How Does Captaincy Work in Fantasy Premier League 2021/22?

Your Fantasy Premier League captaincy is one of the most important decisions you have to make each Gameweek. If you get the captaincy right more times than not you are likely to have a good season.

Your captain gets his points doubled. That means you should always pick the player on your team who you think will score the highest number of points.

If your captain fails to start the game but gets substituted at any point, the points he scores during his time on the pitch will be doubled. Read our guide on how a Fantasy Premier League player scores points here.

You cannot captain a player on your bench.

How captaincy works in FPL

Is my FPL Vice Captain Important?

If, for whatever reason, your captain misses the entire game, the points scored by your vice-captain (VC) will be doubled instead.

The vice-captain is something that gets overlooked frequently as it’s very seldom needed. Always set your vice-captain as you never know what could happen: players miss games for all sorts of reasons, and not all of them will be obvious prior to the Gameweek’s deadline.

Much like your captain, the vice-captain cannot be a player on your bench.

What if None of my Captains Play?

If neither your captain nor your vice-captain play (perhaps they were both due to participate in a postponed match), you’ll receive zero points from both players.

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