How to Play Dream Team Euro 2020 Fantasy Football

Dream Team Euro is a tournament format game based on the 24 international sides competing at this summer’s European Championships and it runs from Friday 11 June until Sunday 11 July 2021.

There is a £50,000 first prize. To play this game you must be at least 18 years and a UK or ROI resident.

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How do I pick my Dream Team Euro 2020 Fantasy team?

So the Dream Team Euro Fantasy Football is game is really quite different from most other formats out there.

Firstly there is a budget of £50m, but don’t worry the players are priced accordingly and you can still get a good team of most of your favourite players.

Another feature in this game you might not be familiar with is the actual squad size. In the Dream Team Euro fantasy football game, your squad will consist of 11 players only and you will not have a bench. Therefore picking nailed players is more important than ever.

Your team must include a minimum of one goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders, and three forwards and there are only three formations available:

  • 4-4-2

  • 4-3-3

  • 3-4-3


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Picking your Dream Team Euro 2020 starting 11

So with your 11 man squad, you simply pick your starting 11 and there are no captains in this game. Also in this format, there will be multiple deadlines on matchdays.

For example, if there are three matches on one day you can transfer in and out players from each game right up until the kick-off time. Once the game has started you cannot remove players from the games that have been played. This is a very interactive game and if you want to do well in it you will have to be very tentative throughout the tournament.

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how to play dream team euro 2020

Will Harry Kane or Marcus Rashford make it in your Dream Team Euro 2020 Team?

You are allowed to enter up to five teams in Dream Team Euro 2020 and each team you enter is automatically entered into the main league for the £50,000 first prize.

Dream Team Euro 2020 Matchdays

In the Dream Team Euro game there are 22 matchdays in total which consist of the below:

Group stages: 13 matches
Last 16: 4 matches
Quarter-Finals: 2 matches
Semi-Finals: 2 matches
Final: 1 match

How do the Dream Team Euro 2020 substitutions and captains work?

As mentioned earlier there are no substitutions or captains in this game. You simply have your starting 11 and that’s it. It is quite simple in that sense and actually allows you to pick a fairly strong team overall.

How do my Dream Team Euro 2020 fantasy players score points?

The scoring system in the Dream Team Euro is another feature that is different from most other fantasy football formats. Due to this, you will have to adjust your style of play to this game, and players which may be good options in other formats may not be in this one and vice versa.

A few rules which are unique to this game are the starman, hatrick and rating points. Full breakdown below.

Action Points
All players
Appearance 0
Goals scored 5
Hat-trick 5
Assist 2
Star Man 5
Player Rating above 7 3
Yellow Card -1
Red Card -2
Penalty Miss -3
Scoring a goal 5
Saving a penalty 3
Clean sheet* 5
Every 2 goals conceded -1
Every goal conceded after 2 -1
Scoring a goal 5
Clean sheet* 5
Every 2 goals conceded -1
Every goal conceded after 2 -1
Scoring a goal 5
Clean sheet* 1
Scoring a goal 5

*To qualify for a clean sheet a player only has to play. For example, if England are winning 1-0 and Chilwell comes in the 89th minute and only plays one minute he will qualify for a clean sheet and will receive 5 points. Also if a defender or goalkeeper is subbed off with a clean and their team concedes after they have gone off the pitch they will not get the clean sheet points.

The player ratings and the Star Man award are supplied by so if you want to check ratings and man of the match etc you can do so here.

Players points apply equally to all eligible matches including extra time. For example, a goalkeeper or a defender will only be awarded points for a clean sheet in a match involving extra time if their team has not conceded any goals by the end of that extra time.

Penalty Shoot-Outs

Goals, saves and misses during any penalty shoot-out do not contribute any points to players.

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How do I make Dream Team Euro 2020 Transfers?

In the Dream Team Euro game each team will be allowed 20 transfers for the entire tournament which can be used following the first game at 8.00 pm (GMT) on 11 June 2021. Managers have until 19:59:59 on 11 July 2021  to use their allocation of available transfers. There are no points deductions for using transfers in this format.

Eligible and Pending Transfers

An eligible transfer will take immediate effect and will occur if you transfer a player out for another player where neither the outgoing player’s country nor the incoming player’s team have played during that match day.

A transfer will be classified as pending if you transfer a player out for another player where either the outgoing player’s team or the incoming player’s team has already played or commenced playing during that match day.

All pending transfers will take effect at 00:00:01 on the following match day.

Daily Transfer Limit

You can make a maximum of  3 transfers to your team in a single match day from your allowance of 20 transfers.

Reversing Transfers

 Any transfer that is made may be reversed on the day if:

  1. i) the scheduled kick-off time of any eligible match in which either the incoming player’s team or the outgoing player’s team are participating; or
  2. ii) if (i) has not occurred, by 23:59:59 of the day on which the transfer was made.

After this time, the transfer cannot be reversed.

For example, if you transfer in Harry Kane for Kylian Mbappe and neither England or France are playing that day, then you have until 23:59:59 on that day to reverse that transfer. However, if England or France are playing on that day, then you will have until the kick-off time of the England or France match (whichever is first) to reverse that transfer.

Unlimited Transfers

You will have unlimited transfers available to your team up until the kick-off of the first match on Friday 11 June 2021. Any transfers made after this point will be deducted from your team’s transfer allowance.

Dream Team Euro Mini Leagues

You can create or join mini leagues at any point during the competition and there is no limit to how many you can join or create.

Managers can create/join a public or private mini league, as follows:

  • A public mini league is one that any manager can join. These leagues do not require a PIN to enter and can be found via a search facility in the League Hub section of the website and/or App.
  • – A private mini league is one created by an admin that a manager can join only if they have a unique PIN number for that mini league or followed a link directly from an invitation.

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Start picking your Dream Team Euro 2020 fantasy football team!

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