals:

Gameweek 1 Non-Penalty Expected Goals

Suddenly, Salah drops out of the picture and Raúl Jiménez (£8.5m) jumps to the fore, as well as his defensive teammate Romain Saïss (£5.0m) who could have got an incredible haul (even bigger than he already did!)

Most Wanted List

For any new members, this is where I identify the players who I am currently most considering bringing into my team as well as highlighting who, if anyone, may be able to make way for them. This helps me to formulate a rough mental shortlist of potential moves. I update this list each week, and I'm sure that so early in the season the changes will be quite regular.


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