Making and owning our FPL decisions has always been crucial. We are currently in the planning stages of the upcoming Fantasy Premier League season.

For many managers, it’s time to start analysing what went right and wrong during the last campaign.

Focusing on strategies to either replicate a great season or look at different ways to become more successful this year is the right way to go.

However, it is important to address the fact that chasing success can negatively affect our mental health and our emotions if we’re not careful.

There is no doubt that FPL is a strategic game first and foremost. It is natural for most managers to chase high ranks and mini-league victories.

In this article, I will lay out some key points on how to make successful FPL decisions and the ways in which our choices affect our performance.


Taking Care of our Mental Health – FPL Decisions

One key element of being a consistent FPL manager is acquiring and making use of detailed football knowledge when making your decisions. In order to do this, taking care of your mental health is essential.

As FPL managers, we are responsible for our own team. Ultimately, we have to make the decisions. We do this by selecting our team and captain before every gameweek deadline.

We are also accountable for our team’s performance, whether it is in the good times when we’re leading our mini-league rivals or the bad times when we want nothing to do with FPL.

It is striking how hard decision making in Fantasy Football can be. In the search for green arrows, overthinking can increase our stress levels to such an extent that it negatively affects our mood.

This mindset can even keep us sleepless at night. It’s important to know your boundaries and not spend too many hours contemplating on the same decision.

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Being Selective with our Transfers – FPL Decisions

Every manager has the freedom to pick their own 15-man squad from the available player pool. At the time of writing this, FPL consists of 467 Premier League players to choose from.

It is a difficult task, but restrictions given by the game itself, such as only being able to spend £100m at the start of the season makes our decisions easier. Not to mention the three players from the same club quota which we are forced to comply with.

After playing FPL for a while, most of us realise that the majority of available players are not worth consideration.

The options are vast so it isn’t an easy task to set up your team or decide which transfers you want to prioritise. Creating the perfect team is simply not achievable.

As an example, there is normally only room for two to three premium players in your squad. This creates dilemmas to every FPL manager as we cannot fit Bruno Fernandes (£12.0m), Harry Kane (£12.5m), Mohammed Salah (£12.5m), Sadio Mané (£12.0m) and Kevin De Bruyne (£12.0m) simultaneously.

After picking the premiums, we are faced with similar issues when selecting the best mid-priced and budget options to complete our squad.

We have detailed guides on these two categories as well as the premiums to help you finalise your FPL squad.

Don’t Follow FPL Influencers’ Every Move – FPL Decisions

How do we choose our players and make effective decisions? Some players make these choices without consulting anyone, while others let “FPL influencers” decide for them.

By FPL influencers, I’m referring to managers who have consistently finished with high overall ranks and provide tips for others playing the game.

This seems like a viable approach as the influencers invest a lot of time and effort to set up their team. This has helped them achieve as many FPL points as possible, with historical successes backing up their credentials.

The problem with this strategy is compounded when we follow several influencers at the same time. You may want to bring all the players you see from the team sheets of different content creators.

As a result, you could find it challenging to settle on a transfer or captaincy decision.

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Owning our Choices – FPL Decisions

Finding yourself in a position of uncertainty, the wisest thing may be to ask for other people’s opinion. You can also look to their decisions, but it’s vital to take responsibility for your own team.

Some managers are lucky to have many sensible FPL minded people in their daily environment to consult with. Meanwhile, others lack that access to alternative perspectives and useful input about the game.

Every person playing FPL can find knowledgeable people and learn things from them via social media. This includes the FPL community on Twitter, or even other digital platforms such as YouTube.

By owning our decisions, we should be better suited to accept the consequences of our choices. We should not force our decisions onto friends, advisers, the Twitter community or FPL influencers.

However, it can prove fruitful to gather information and discuss different options or scenarios with like-minded individuals. In this way, we can acquire interesting and thought-provoking views which we may not have even considered.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to make other decisions than what we already had planned. We don’t even have to agree with everything others say, yet all of the insight we absorb and discuss aids our final decision making.

This makes it more likely for us to own and accept our decisions and their impact on our FPL performance.

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