Matthew Penycae is arguably the best FPL manager in the world with three top 500 finishes, a further six top 10k finishes and he has never finished outside the top 20k in ten seasons. Every week Matthew writes his FPL Team Reveal article detailing his team, captain and plans for the coming Gameweek exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members.


Gameweek 29 Review

What a bizarre gameweek that was! A hastily arranged double Gameweek then became a regular gameweek again due to the postponement of the Man City vs Arsenal game. For myself, it was a good gameweek, with a score of 82 points meaning that I progressed from 245k to 131k, my highest rank of the season! Its been a good few weeks for me, going from 317k since Gameweek 26 to now. This week was also my best Gameweek rank of the season (104k). The star of the show was undoubtedly Harvey Barnes, with a strong supporting roles from stopper Alex McCarthy and Sadio Mané. Getting Salah as vice captain for De Bruyne following the postponement felt like an overdue piece of luck, although perhaps De Bruyne could have outscored him had the game gone ahead, who knows. Here it is:

Team Reveal

Matthews Gameweek 29 Points

The Elephant in the Room

It won't have escaped your attentions that Coronavirus or Covid-19 has the world in its grip, and efforts to contain and delay its spread are already having an effect on sports, and on FPL. I have seen people say that FPL is not important in the current climate; this is true of course although, in the scheme of things, it never was, it's just a game. However, perhaps it can act as a welcome distraction from what is going on, and if we do end up having to 'self-isolate', FPL is at least something you can still do on your own in the house! This season has brought it home to me the element of luck involved in FPL - you can take steps to maximise your chances of getting good luck but, at the end of the day, many aspects are completely out of our control. This week was a classic example of this; I feel for people who had loaded up on double Gameweek players, or used a chip this week; but like my ill-fated Mané triple captaincy recently all you can do is curse your bad luck, but remember that it is just that, a game, and move on.

None of us knows how the rest of this season is going to pan out but here are some thoughts on how to handle this situation from an FPL viewpoint:

  • Most readers will know that I generally advocate this anyway but, more than ever, keep your transfers until as near the deadline as you can, given the threat of further postponements, possibly at short notice
  • For a similar reason, it may be worth considering having a captain and vice captain from different fixtures and probably on different days; the longer in the future a game is, the more chance there is of something happening to make it postponed
  • It may be worth holding off on using chips, especially the Wildcard and Free Hit, as these may be even more useful in dealing with any resulting disruption
  • Again, and above all, remember that FPL is just a game, a fun game, but a game and one with an element of luck

That said, until we are told differently, it's on with the show...


Gameweek 30 Preview

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About Matthew Penycae

Matthew Penycae is, arguably, the most consistently good FPL player in the world. In 10 seasons, Matthew has finished top 500 three times, top 10k eight times and never finished lower than 15,535 (in his first season). He’s also a dab hand at Sky having finished 2nd overall in 16/17, his first season, proving his strategies are effective across fantasy formats. 

His full FPL history can be seen below:

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