How to Play Euro 2020 Fantasy Football

Although the Euro 2020 tournament is a year late in arriving, we are on the ball with walking you through How to Play Euro 2020 fantasy football.

Below we have the rules, scoring, a walkthrough on how to build your team, transfers, chips, tips and lots more!

How do I pick my Euro 2020 Fantasy team?

This game is quite similar to the Official Fantasy Football (FPL) game and almost identical to the Champions League Fantasy Football game so if you play or have played either of those two games you will have an advantage.

When picking your 15 man squad you are given a budget of €100m. Each player is assigned a price based on ability and goals and assist records. We don’t know the exact formula but we will generally know who the most expensive players are going to be.

So again similar to FPL and the UCL game your 15 man squad will consist of the below.

  • 2 goalkeepers
  • 5 defenders
  • 5 midfielders
  • 3 strikers

One important factor to note in this game is that your budget actually rises to €105m after the round of 16 onwards.

Picking your Euro 2020 starting 11

So with your 15 man squad, you will pick your starting 11, captain, and your four bench players and you save your team before each matchday. Please note that the deadline for each matchday is the actual kick-off time of the first game. Therefore you can get the team news of the first games before confirming your team.

Once the matchday is over if one of your players hasn’t played then they will automatically be replaced by your subs depending on the position you benched them. Again please note that in this game you can also make manual substitutions and also change your captain mid gameweek which we will take more about below.

You can find detailed Euro 2020 Team Previews and Best Players here!

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Euro 2020 Matchdays

In FPL we refer to them as Gameweeks but in the Euro 2020 fantasy game, they refer to them as matchdays. There are seven matchdays in total. This consists of three games in the group stages, last 16, quarter-finals, semi-final and final

Matchday 1: Group Stage
Matchday 2: Group Stage
Matchday 3: Group Stage
Matchday 4: Last 16
Matchday 5: Quarter Finals
Matchday 6: Semi Finals
Matchday 7: Final

Euro 2020 Deadlines

The deadlines for each matchday are in the table below. Please note that different countries may have separate deadline times.

Matchday Deadline Day Deadline Time
Matchday 1 11th June 8.00pm GMT
Matchday 2 16th June 3.00pm GMT
Matchday 3 20th June 6.00pm GMT
Last 16 26th June 6.00pm GMT
Quarter-Final 2nd July 6.00pm GMT
Semi-Final 6th July 9.00pm GMT
Final 11th July 9.00pm GMT

What formations can I play in Euro 2020 Fantasy Football?

The formation system is exactly same the same as FPL and the UCL game. You have to play one goalkeeper, at least three defenders, and at least one striker. So the valid formations are 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-5-1, 4-4-2, 5-4-1, 5-3-2 and 4-3-3.

Number of players per team?

Okay, this is where you need to pay attention as if you only play FPL then it will be new territory for you. In the group stages, you can only pick a maximum of three players per team. However, this number changes as the tournament progresses. In the last 16 you can pick four, quarter-final you can choose five, semi-final is six, and the final you can pick up to eight players.

Group Stages: Maximum of three players per team
Last 16: Maximum of four players per team
Quarter-Final: Maximum of five players per team
Semi-Final: Maximum of six players per team
Final: Maximum of eight players per team.

How do the Euro 2020 substitutions and captains work?

In this game, you can make manual substitutions while the matchday is live. So for example if Kevin De Bruyne played on Tuesday and blanked you substitute him out for Kylian Mbappe who plays on Wednesday. You have to of course stick to the formation rules though when making manual subs. Remember you can only change players between your 15 man squad. You cannot make live in-play transfers during the matchday.

Manual substitutions – So once all the matches on a single day have finished you can then proceed to use your manual subs right up until the first kick-off of the next gameday. So the rules of manual subs are:

  • You can sub out a maximum of four players (unless they’ve been sent off), and replace them with any of your substitutes whose teams have not played yet that matchday.
  • Players that you sub out will score 0 points and their score will effectively be removed from your total and the new subs score will be added.
  • We can change our captain on each matchday in this game. I like this feature as it forces you to be more active and there is less chance of a captain blank. Your original captains doubled points will be removed if you change and your new captains points will be doubled.

Also, note that once you change your subs or captain and press confirm you cannot reverse that decision so be sure before you commit. You cant make any more changes to your team once the games on the final matchday have started.

Automatic substitutions – So if you don’t make any manual substitutions then the standard auto-sub rule which is present in FPL will apply. Meaning if your player doesn’t play then your subs will come into your team depending on what position you have benched them. The auto subs adhere to the formation rules also.

It’s important to note that even changing the order of your subs during matchday will count as a manual intervention and no auto subs be made for that matchday if you do this.

If your captain gets a red card, you can transfer the captaincy to one of your other starting 11, as long as your new captain hasn’t already played yet within the matchday. However, you cannot substitute a player who has received a red card. He will stay in your starting 11 unfortunately and the negative points will stand.

How do my Euro 2020 fantasy players score points?

There are a number of ways players score points in the EURO 2020 fantasy game. Midfielders and strikers score most of their points via goals and assists, and defenders and goalkeepers via clean sheets and saves (penalty save also).

There are a few minor different point-scoring rules in this game that you may not be aware of if you only play FPL. Below are the ways players score points in and I have highlighted in red the ones which you may not be familiar with:

Action Points
All players
Appearance 1
60 mins on pitch 2
Long-range goal 1
Assist 3
Winning a penalty 2
Conceding a penalty -1
Missing a penalty -2
Yellow card -1
Red card -3
Own goal -2
Scoring a goal 6
Saving a penalty 5
Clean sheet* 4
Every 3 saves 1
Every 2 goals conceded -1
Scoring a goal 6
Clean sheet* 4
Every 2 goals conceded -1
Scoring a goal 5
Clean sheet* 1
Scoring a goal 4

Some important things to note:

  • A clean sheet is only awarded if a player plays 60 minutes or more (does not include stoppage time) if a player is subbed off with a clean sheet and his team then concedes a goal, his clean sheet will stay intact.
  • If a defender or goalkeeper receives a red card then they will continue to be penalised for goals conceded by their team.
  • An assist is awarded for the player who makes the final pass before the goal is scored. Rebounds from goalkeeper, woodwork, defender,  and own goals also count as an assist.
  • In the EURO 2020 game, you are awarded 2 points for winning a penalty whether it’s subsequently converted or not.
  • You can’t sub off players who receive a red card.
  • If a goal is scored by a solo run or dribble then no assist will be credited.
  • Players will continue to score points in extra time but NOT in penalty shoot-outs.
  • There are no bonus points.

How do I make Euro 2020 Transfers?

When the game starts you are given unlimited transfers right up until the matchday one deadline which is 8.00pm GMT on Friday the 11th of June. The free transfer allocation is detailed below:

Phase Free Transfers
Before deadline Unlimited
Group Stages 2 per matchday
Before last 16 Unlimited
Quarter-Finals 3
Semi-Finals 5
Final 5


If you make any transfers over your free allowance you will be deducted four points per transfer. You can carry one free transfer forward only over to the next matchday in the group stages. Once the ‘last 16’ phase begins you cannot carry any transfers over to the next matchday, so use them or lose them.

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What Chips does the Euro 2020 game have?

The Euro 2020 fantasy game has two chips in total. The Wildcard chip and the Limitless chip.

Wildcard – we will all be aware of this one. It gives us the chance to make unlimited transfers at no cost. You can only play this chip once and it can be played at any phase of the game and cannot be canceled once activated.

Limitless chip – I love this chip and wish it was introduced to FPL. It’s pretty much the same as the Free Hit chip but you get an unlimited budget. So you can make as many changes to your squad for the matchday and you can pick any players you wish regardless of price.

Just like the Free Hit chip, it’s a one-week team and you will revert back to your original team the week after. This is a very powerful chip and should be used with careful planning.

Also with this chip, it can only be used once and cannot be canceled. It can be played at any phase.

Read our Euro 2020 fantasy chips strategy article to learn when to play your Euro 2020 chips.

Other Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Tips

Early thoughts on this game are that it’s more important than ever to have a balanced squad and an all-round strong squad. Due to the in-play manual substitution rule, I think that makes a weak bench a no-go.

Also when picking your initial team for the group stages its best to target captains on different match days. For example, look to have a ‘captainable’ player in each matchday and also try to have players playing on different days (especially goalkeepers). This gives you that security of a second chance if your player blanks.

You can check out our OPTA stats for looking up Premier League player’s stats playing in the tournament. This will cover a large chunk of players and give you that head start against your rivals. Also in the lead-up to the tournament and throughout we will be publishing excellent content on Fantasy Football Hub from a host of of brilliant players and writers, so keep an eye out.

Do you play or want to learn how to play Fantasy Premier League?

Our How to Play FPL Guide is a great place to get started and will be updated when the 2021/22 launches. Also keep an eye out for our Ultimate FPL 2021/22 Guide which will have everything you could ever need be a successful FPL manager.

Start picking your Euro 2020 fantasy football team!

Click here to proceed to pick your team and register your team. You will be prompted to pick your team and once confirmed you will be asked to enter some basic details such as your name and address and what team you support etc.

The very best of luck and remember to come back to Fantasy Football Hub for all the tips throughout the competition!


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