What are the Available FPL Formations?

There are a variety of different formations you can use in Fantasy Premier League and they are influenced by your team selection.

FPL managers are required to start a minimum of one goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders and one striker.

The eligible formations are as follows:

  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 4-4-2
  • 4-3-3
  • 4-5-1
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-1

Among the FPL community, the 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 formations tend to be the most popular every season.

Veteran managers, such as our very own @FPL_Salah, highlight the importance of cheap defenders which you can rotate.

These value options enable you to spend more of your £100m budget on premium assets in midfield and attack.

How to Change Formation in FPL?

You are able to change your formation by making substitutions in your FPL team.

FPL Formations

Formations in Fantasy Premier League.

In the example above, you are able to play all five defenders by substituting Wesley Fofana (£4.5m) for any of the midfielders or forwards in your starting lineup.

Jack Harrison (£6.0m) could also come on for anyone in this scenario. The same goes for Keinan Davis (£4.5m).

So long as there are three defenders, three midfielders and one striker, you will be able to make whichever substitutions or tweaks you want.

For more insightful guides, tips and articles by some of the best FPL managers worldwide, read our Ultimate Guide to FPL 2021/22.

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